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  1. Trial by error and then check … barebow and close 3 under was my day´s discovery after 50 shots. and not pulling with fingerTIPS. Vertical consistency got significantly better with next shots… now going for horizontal aiming…

  2. Its seems all newer shooters are 3 under along with tournament barbow and all old timers are split. 40 years ago 3 under was unheard of.

  3. I dont know if I am wrong but I use an anchor point between target archery and war archery. I use the knuckle of my thumb to touch the ear lobe when Im shooting three under and that puts me at a longer draw length (1 inch- 1 1/2 inch longer) than corner of lip but not as long as drawing the string directly to the ear. It is somewhere in between.

  4. i use split, was taught that way, and just think it looks better (aesthetically if that makes any sense)

  5. I shoot with the english style 3 finger pull, using your thumb, index and middle finger to grip between the fletchings

  6. Former pro competitor here…. There’s a reason why all the top pros shooting non sight division with both conventional and compound bows use 3 under almost exclusively….

    It’s because it not only allows for better gap and pick a point references…. It also allows for a much cleaner release and less twisting of string and pinching nock than split-finger.

    The only reason you might employ split is for speed or (snap) shooting as it allows for a faster and more stable draw.

  7. I used to shoot split, but I had someone recommend trying 3 under and it feels more natural to me. I think this boils down to personal preference on some level.

  8. If you made ur own arrows how would three underwork? Those arrow like lock on the string. Split would only work in the wild

  9. The coach working with the learners at my school (level 3 coach) started with the 3 under method barebow to place a focus on basic core technique skills (he pointed out that the sights are an eassy distraction for beginners) and later moved on to the Mediterranean draw later when most of the basic form aspects were covered and thereby introduced sights.

  10. Tried 3 under today (beginner, obviously!) on my #45 recurve, and had so much fun!!! I was much more accurate looking right down the arrow.. felt like I was looking down a rifle barrel, which felt really comfortable!! Never enjoyed it more up to this point. Awesome video as always, going to follow along as I progress.

  11. One thing to consider is what type of competitions you are shooting. I shoot 3D. With that in mind, the max distance from the 'string bow peg' is 35yrds. With 3 fingers under, my 'point-on' is pretty much bang on 35yrds (I anchor at the corner of my mouth). It also means that with my set-up and anchor point, my point is on the target more of the time. Shooting split fingers puts my arrow tip visually in the dirt, even beyond 40yrds. This makes it impossible to aim (well wicked difficult for me anyway). If I miss, the question I ask myself is which piece of dirt was I aiming at?? However, if I shoot Iffa 3D the distances are longer (I think max is around 60yrds). This brings another problem – At 35 I'm 'point-on', and at 40 I'm top of the animal, but beyond this I have to aim above the target and it gets hard to be accurate with the gaps AND more difficult to maintain a line because you're drawing an invisible line between the tip back down to the target. Personally I'm not a fan of split fingers because with a glove I get finger pinch and the contact with the nock gives me very poor releases. This issue could be overcome with a Tab with a finger gapper, but I like my glove too much. If I was allowed to change to swap between split and 3-under I would, but it's against the rules. Facewalking is also against the rules. I don't really understand why. Having to shoot split-finger is a key reason I won't compete in Longbow competitions. Anyway, that's my 2 cents worth LOL.

  12. If you're shooting barebow use three under. String walking is great. Shot instinctive and got good but not string walking good. Split finger limits you alot unless you're using a sight or have crazy instinctive skills.

  13. Three fingers under is more centered on the string than split finger, check on your string . In the case of three under the tillers should be equal.

  14. I would recommend anyone watching this video to stop and watch a video on string walking and it's proper application.

  15. Is drawing to the ear safe for ones joints? Didnt they use to draw close to the ear during warfare with bows back then?

  16. Hi! First I'd like to thank you for the videos. As you so many times suggested, I did not go and buy the big 50 pounder bow . I went to try myself on a shooting range first and drawn the conclusion. And now I have a question regarding the hook. I've been practicing target archery at university for a year or so and I used to use the tip of my fingers as a hook. (I'm getting back to archery after a five year hiatus.) When I first held a sport bow I was around 8 and I was shown to use the joint between the distal phalanx and middle phalanx. I read about a professional archer (can't remember the name), who did use this methond for a long time but developed some serious bruising once (due to the fault/wear of the tab?) and had to stop shooting for a long time. Also we were instructed to use the middle phalanx at university. So, can you advise, how to actually use/form the hook? Which is the best way?

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