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  1. heya nusensei , noticed you didn't include any hybrid back quivers so ima drop the link here to the one i use ,
    its got a side opening unlike the standard top loading back quivers & the top open end is closed with a material cap that holds the arrows in place preventing noise from arrows shaking around,
    not recommending spending what i did but whole heartedly endorse the style & functionality 🙂

  2. Hi, I just subscribed to your channels. You make great videos, which I find very useful.
    What sort of arrows do you tend to use the most? I use 32 inch fibreglass arrows. What do you think are best? Carbon fibre, fibreglass or aluminium? It would be helpful if you could reply, because I am buying more arrows soon, and I want to know if I should stick with the ones I have or if I should get some different ones.

  3. I like a back quiver call me a traditionalist I don't like it as a tube I like a wide mouth and I want something pretty yes I like the attention, really awesome cool looking quiver. Mandarin duck Dragonborn quiver looks nice not overly ostentatious just kind of badass my style.

  4. Which quiver is best for combat purpose where I need the quickest access to arrows but they must be stored so I can get best mobility without my arrows falling off.

  5. i don't have a quiver yet i have to put my arrows in the ground. some days i shoot 100+ arrows so having to pick up the arrow and get the mud off it then shoot it is kind of tiring so i need a quiver but not sure if i should get a hip quiver or a back quiver

  6. I remember when I was younger, I kept all my archery gear in an Eddie Bauer duffel bag that was the perfect size to be a quiver

  7. I'm curious the first time you shoot every time you shoot the very first Arrow you have an odd habit of fingering the tip of the arrow. You don't seem to do it for any subsequent shots but the very first one you always touch the tip of the Arrow as if you're cleaning it. Is that something special you do or is that just a personal eccentricity?

  8. Just curious how fearful that window is while shooting at it? I trust my shooting but admit that I’m bound to miss slightly or do something stupid in the shot.

  9. I honestly don’t understand what people like so much about back quivers, they don’t look cool at all in my opinion.

  10. Here's a good tip for my fellow archers, it doesn't matter if you can shoot as long as you look cool you're fine😄

  11. As a note on the field quiver, it's important to recognise that just because you can't see the arrows, doesn't mean that they disappear. They can be especially problematic in a target archery competition where archers are placed close together. In many competitions you will only have 80cm of personal space. Too often when the archer in front of me is using a field quiver, I've had to ask them to stop poking me with their arrows. A target/hip quiver is much better for this purpose. You can move it to the small of your back so the arrows are perpendicular to the shooting line to take up the smallest amount of space.

  12. Why doesn't someone make a cross draw type of quiver where you draw the arrow out across your body in the front?

  13. Cheers for this! I've signed up for my first lesson this weekend and can't wait! I'm also a leathercrafter and am excited to get making my quivers/chest guards and finger guards. So this is really helpful info!:)

  14. In fiction, and having very little knowledge of archery. I have a Halfling Ranger who uses a cross draw hip quiver… it?s on the same side as the bow and he draws and nocks the bow in one motion. I also contemplated a low back quiver where he woulf pull them from the side of his string hand hip. Would this interfere with proper shooting technique.

  15. Is there any reason why a right handed archer can't have the back quiver on the left shoulder (or hip for that matter)?Reaching with the right hand back over the right shoulder is extremely awkward and can lead to rotator cuff inflammation.Reaching across the chest and over the left shoulder (or hip) with the right hand seems more natural.Thanks for the great video.

  16. I like that you don't hold the bow loosely and let it drop forward after every shot like most guys on the line. What would your style of shooting be classified?

  17. I've always considered the hip quiver to be the coolest looking.
    Idk why.
    Even as a child i thought the back quivers looked silly.

  18. I have a Plains Indian style quiver, worn across the front of the body. I can see my arrows, but they aren't in the way.

  19. On my club team at my college, we use ground quivers made from PVC pipe and a sort of wood block for stability. They aren't fancy and you do have to collect your arrows and bring them back without a quiver, but they are very easy to both be able to see the arrows and grab one to use. I've used a cheap side quiver before and if you need a cheap option, the PVC ground quiver much less hassle.

  20. Can you or anyone else here recommend a bow mount quiver that is compatible with the southwest spyder xl?

  21. Just a tip for the back quiver, if you are short and need more clearance you can put some foam in the bottom of the quiver and that will raise your arrows enough to be able to comfortably pull them.

  22. Arrow diameter…. What's the diff??
    I ask this sometimes ago…n still didn't get an answer for this, anyone can help me?

  23. I use a Field Quiver for Practice,Target Line & 3D Competition. I use a Bow Mounted Quiver for Hunting. It is quieter and safely protects Me, and my Broadheads. I find it necessary to readjust my sights before a hunt, because the Bow Mounted quiver changes the point of impact. Broadhead points also change the Point of Impact.

  24. I saw some pictures of old shoulder quivers from somewhere – asia I think which were upside down, so with a hole in the middle and a small edge around the hole so the arrows won't fall out. In that way they are protected from rain and such and allow full movement without them dropping out. Tried to find that pic again but my google fu is failing

  25. I really like the easton elite field quiver's design but just not the back facing arrows, is it a good idea to just buy a left handed one since it'll be front facing?

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