Archery Hog Hunt! Spot n Stalk, Skin it, Cook it and Eat it!!! wild pulled pork!

Archery Hog Hunt! Spot n Stalk, Skin it, Cook it and Eat it!!! wild pulled pork!

all right so here's a stoop you guys we're out here on the ranch it's getting late in the afternoon and all the boys want to go on an archery hunt what we're going to do thank you one shot that Margit over there more shot but what they don't know is for them to get filmed they have to beat me as well no because I'm in the competition also and here's how the competition goes whoever scores the closest with only one shot gets filmed whoever scores the farthest away whoever has the worst shot has film duty let's get rolling y'all one shot no practice you hahaha what about the liver – all hey ain't no freebies in this world y'all you gotta earn your spot mixed up Kieran cheating a pink bow okay that okay you oh boy hurry up swagger will get a mocking appreciate directed lets you see who shot where this is the winning arrow well you know that's mine yeah yes have you ever thought about your life as a cameraman alright well in all honesty you guys I can't do that tomb they've been practicing they've been so excited about this and so I'm going to take my arrow out of it and I'm going to be filming this door green are y'all there he is there's old Jordan ready to go he's never been on an archery hunt in his life today's the first day [Applause] so the gals are making noise that means we can get away with some toys in one way we could have to get in behind them here talk about one of the most amazing spotting stocks ever we're like going through the woods we had to like totally play the wind or we were going to get busted so what I think we need to do need back out and get Tebow even walk over there but just get tedious are you guys so we just went gut Tebow hold on hold on we just went gut Tebow which he clearly smells something we were right through there the hold was walking down the trail I'm on right now and we're going to let Tebow go and see what happens you oh good you're not putting my name such I'm just didn't know about mother yeah girls boys kill boys evil good with you Academy Wow yep it's game Billy got him buddy you've got him so there would have been no chance in the world of finding this hog without Tebow I mean I just made the boys stay back where the hog was hot and let him start working and he came through hell and back no blood whatsoever but he's trailed so many hogs for me in the past that I just trusted him I just kept coming wearing flip-flops in the middle of dryer heaven and got him well that's why yes Carol dog right there this is what you have young boys let them drag this home was alright about like that Tebow is upset Tebow you sitting over then on the bed of the truck he's kind of irritated that Georgie's cleaning this hog but that's what we do here at camp have a good time we hunt come back and clean the game here in just a minute we're going to be cooking it cool thing about these boys last October they had never hunted anything and now they're proficient without these boys and I don't know if I could do it they're huge help and see them grow and the whole outdoors pretty amazing are you upset people so I'm a little tired first thing in the morning we wait but we woke up wanted to go hunting this morning but it's pouring down rain so what are we going to do cook something this is some that means that all already shot and we're going to just I mean this is basic basic basic my mom would tell me about this so I'm going to try it out to lunch Elsie she puts all sit real well put some Everglade heat on it you can feel liberal with your seasoning because of what you're going to do at the end the trick so we're going to throw it on the grill snore it all quit I just want to sear it I want to be nice and hot here the edges all right you back through this minute Oh that's all I'm trying to do is just tear the outside that's it this is super easy there's no set time there's no set amount seasoning there's no set about nothing you can do this with all a deer ham whatever you want to cook this agreement all right look at that yelling that's what we're looking for just like that sucker right in there shop your fire try not let it cool you want this to keep going about about 225 degrees we're going to leave that there what time is it okay so it's nine o'clock nine ten eleven twelve one to two o'clock we're eating dinner are you guys so this morning we got out it was pouring down rain there wasn't much to do and we started cooking this meat seared it in the grill through in the oven and now six hours later let's see what it tastes like and I'm going to give you a heads up I've never done this before but my mom did the other day and it tastes amazing so let's see what we're dealing with here I have no idea what to what is this going to look like we're gonna do that looks good that looks really really good and the trick is will the bone pull out no way hey she's gonna be tender but now he deserves it oh my goodness look at that y'all this has like the best sandwich ever made in the history of the world written all over it we're going to finish this off with mah pencils Tibo sound the halls so you know that means this is Tebow's tebow no Remi is all you buddy all right so I meant to have hamburger buns to do this with but we don't have it so we're just going to taste just to me dig in I'm like at me guys they're like close it this is I'm just make sure like God has glad you know I can make it what you have to watch the video any boy oh my god that's no big you just move in I really um not exhaustively he ever gave me an MA pants off at the end Emma who that is good stuff alright so I haven't even tasted it yet but I am clearly a success I'll tell you right now that was just an old Sal hog that we killed right off the ranch nothing special cut the ham threw it in a cooler full of ice hold it up a day later I mean straight out of the ice season it threw it on the grill neared it off and finished it in the oven six hours for us 225 250 degrees I don't know exactly six hours later pulls out pulled apart put some op and toss on it and everyone's doing it on so I better I want you catch that I'm over you mmm-hmm that's worth the price of admission right there y'all so hey hope y'all enjoyed it a lot of videos to come but for now [Applause]

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  1. Robert as a man that grew up without a Male/ father figure in my life growing up, I really live this video. The world needs more men in the world to show young men and boys how to be a man and how to do for themselves. I applaud you and Sarah for taking the time to be that manthat these young boys can look up to. Great video and great shot young man!

  2. Hey man I have a Australian Shepherd too she’s a year old, how can I train her to track a hog I shot?

  3. Why is he shaking? When I got my first Hog kill with a Bow i was just full of pride, not nervous. Great hunt.

  4. Great video, have you guys ever cooked a hog skin on just scalded Cuban style?, if have no idea what you guys are missing.

  5. I don't see the arrow on the dead hog. To kill the hog the arrow should have penetrated deep inside to kill it. so where is it.

  6. You are special man great knowledge in hunting and cooking you are a great teacher also hi I’m interested to learn from you a lot if god willing but I’m from India I am Joe Santhosh kumar if I get a chance from you it wii be my great pleasure thanks

  7. Love your video maybe you could do a video where you do a big drive with your friends maybe a deer camp or somewhere. God bless you

  8. Isn't it great to have money! When you have money you can do crazy rad stuff like this. Kids achieve your best, try hard! You'll do amazing things!

  9. Buy some combat boots and wear them as much as possible to brake them in. Water, mud, dirt, weeds, woods. etc. Brake them in like moccasins then you don't have to go barefoot in the dang swamp.

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