32 Replies to “Archery | Mamluk Archery Technique | Ep.1 Release techniques”

  1. I would have liked to have seen why each draw was good, when they were used, how they could be used in battle, etc. I don't know anything about archery so I don't really know what to do with this information. It's mostly confusing.

  2. The word Mamluk means ‘owned’ and the Mamluks were not native to Egypt but were always slave soldiers, mainly Turks from Central Asia.So, this is turkish archery technique.

  3. Çünkü gösterilen kitab Türkçede yazıldı, Türkçe anlıyor musunuz?

    Eğer türk olsanız, özür dilerim. Ben henüz Türkçe öğreniyorum.

  4. Hello, first of all congratulations for the youtube channel, also I'm a fan of the saga of Total War watching your youtube channel I noticed that there are remakes of the intro of Rome 1 and Medieval 2.
    I can download your videos? I would put the audio of the Italian intro and upload it to my youtube channel (of course I write in the description section and in the comments section that the original video is yours).
    Give me the authorization to do it?

  5. جميل ❤
    والله معلومات حلوة و تصويب خرافي 😂
    Keep it up hoping it becomes a series 👍

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