Archery | Mandarin Duck Black Hunter Bow Review

Archery | Mandarin Duck Black Hunter Bow Review

Oh hi everyone this is the new sensei ever since I reread the mandarin duck phantom and the mandarin duck twin runner I've had a lot of requests to review the mandarin duck black hunter come on guys I can't keep on asking mandarin duck to send me stuff to review so here we have the mandarin duck black hunter you may recognize the black hunter name under several different brands but the black hunter is consistent across most of the rebrandings so the kit comes with very simple setup you have the wooden riser you have the fiberglass and with limbs you have the string and screw inside one zip pocket as well as a calf hair shell frog so here we have the riser as you can see it is a fairly simple small compact design this is a very small hunting style boat the color is a grayish green and the wood grain on this thing are amazing you can see the shape and contour are very nice and see what a lot of people will be attracted to this count design it does have a natural look and feel the feeling of the riser it's not smooth or varnish or polish it's a fairly natural wood feels it just as you might be touching the bench the feeling of the wooden riser is the same kind of feeling so don't expect this to be perfectly smooth it is a little rough and if you like that natural feel and connection this is probably suited for you the shape of the grip is quite natural this is cause a right-hander bow the thickness is just right for my hand not too small not too large and the hand slides in quite naturally for a good grip so this is a fairly light riser as with a lot of the traditional bear bows there's nothing which really makes this easy to use it's simple there's no stabilizer bushings there's no sides no plunger button there's no place for a screw and rest it's a plain and simple hunting style bow that is shot off the shelf unlike most risers have a plastic or metal limp pocket the black hunter has felt cupped once a birthday browser and a limb our coven felt I imagined them might be a softer white the connection though I can't say exactly how much quieter would be there is some assembly required to put the bow together it does come up all the tools that you need but do bear in mind this is not a tool estate and you do require the hex wrench or the allen key so we take the loom we put it on top of the felt layer on the lid pocket not in place put the washer and screw together and it should just fit work just fine I know there's a video from Armand Hermer he tried the black hunter who had to drill his holes to be bigger for these screws to fit not sure why that was the case that shouldn't be I know most people haven't had that problem I said have no problem why screws in just fine so taking with a grain of salt not sure how many bows have that manufacturing defect but in this case with no problems bottom limb this is by the way a 50 pound bow I normally shoot around 40 to 45 so this is a bit higher buy normally shoot and I do bear in mind I've got a small short drawling so if someone who was a small size like me it's 50 pounds at 28 inches admire length it's probably close to around 44 around their thing so it's not gonna be as heavy but a bit more than what I normally shoot so what did this in so if you're thinking about this as a survival bow you do need to keep in mind that it's not tools take down if you want to assemble or disassemble you will need to keep your hex wrench and you've got to watch out for these limb bolts of course if you plan to shoot off the shelf which is what the Spurs designed for you probably want to have some protection so you have a strike plate and a shell throw the bow does come with a simple car pair chothra of course you willing to cut it to size to fit the shape of the shop as well as imagine where the strike plate will be so I've trimmed it roughly to size so to apply it just peel the backing off you see the adhesive from the back of the shelf right there and then you simply place it very carefully on the riser I know in the last time I did this for the same exchange it didn't quite trim it a few people were unhappy of her ugly look so you want a clean shelf row that you want to trim to size much easier if you have like the pair of scissors which I don't have here right now so I kind of cut it with knife roughly the same size and that will serve its purpose so here is the fully assembled black hunter as you can see it's got a nice color scheme it is a dark color scheme the limbs are black the riser is a dark green so if you're not looking for a camouflage bow or all black bow want something a bit more natural I think this definitely takes that box just to nitpick very slightly there is something of a bulge on this side of the riser so on the left side for a right-handed riser what this means is that if you prefer to grip the bow a bit more vertically it feels a little strange because there's a slight bump inside the palm of your hand whereas if you grip it in a slight angle like this with the fingers off the riser more like the Olympic style it was a bit more comfortable but it's a very small thing but if you're kind of picky about the way the grip feels in your hand just do bear in mind that it isn't that obvious when you first look at it but of course enough talk let's do some shooting so this is straight out of the box I've done no tuning or have done is a place of knocking point apart from that the arrows have been matched to the bow I haven't checked the brace like anything here let's see how this shoots just by itself [Applause] all right first impression is actually quite nice obviously this is a little heavier so what does to a draw away after a few shots like I said this is the 50 pound version an Amish it around 40 or 45 and it might draw a length around 40 four so still a buffer I normally shoot but should get used to it quite easily oh that really punches it out hey this actually feels like a really nice bow I mean you can expect this from mandarin duck of course they've made some really good stuff with the Phantom in the wind runner but it's looking for something that is a bit more upmarket a bit more expensive but more lawn tea like a hunting purpose or at least like the heavy poundage is this is actually not bad let's get a few more shots oh that is nice I gotta admit I chin high draw it's actually pretty fun thinking my form down for this particular draw way but I think this is very promising let's see what people go for the 50s and the 60s those people who fit in hide Roberts tend to have sloppier form it's because they're getting used to it and I'm no exception so don't buy me not quite anchoring or holding as long it's a little human bio normally shoe but it really punches it out there this is quite an impressive first impression oh that is nice doesn't feel like there's a lot of weight of vibration despite these simple design it feels quite nice in their hand even shooting a heavy draw weight I don't feel much strain so you're not really hanging on to it actually comes out quite nice I wish am surprised I don't normally shoot these compact field or hunting style bows the last of my shot was the winning win black wolf and that's a bit different it's a in a thousand dollar carbon bug this is a in a hundred dollar would bow and well if you want something to just fling arrows at then this is actually quite a good boat so shooting distinctively from just under 10 meters it grips fine again these are the correct spined arrows so even with the discrepancies the bow is more than capable of grouping and allowing you to shoot actively so after shooting the black hunter for about an hour and non-stop I'd say this definitely passes the addiction test this is actually quite a fun though to use it's a nice compact bow it punches the arrows out quite nicely and again I'm using a heavier draw weight than normal so it does feel a bit more punchy but that's a natural consequence of the size of the bow as well so yeah it's a nice compact size it doesn't vibrate too much in the hand doesn't feel very heavy it's just hefty enough to feel the natural wood and I think that's the main appeal it feels natural the look of the green stained wood makes it look natural the rough unpolished wood also feels natural it just feels like something you want to take out to the woods and just have a shot for a weekend so if that's the kind of bow you're expecting then this is it you can't really beat the price on this this is about a hundred and ten US dollars including a free shipping I believe so yeah solid boat but somebody doesn't normally shoot these kinds of bows I am quite impressed by it I really had fun using this and for me this would be one of those bows I've just string up and just shoot and have fun with and that's what you want from a boat and the black hunter is definitely yet if you're thinking about using this along the lines of hunting then I don't see why copies for hunting again the size and the make it appropriate for the field and it handles just as well so I think this is going to be a worthy look if you're trying to get a hunting style bow and again especially on a low budget a lot of first-time buyers will want a good bow for the cheapest price so having good thou for money and I think that again the mandarin duck bows really sitting nicely on that budget level entry-level gear so the phantom the Windrunner and of course the black hunter rounds off that trifecta of recurve bows so like I said thumbs up I think this is a good bow be definitely functions very nicely feels nice to shoot a little rugged it's not exactly a dream bow so again I've shot the thousand dollar win-win the black wolf and that's one the best bows I've handled but that's a thousand dollars this is about a hundred dollars so I think there is a difference but if you just want something which flings arrows then this is definitely value for money anyway this is a new sensei thank you for watching and I'll see you next time

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  1. Can you use your thumb to shoot the arrow from the right side of the bow? It's faster and more reliable like that!

  2. So im trying to buy a new hunting bow. I want a bow that has power and is quiet. Im not sure if I should get the blackhunter or the samick sage. My draw length is 28”. And weight around 35. Help

  3. Would love to try that bow. I am stuck with a 25 pound Barnett sports flight. Yeah the longbow that they called a recurve. Still for $2. Not a bad deal. 350 spines using d loop and homemade finger release and installed wisket bisket. Having great fun.

  4. what draw weight would you recommend a medium size adult(160lbs, DL 29") that comes from compound bow of 55 lbs? would you say 45 lbs as a start or should i start at 40lbs?

  5. I've just got one and its a lovely bow, fits so well in the hand and is so much fun to shoot. Hell, I'll even go as far as saying my reaction to shooting the bow was the same, it elicited a Oooooh out of me too 🙂

  6. It looks like a nice – clean bow.
    How important is it to use arrows with feathers for shooting off of the shelf?

  7. Hey Nusensei, i use tbe same bow but with 40lbs, my draw is about 26 and half. what is the arrow spine you would recommend to me.

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