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  1. So with a super rest, unlike a Spigarelli ZT, there is no way to adjust it’s height to get the plunger to make contact with the center of the arrow. Depending on the arrow the plunger may sit low or high. How do you overcome this, or do you just not worry about it?

  2. I've thrown over a thousand arrows through my easton/hoyt hunter rest, its almost time to replace it. The rest lasted a little longer than the stock string that came with my bow. Something you might take into account for wear/tear and flight interference, are the arrows used. I can't speak to using small diameter target arrows as I use Easton 2317 XX75 Camo Hunters for my recurve and those are kinda fat. I will say that the first thing to wear down was the plastic plunger flap. Probably makes a difference that the shelf is cut past center as well. Great videos NUsensei!

  3. what happened to those rubberfoam looking stick on ones that stick in the crook of the riserrest area.ive seen them put on in a bunch of videos but no one says a brand or where to get them.i.e.im going to get a "Bear Weather" arrow rest,its kinda like the hunter rest but it doesnt have that uphook so it wont tear up the fletching as much hopefully,its also VERY rounded.i was using the pointed squared off one that came with the mandarin duck phantom and it shoots great but tears up softer plastic fletching.i also tried shooting off the rest with just the "hair pad" and its kinda loud,maybe I just gotta shoot it a few more times..?if anyone has the Bear Weather hit me up!thnx

  4. Seen similar rests but made out of metal locally. Whats up with that? My first thought was they must seriously screw up the vanes, but then i realised that if they did, they wouldn't be selling them. Still, looks wrong to me.

  5. I've used the Hoyt Super Rest since it came out, and used the original one prior to that in the 60's. Never had one single issue with them, and nothing but perfect flight. You can use any rest, or no rest if that's what makes you happy. To me, I want simple and effective just like I started in 1967 with the original Hoyt stick on rest. Choices, that's all. By the way, the Hoyt Super Rest is still used on some bows in the Olympics. Most of the folks I hunted with in the 1960's were all using stick-on rests as well. Isn't that remarkable.

  6. I have an issue that might be related to the rest. I have been shooting a light youth bow equipped with a hunter rest. The arrow seems to topple vertically when it leaves the bow, in every shot. Is it possible that the rest is hitting the fletching so hard that it prevents the arrow from flying straight?

  7. I noticed that out of the 2 parallel 'holes' for plunger, you've aligned the rest to the one nearer. Why not the one further? Any reason or just personal preference?
    I remember for sight, you said it is usually as far out as possible.
    Thanks in advance!

  8. Why don't the Fletching get caught up in the thick plastic rest? Surely it throws off, and slows down, the arrow?

  9. I've used both Hoyt types shooting barebow and wooden arrows. The hunter type only lasted about 6 months before it wore down, the super rests last more than a year or even 2. (I don't get to shoot much, only one club session a week at this time.)

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