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  1. ive been interrested in bow lately to fight off anxiety ive thoguht to make my own bow aince i dont run with alot of money and i want something elegant still, i was wondering if its possible or i should avoid using breaded fishlines as bow string?

  2. Im am 14 year old boy who want to start archery… i am 5'2 idk my arm length but i think it is average , so should i get a 25lbs recurve bow 62" or what??? PLZ HELP

  3. What I hated about this game is that like chivalry it's too fast paced, there's no way someone carrying weapons and wearing armor could move this fast and this makes me frustated. I would love to see a multiplayer game with the combat system similar to Kingdom come deliverance for a change

  4. You have basically taught me everything I know about using my bow and arrow properly. Within 2-3 months I've watched almost all of your archery video's and now, because of your advise and tips, I can accurately use my bow. I live on top of a mountain in a very small town. Unless I go to bass pro or Wal-Mart (which truly sucks) there is no way for me to learn about the art. You are awesome! Thank you for all you do for archery! Keep up the good work!!

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