18 Replies to “Archery | Making Bowstrings – Why Make Strings?”

  1. Dear Sensei. It's been 3 years since you made this video. Are you an expert on making bowstring now? If you are, please share your insight after years doing so.

  2. Great video – for reasons I don't fully understand, I really like the prospect of making my own bowstrings. Looks like an interesting thing to do.

  3. NUSensei I've watched loads of your vids & just wanted to say thanks for all the effort, it is much appreciated by me & I'm sure by hundreds of thousands of others (although I do keep forgetting to hit that like button! Sorry will remember to do it more often). Good luck to you & good shooting!

  4. i have been making compound strings for years, and just started making recurve strings ..since the 'curve bug has bitten me pretty bad. i watch every video i can on the subject, Nu's are all very good. recurve does not require all the twists a compound string does. so it did take a few to figure out layout length vs finished length. i made my jig out of bits laying around. a resource i would like to see is a "recipe" database for strand count for each material/ serving sizes to get small grove vs large groove size centers and the like. i am using 18-20 strands of 8190 or 452x at the moment, good results. i know i "should" be using small groove, but as a compounder i like having only one size in my quiver spares. keep rockin Nu.

  5. Why stop on bowstrings? Why not to make a bow as well. 🙂 This bow would be particularly special to shot once done right.

  6. I am sooo glad this Video appears in a NUSensei `playlist` of Bowstring making videos. They all belong linked together!
    It's helpful to follow `em all.
    Great instructional video – keep up the good work.

  7. I've wanted to make my own string, but I've found its just not cost effective. Call me cheap, but if I wanna make a flemish fast flight string getting about three spools of it will cost roughly 137 bucks which is only for 1/4 spools.

    More power to people if they want to make their strings, just be aware it can get expensive. I still think its cool though.

  8. I've been practicing making strings this week. I made six, and am happy with the result. My materials are a little odd. For the string I used twelve strands of 50lb spider wire, and served it with the nylon guts from paracord.  The jig is a 2×4 with nails. It has a pivot for serving the loop. I wrap the string by hand. If I had a serving jig, I wouldn't need this third hand for pulling the tread.

  9. I ordered a 16 strand string for my recurved bow for when the string currently on my take down recurve or if I replace the limbs for stronger limbs because I found out through research that for me to be able to shoot 50 lb bow samick sage only includes a string limited to 45 lbs and my bow tuning kit came today so now it will be easier to tune it.

  10. Sheldon Gannon has a video here on YT where he makes a string from start to finish. Its worth checking out in my opinion.

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