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  1. I remember that Huish trafficked in marijuana and hashish and liked to spray paint black people's houses with the KKK logo.

  2. If you happen to be in Ms. Roundtree's Class….

    1. 197
    2. 6 days
    3. 64
    4. 64
    5. 1900 Paris Games
    6. No standard international rules
    7. FITA designed rules for it. 
    8. 72 arrows
    9. 70 meters
    10. Single arrow shoot off
    11. Kim Kyung-Wook 
    12. Justin Huish
    13. three
    14. Korea
    15. United States

    You're welcome. 

  3. This isnt exactly what I'd call a "technical" film. the title is a bit unjustified. But I guess it has more full-detail technical view than the average highlight reel. BARELY.

  4. can't say how many times iv watched this looking for one man. my dad competed as head coach still have the medals to prove it. he definitely lived for these moments. RIP.

  5. This is a nice surprise seeing it on YouTube…the film was done by Bud Greenspan… I worked on the film

  6. It seems that something like archery could be an international co-ed sport are there any tournaments with both men and women in the same competition

  7. Very inspiring!! My daughter just got a bow and arrow set for christmas and been shooting them! Now I see how much fun it is but how much work it is to!

  8. @genieoner actually no i didn't at the time, it shocked me that they shot out to 90 meters too. i started hunting with a recurve this year i really liked it alot, i think this would be fun as hell too!

  9. @hitshitthefan I didn't know that sprinters are are allowed tracking shoes… OMG, do you know ANYTHING about modern archery?XD

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