Archery Form

Archery Form

recently there's been a lot of discussion on the archery internet forums about proper archery form and I've been trying to describe expansion in the shoulders in the rotation of the string arm elbow and shoulder in this example you can see the elbow going to the rear rotating around because the rhomboids in the back are pulling the string and not the arm our Nemo's got some great examples of this in his videos but note that there's a that the elbow makes a J as its pulled to the rear and the shoulders stay square there's no slumping forward often you'll see Archer slumping when they shoot you can see here I don't get the elbow rotated back the shoulders are not expanded and now I'll open up and you gain about an inch of draw length there if not more going back down that's leaning over to the target this back shoulder string shoulders not back and now back up expand it in the shoulders with the rhomboids pulling here it is seen from the rear view all the way back and in line and you come much cleaner off the string now slump forward when you've got good alignment you get a cleaner release coming off the string and back down now we'll watch the elbow as the the back clearly pulls the arm and shoulder to the rear remember that the rhomboids in the back are not in a line with the string so they're not pulling directly backwards they're pulling the shoulder and arm around in a rotational manner the elbow is always a great indicator of whether the backs engaged or if the archer is pulling with the arm the archer is pulling with their arm and shoulder the arm will come sharply directly back if they're pulling with the back then the elbow will come at a 45 degree angle backwards and down you'll see the shoulder blade protrude some as the elbow comes around and you see that J from right there it'll start movement backwards and then make a J back into alignment the shoulders are square and expanded the and now when the when the string is released the rhomboids will pull the arm backwards and around note where the bow arm remains after the arrow has gone and impacted the target still looking through the sight window just frequently asked me if you could work on one thing what would it be the bow arm is it you can get away with a lot in in the string hand if that bow arm is rock solid and doesn't grip the bow or induce error let the bow jump to target freely here's the same shot in slow motion now I'm not using a finger sling or wrestling here that's just a piece of parachute quarter 550 cord tied to the riser to keep the bow from jumping out of my hand pretty simple solution it also keeps the top limb from rocking back and a riser that's made to be shot with a stabilizer and doesn't have any weight for balancing so watch the bow just jump to target in the hand stay steady next I'm going to shoot a nfa a 300 round and I'm going to show you the importance of both mental and physical conditioning what you'll see is after 40 hour or 40 arrows I start to struggle mentally to maintain my focus and you'll see the groups change as I get to that point those not familiar an NFA a 300 round is 12 ends of five arrows 460 total arrows I'll go through each end and show you where I begin to break down you you I took a little breather between the ends this is total mental concentration or a failure of mental concentration I took that little break I came back my mind went right and you see the group opened up I shot three fours I went back to the line disgusted at myself mentally for the last round and was focused on making good mental concentrated shots and you see the result I can't overstate the mental game okay these are errors forty through 45 and I shot something to warm up so I think early in the season I'm suffering from a little bit of fatigue both mentally and physically you can see I'm breaking down just a little bit here on the ninth end well I made a huge mistake here I was having trouble getting on target was going to let the arrow down and the string slipped off my fingers how it hit the target I have no idea resulted in one but somehow it hit the target really really ruined a great round but it happens okay back on track in the 11th end but I'm having to really work for it mentally now I can tell that I'm having to really work for the concentration now well it certainly didn't end it the way I wanted to all of that is its fatigue clearly the second half broke down a lot so there's the target after 60 arrows I was really strong through nine ends so 40 arrows really shooting strong it's early in the season it's January mentally I was breaking down had one out there with a tempted letdown got two threes two or three threes and that's just unacceptable they were all just a lack of focus mentally ended up I was 140 for the first half and ended up with the 277 and 22 axis the X counts great tells me that I clean up mental game of those that are out there the outliers in and the score should be well into the two 80s so from night in on really rough again a great demonstration of how important mental and physical conditioning is for shooting this many arrows this is a great little iPad app that you can get to score euros lets you see the concentration you just touch the screen and put where the impact of each era is and it keeps up your score as you go it's also good for record keeping to go back and look at well hope this video is beneficial to some of you I wanted to demonstrate the importance of the rotation when the when the shoulders are square and expanded and when the back is is pulling that arm around so happy shooting to all of you hope you have a great indoor season

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  1. Nothing you can do about a shot arrow. Dont let the past effect the future. Good shooting, 277 is great bare bow instinctive recurve at 20.

  2. Thanks for the video. Much respect to you and "The Professor" Arne Moe! Question/Observation: it appears that the shooter's string arm's elbow is elevated. Some archer's elbow position at full draw seems more "exagerated" than others. My anatomy does seem to make this a comfortable position. In fact, I often have pain in the socket area of my my shooting arm. Suggestions? Thoughts?

  3. I was going to go in the woods and shoot since i'm bored, but since I haven't shot a bow since i was 6 (I'm 14 now) I was sure i needed a recap of what to do. You had a great video and I learned a lot. Thank you! P.S. Don't be so hard on yourself! You're amazing!!!!

  4. What is the poundage,the arrow spine and the arrow point weight? Is the arrow full length? Thanks. Nice shots.

  5. I noticed right away how high you hold your bow to draw using the the three finger below anchor. most people who use 1 above and 2 below anchor on their chin or the corner of their mouth.

  6. excellent shooting. i could use some advice….i started c serious" target shooting in January. i am shooting in the 250's, i shoot instinctive because i haven't figured out gap shooting. would you be willing to watch my form? i have some videos up…..i would appreciate the help.

  7. None of these techniques work for me and a many friends because we are simply too tall. My 70" recurve just barely reaches my shoulder when i place it on the ground. I overbend my limbs, my fingers are trapped between the arrow and the string at full draw wich actually hurt my fingers before callous solved that problem. I can not draw my arm back fully because the arrows are not long enough and thus fall off the rest so i can also not use my shoulderblades or back muscles. So i actually need to remain slumped over and uncomfortable. And i'm not even the tallest one. Now i know why professional archers are so tiny. If there are more tall people who solved a bunch of these problems, i'm all ears. otherwise i'll just keep hoping they'll come out with recurve bows and arrows for Dutch people.

  8. The NFAA 300 round is the same as our GB "Worcester" round. From what you describe, Which distance do you shoot this at?

    And end 10, Yep! Been there!

  9. just another somthin er othern with a compound bow!
    get sum good on a recurve, solve them probums!. instinctively shoot, with no sightsn' you hit bullzay!…shoot 1000 arrows, !same draw , and stance, hit bullseye every time. consistency is key! same every time. no matter distance. . just back up , play around!……git er dun!

  10. This is for target archery only. A completely different stance…"Getting "INTO" the bow" is necessary for instinctive shooting while hunting. Observe a real archer. Watch Byron Ferguson.

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