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  1. what annoy me the most is that when they're showing arrows exclusively in flight or in slow motion, they make the arrows go straight
    it's inaccurate
    when an arrow is released it flexes and bends in flight

  2. I like to see archery in films but it annoys me that sometimes they will show mistakes that would make the archery not only harder but inaccurate. Like in Avatar, they would have the arrow on the wrong side of the bow, even when it was canted, making it harder to shoot and hold up when canted.

  3. I love that you actually included Asian archery in this, as there is actually a lot more decent archery in Asian martial arts films than in Hollywood films. I was recently thinking how we really need a good archery film, Hunger Games Series has sparked more interest in archery recently. Now we need a good film to cement archery into people's minds. Not another Robin Hood, but something exciting and fresh. Be it a period piece or something modern it doesn't really matter. Though having a real archery coach teach the archer how to do it proper and for them to actually listen to the limits and reality of archery would be nice.

  4. How are there no Native archers?  Not even 1?  And Rambo doesn't count.  Come on we are known for bows and arrows.

  5. Since they're including television with Arrow, they really a couple of Dukes of Hazzard shots in there too.

  6. how is the avengers shot against the laws of phisychs ? he shot the arrow wide so the air intake would pull in the arrow. since those are prepelers the take in air and expell is he just shot it at the intake

  7. uh no has anyone heard of speed shooting? for archery its amazing (seen 5 arrows shot is rapid succession with great accuracy; seen a guy do it riding a on the back of a motorcycle and hit the targets) and a man with best vision in the world and is one of the most amazing archers in the world shot a pill out of the air in less then 3 sec when it was tossed in the air.

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