Archery | Recurve Risers – What's the Difference?

Archery | Recurve Risers – What's the Difference?

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  1. Sir Good Morning, I need some guidance from you , my kid was 2 and half year old, how should I start my kid for archery , can u pls guide me

  2. Hi. I want to buy my first bow. I hv do some research and already choose Takedown Recurve Bow as my first bow.

    I hv some qs, should i buy Recurve Bow with ILF Riser or not? Is the ILF Riser significant useful to me as a beginner archers?

    For non ILF Riser bow set is under my budget, meanwhile ILF riser bow set is exceed my budget. However, I don't want to waste my money on non ILF Riser bow set "IF" ILF Riser bow set is useful to me as beginner.

    OR, should i just buy the non ILF since it is my first bow, then consider ILF set for second bow in future?

    My purpose for now, just as backyard shooter for fun but also want to develop my archery skill for future since i feel interest in this sport.

  3. Once again, a great video! Thanks for answering my questions. I love your face after the $990 riser lol, my daughter and I watched it 3 times and kept laughing, it's exactly how I feel when I look at them lol

  4. It was fun to go the route from super cheap Chinesium bow, then get a Fleetwood wood riser, then onto a rather heavy Cartel riser, over to a lighter Galaxy riser, and seeing the differences in cheaper limbs up to the $300 Hoyt limbs I have now. And also swapping out the cheap arrows for some good 400-500 carbon arrows. Made a huuuuuuge difference. Recently added some weight to balance the bow better, and its also noticeably different. Love your videos! Happy shooting everyone.

  5. What difference do all these expensive limbs and risers make to your accuracy? Say you buy a carbon riser and limbs for £1000 against a metal alloy riser with fibre limbs for around £200. Can a pro hit the same accuracy or does it make alot of difference?.

  6. Hey i wants to ask betweem w&w winex and sf forged which is more good in durability and something else

  7. Nu Sensei! I really need suggestions on a 19" aluminum recurve riser. Something budget friendly please help!

  8. I'm a 6'4" adult male beginner to archery. I live is the US. My draw length is 31" which suggests a 70-72" bow. where can I find a beginner recurve bow between 22-28 lbs?

  9. Is there a mid to high range SF riser that will last me for a couple years in competetive shooting you'd recommend?

    I just got the SF Elite limbs, 40# but I'm dissatisfied with my SF Premium riser for the reason it might start bending over time. Also, it won't offer enough stability to support 40#.
    At least that's what some more experienced archers told me.

    I was looking at the SF Elite/ Velocity riser.

  10. Is there any real difference between a 23" riser w/ med limbs vs 25" riser with short limbs for a younger girl?

  11. Hello! I'm new to archery and would really like to know, if the SF Axiom Plus Lite is the right riser for a beginner. Greetings

  12. Hey NUSensei,

    What do you think about the Cartel Triple Riser that's made from plastic?

    People have tried it with the sage limbs and say that it's lighter than wooden risers and there's less shock.

  13. I am fixing to get an Olympic recurve bow. No limits on money. Which riser would you go with a Hoyt or win & win?

  14. could you give a riser thats above average. not the best nor cheap one just above average pls thanks

  15. Your videos are very informative and provide balanced point of view. As a complete novice getting into archery I found a wealth of information through your various videos an I thank you for it. You also cover wide range of topics and I really like that as well. Cheers!

  16. Hi! Thanks for the great video! I'm a newbie. have a choice between SF Archery Premium Plus 25 recurve and Win&Win Rapido 25. Which would you recommend? Thank you.

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