15 Replies to “Archery Olympics Technical Film – Archives 2004”

  1. bullshit. absolutely bullshit. Snipers can take lifes by just pulling the trigger, but is it simply pulling the trigger?
    I dont shoot compound but at least i respect it.

  2. It's a shame the production values and narrative are so poor. The earlier, Greenspan-esque highlights are much more enjoyable.

  3. It requires more skill than you'd think. Instead of shooting those compounds at Olympic distances, try shooting at 150 yards. THAT takes skill.

  4. I used to shoot recurve, and yes after shooting a recurve compounds are very easy to aim with, due to the ease of holding it at full draw. They are fun though πŸ™‚

  5. @bambihunter28 compound archery has been accepted into the olympic and will be in the next olympic games. and Australia FTW

  6. id love to see olympic archery in 2012 i do it myself and it would be great to go watch the england team shoot

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