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  1. 76 and a half yards. That's nuts. I hit a target that was almost 3 feet by 3 feet at 100 yards, and I was stoked. Couldn't imagine hitting an x at 76. I used a compound bow too, it took the arrow 1.57 seconds to impact the target.

  2. You are one of the reasons I started Archery. The first time I touch a recurve bow I fell in love with it try to save extra money and by a beginners recurve bow! Thanks!

  3. My first competition was a local small one, didn't expect more than 100 people, it was extremely fun tho and archers are probably the most friendly in sports

  4. This is a pretty cool range. My only experience with targets on a range is hunting themed, so 3D targets or 2d animal targets.

    Can I ask what club you're at?

    I'm actually going to be in Melbourne for a couple days next month and I wonder if it would be at all okay to stop by and check the range out if I'm able to get over there? Does your club club meet on any days where non-members can attend?

  5. Thank you for this, been asking the question for a year at my club and no one seems to know, so I changed clubs, got myself a county coach and I'm now on the county team with my 1st inter-county shoot this weekend, 15 months since I picked up a bow, next step, more county shoots and outdoor classification, after that, I want UK nationals and so on. I didn't know about the actual Olympic selection process, how that worked, would love to shoot in Tokyo 2020, will see what happens, in the mean time, Saturday calls.

  6. Thank you for all your videos – I've found them to be fantastic. I would be interested in learning more about how to aim at longer distances without sites. 70 meters is a long way to shoot. Clout shooting at 180 meters boggles the mind. How do people aim so consistently? Thanks!

  7. Is the Olympic Recurve bow the same as a normal Recurve, but with 100% better materials and modifications? Also, I believe I am cross-dominant – Which area have you seen better results changing (beginner) – eye dominance or hand position? Thanks!

  8. Why do so many traditional/hunting 'split draw' instructional books teach to anchor with the tip of the middle finger in the corner of the mouth, when all the Olympic archers are anchoring with the hand under the jaw and bow string against the nose? Are both methods good for their different applications or has the Olympic style of anchoring now proven to be best for field targets and moving hunting targets?Which is best?
    thanks Nu

  9. one of the reasons I love Olympic level recurve is that 70 meters is really impressive with that level of consistency, even with all the sights, stabilizers, etc. especially to me because I shoot barebow. thanks for the videos man, very informative

  10. I started watching during these olympics, watched a few of your videos on different aspects (stabiliser, clicker, sights) and think I'm going to now look for archery clubs to get started. How about Kim Woo-Jin being knocked out in the round of 32 after breaking a world record during qualification?! 😉

  11. mate question
    do you know how many arrows they shoot at the qualification round?
    Like how much is the average score of a Olympic archer in one of these rounds?

  12. Great video! I've just started archery and all of you videos have been very helpful. They explain basic things in depth that you can't really find anyway else (or at least not so easily explained). Thank you for all the help and I'll be sure to keep watching 🙂

  13. Amazing video, very well explained without getting lengthy! I am starting archery next year! Keep them coming! Thank you!

  14. A timely and very informative video! You've answered many of my questions. Thankyou for the great efforts you put into all of your archery videos. You've been a wonderful help to me in my new (20mths) sport… I love it!! Keep up the great work!! -Ballarat (70lb hunting compound, target shooter only… yes, overkill and not recommended for beginners, but luckily, I love it and it works for me! (-besides, I bought it before I discovered your tutorials!))

  15. NUsensei do a review on the Valentine 17pdr. Archer and do some Archery in Arcade Battles (๑>؂<๑)

  16. Hey Nu, would you ever consider Shooting a traditional bow that you shoot off the hand? Like a Horsebow or a longbow?
    If you want I can send you a link to a cheap horsebow. (its like 100$)
    Also We have the same Target Recurve bow!
    (I love your vids)

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