Archery Review: Biocomposite Assyrian Bow by Grózer

Archery Review: Biocomposite Assyrian Bow by Grózer

welcome back oh yes it is what you think it is by a compositor from corrosion it's nice that he wrote their gift but was another gift oh we had to pay almost a full price but price we come in a second where are my scissors dear mysticism so let's unbox it first it's like my mother always ripped let's movement this movement Oh builders and the way of packaging stuff but isn't it exciting huh patrons thanks to you we have now here I buy a composite Assyrian bow from closure and soon you will have it in your hand so I need to take care with the box because I want to send it in exactly this box then again so good that is that I really now no brainer ok then we stop recording so welcome back no brainer is gone we continue our unboxing so there we have a cardboard roll which holds a ball in place that's nice so we leave it there so that the one or we'll get this phone get it in this complete original shape though but I don't put this around again okay so that's a lot of fabric you good so there isn't some kind of information yes this is how you compose it as years 2070 be 100 whatever and some Hungarian forint or something I think for it so then we have users instructions we're also traditional Rick how to shoot three finger and how to string how to shoot thumb release and on the back you have type of hope PC Assyrian means biocomposite 39 pounds at 28 has a max draw length of 33 inches and the date of purchase is the 8th of September 2018 address telephone everything there so you're always safe and secure let's go to 3928 we will figure than from watch it will be a 33 just because we need to know that for Peters good aha now nice leaf nice and sturdy in brown my god the music is allowed again I hope I hope you too this is how they look like the first time in my life I have a corrosive of in my hand and I know the name Crozier from kind of 15 years ago when I got my first horse boy it was a Kasai fiberglass bow then I started searching and then I found Crozier and thought I think a lot of things happened in this time so biocomposite what does that mean first of all look at this pretty bow huh so biocomposite means you have a court in wood the belly is slightly rounded it's pressed horn and the back is pressed seen you a layer of pressed senior they are all glued together with modern igloo but with some fiber reinforcements in the glue then we have here a NOC reinforcement we have here the where the cassava nakasang no the CI runs in here reinforcement then you Fe reinforce the handle part the handle is ripped fancy with leather gives you I guess a lot of grip big enough and reinforcement here and there at the end quite wide but very narrow there we have something written which I can't read now I show you in details then so this is it but for the rest is nothing written on it I need to check now because you should always at least know yes Crozier copyright 39 pounds biocomposite oh and this is the serial number most probably one eight zero seven four I show you details then later so you see here the two layers so you have a core layer yes I guess and then you have two layers of wood and then you see here the pressed horn and hit first senior with classes that is sometimes so much easier than you see something 39 pounds so grossa said that this use of these materials gives you whatever more flexibility and more speed compared to a normal laminated oh so stringing you should know what you do when your string about like this so maybe it should not be your first bow but you have here a nice grip and simply make sure that the handle is behind your leg the limbs don't like it and before you let go make sure that the string loops line up on the Sears because this is like with real and it is real one but like a composite bow they are quite flexible ends you know and when they are not lined up you need to adjust it but the wig weekly test nothing nothing there is very here it's very sturdy and here up there it's a little but oh nice this is the Assyrian bow microtia so what details do we have the following details can be found on on the website the string is broken even my friend it's not news so no information about string material I don't know if it's the chrono first right I guess it's first right string otherwise is nice mate so we have yeah I don't know they wrote to me that it's 380 euros usually we go to the little cheaper and on the website I found the price 355 euros so but maybe without shipping and 380 maybe with shipping but you can check the website and you see when you order one from there then we have a length overall of 57 inches I forgot not to measure my my way and below the Sears 52 and strong it's 53 so below this year's I don't know what that means maybe from knock to knock we we see so strong it's 53 nezam is available in draw weights 30 to 65 and as an extra which I like of 33 inches right side is 8 inches looks just perfect and the price I already mentioned though let's draw it let's see you see it properly look through experience is very very interesting but I need to constrain it now again it was I forgot to measure my way you are my heart right now this music I love this music so much so from knock to knock from Anoka to look it's 55 we will write this down so knock to knock 55 inches and this is you guys in Hungary this is an international kind of how you measure the length of a bow it's it's even a TA standard or whatever this it's a standard and you should always measure knock to knock and you run the tape around the belly then you know so 55 it's not that hard to string it who is it easy even a beginner can string this sort 55 that means I need my glasses first 33 inches moxtra 55 gives you a straight 0.6 value my F value 0.6 that's nice so again back 9 3 back there it's a little going a little applause oddity this arrow is not exactly 33 inches this is overall 33 inches so until the end of the tip it would be 33 but only just to see nice nice nice and here it's good now little more but it's no problem to come to food so half the way nice and then it goes a little but not too dramatically not too dramatically so it's a beautiful box ok the handle it's wrapping you need to like I think it's good because it gives you really a solid grip so it's an interesting way this this crisscross pattern they're nice made and the rest bow looks really raw not so fancy overly shiny I mean shiny of course because of the horn but wow I am impressed that's a nice bow but you know I like that the string is broken there whoo I think I should today with a thumb bring maybe maybe make a mighty magic the biocomposite 33-inch draw length ball by corrosion I just measured it it has this is the upper part so at 33 inches it does roughly 50 pounds printable oh so now shooting the first ones I shoot 600 grade I made a mark at 33 inches so they would be 12 grain per pound way too heavy but you know way this is all test purpose and a focus on bringing in 12 green arrow mm-hmm so experience is really nice hoho ten grand per pound so this is what will count for the speed measuring later guys stop wasting your money save up a bit and I have two arrows left they would be 7.2 grand the thing is Carosa doesn't write a recommendation of arrow weight so I don't know how low you can go with the arrow wait until it gets kind of try firing this is now 7.2 just for the purpose of holy cow Oh what'd you say what'd you say I can't say it I need to show you go over there you see that you see that 12th grade well yep ten grain accurate forgiving because there's no wobbling nothing and first Chava you could have answered earlier all my requests of cooperation holy I think I broke know some errors whoa huh oh my friends but in a good way it feels directly good so there is no learning curve getting used to it as I sawed directly groups Wow Capra natural and this 50 pounds at the end they don't feel too so 10 grand and vibration and hand shock you have a little but you hit the limbs vibrate for a second and then they stop vibrating and Hancock foot is hand shock beautiful bow shoots wonderful seven-grain you saying I think I need my thumb ring on trip draw experience 28 929 939 nice of course 31 then you feel it a little 32 33 so 32 as a thirty eight thirty nine thirty and then 31 32 33 it was a little but I think heater strokers Wow and it's this wiggling is not there you see the sideways wiggling and this makes this power even for a beginner because it's not so hard to string and you have horn and sinew 355 380 something of course later but order soon because they said the prices will go up Wow Wow yes yes I am impressed moment of truth I shoot first the 12th green and I use now the thumb bring the bronze from during the mughal from custom thundering archery posture 173 180 that was not folder the first 110 great 193 at 86 187 and 7.3 grain not completely fully drawn because there are only 33 overall 211 you get the mech here we do it again so 211 with seven grain so far not overly magical 12 grain again 178 at 86 184 so 180 586 with 12th grade 10 grain which is for me you know the way you measure the speed because with ten grain then you can compare them to the others which you should over ten great 196 431 oh now we're talking not just joking so 196 10 foot per second more with two grain per pound list so now we have 7.3 gray 214 in lobster my feathers or 212 so this is what you get a don't shoot more I think this is enough let's wrap it up there you have it by a composite Assyrian bow by Crozier 57 inch long piece of madness in a very good way it's forgiving even a beginner when you have the money go for it so you have with 12 grain 185 with 10 grain you have 195 maybe you reach 200 foot per second with 10 grain which is impressive which is a little with all the hype always 240 270 foot per second under which bow it wasn't which poundage in which arrow weight it was and with 742 grain you get 210 215 foot at least I get the speed out of it with my stuff I have here with the humidity and the temperature and whatever but still extremely impressive and what you get for this price is you know we have already pressed seen you here it's it's a little different it's not like you're normally process senior but it's still a block of sinew glued on here it's like a block of glass or something and you can see it you can feel it we have your wood core and you have on the back a slightly curved pressed horn whatever that means and however he does it I have no idea I didn't watch this video about horn biocomposite or building the raw experience is absolutely look until they're there you feel it but they're still not really stacking you feel it going up then at 33 inches but it's not it's totally not annoying vibration for to vibration almost nothing and hand shock totally not one of my patreon guys or girls will get this bo-zone it's well-made it's I think the price is fully worth it it's a great performer from start I was very accurate with it so you don't have to get used to it instantly feels good in your hand the rep does its part so it's really solid solid grip on the handle instantly good groups with it draw experience very very nice here 20 it nice and then it goes here it goes up but still not annoying you feel a little a little if it annoys you a little pain in the handle but only it's a bit you feel the handle pending a little bit but it's but you don't feel vibration so that's why it's fine I think it's impressive at least for me the bow looks very pretty very natural so when you go there even to reenactment that's real scene you and real horn of course a little processed and with modern materials but hey and if he is good for a for a Assyrian bow they are little longer nice control in the hand so we're done chopper you should choppa recommend some arrow weight if you don't want that your bow will break tell them whatever minimum seventh grade or six I don't know what you can live with I think you should do it for about like this that people treat it well not only the string it's even the shooting but other than that pretty for the price as mentioned earlier they told me already that the prices will go up to 450 or whatever even more euro if you're up for it and you're interested get one now before there is a prices at 150 or whatever euros so get one now yes now I think of you in stock pretty ball 355 380 euros I don't know if including shipping activity but it simply go on the website and check it out well made pretty bow unfortunately I have to give it away to one of you my patreon so next will be a giveaway of this book and by the way the other body tongue Shannon came to Michael in Germany and he shot his first arrows his wife's arrows and they were broke so he underestimated the power of this bow so thank you very much for watching get you in the next one you

22 Replies to “Archery Review: Biocomposite Assyrian Bow by Grózer”

  1. You wiggle those limbs in every video and it doesn't mean anything!

    Light bows wiggle more and heavier bows will be stiffer.

    Just shoot it !

  2. Thank you for all the great information you are sharing with us.
    I'm looking for information on Arab bows (both composite and self bows) to help me make a historically accurate representation of the old Arab bows.
    I wounder if you have any information on this subject you could share or if you can point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful.
    I'm no expert by any means. I'm just starting out, so any details you could share would be helpful.
    And do you happen to know of where I could buy an Arab bow?

    Thanks again 🙂

  3. So, a biocomposite bow would be am advanced bow, I guess. Is this because you need to be careful how you treat it? I personally can't wait to go past a fiberglass bow. The "hand shock" is killing me. It's something you don't quite understand untill you experience it, I guess.

  4. Hi Armin,
    Thanks for that passionate review. I am deliberating between this and the slick stick for small game hunting. Which would you prefer for that?


  5. I also have a Biocomposite Assyrian bow, mine is 45#. It's quite an interesting bow to shoot. Unfortunately the horn layer broke on mine for no reason. It was repaired by Grózer on warranty but it took 6 months until I got it back. Also one day during a tournament the upper limb took set and didn't return all the way back to the resting position. But after 3 days unstrung on a warm radiator it was back to the original form. Like I said, quite an interesting bow.

  6. Very important!

    The biocomposite bow is always loaded slowly

    the removal of the nerve is twice as slow as the horn plates can separate

    nerve up slowly..nerve down very very slowly

    somewhere around the internet is a video of Csaba Grózer, in which he explains why this is important … the point is that the bow can be damaged if you do it quickly.

  7. hello, i was wondering if somone could please help me, i have for a while now been checking out my husbands views of videos on the bows he was watching, and by the looks of it he loves bows, i need some help if possible, becuase please let me explain, my husband has been on dialysis now for about 10 years, and last year his bow broke, or he told me it was weakened to the point he couldnt use it or somthing along those lines, he is an avid shooter and becuase he is on dalysis its really all he has to do during the day, hes tried making his own, but its not working out, and becuase hes sick im the only one working and he only gts a small canada pension, which barely covers our bills and the needs of our 15 yr old son, im asking for help to try to get him a new bow, somthing he can use that i know he would love, but we simply cannot afford to straight out buy one, we just dont have the money, i was in hopes somone would be mabe kind enough to send him one for free, a new or used one, it doesnt matter, just somthing he can use, somthing to give him somthing to do that he can ad most likeley will cherish forever, i wouldnt ask if i had the money to buy one, but unfortunately i dont have any moey extra after bills and rent and whatnot, if somone could please and thank you, by the grace of God help with this i would be forever grateful, and i know he would as well, i know people these days dont much help others, but im hoping somone out there might, so i thought i would ask, my name is lisa ferguson, and in case anyone can help, my address is 1365-96 str, north battleford, saskatchewan, canada, s9a-0h3,,,,,, please know i hate to ask but i dont have any other way of getting him one, if you can please and thank you, i can prove he is sick as well in case anyone thinks im lying, i dont want peopl to think that im trying to lie or fool anyone, so i can and will prove it if you wish, but believe me when i say im not, and i wouldnt, not about somthing like that, thank you and God bless.

  8. writing gift on package for customs because not tax add and no open pack for look =is simple item 🙂 is true gift!

  9. Granted I have not seen all your videos, so maybe this question has been asked and replied to.. but I am starting to wonder.. WHO IS PLAYING THE MUSIC? 🙂

  10. Beautiful bow. Really has me thinking of buying one. I was thinking of getting one of mariner's bows like a ming moon sometime in the future, but I'm really loving the natural materials used in this biocomposit bow. Do you have any thoughts on pros and cons of this bow vs a ming moon? Or is it pretty much a win win regardless which bow?

    One thing I'm wondering is what kind of care does the biocomposit need compared to a liminated bow? Is it waterproof, should it be unstrung everytime, etc.

    Thanks for any help

  11. I agree with you about this bow, I'm on my second one. The first one cracked at the handle after 11 months. They were very good about it and gave me the pick of their stock with no hassle what so ever. This was years ago. At that time a debate started, as to which of his bio bows was the best. Either the Assyrian or the Hunnish. Don't know the result. Some said that speedwise they are similar, but Hunnish was more forgiving. I started NFAS field shooting some years back. Bio bows were not allowed in the Primitive division because they are not made from natural materials, but can be used in other divisions. But for me it has to the Primitive Division, as it is the only one that allows the use of a Thumbring. So I now make my own bows and have just started two types of composite bows.

  12. Just received my new one ! Last one in stock last week, 47#@28, incredibly soft for these short bow and my 28 draw length . And the accuracy is just…pffff! Waooooow
    The spine tolerance is also very good. I try different heavy wood, bamboo and carbon arrows, 55/60#, 65/70, 500 with 175gr point and 400 with 200gr point, and all of them fly very well at 15 m. I'll try longer distances these afternoon…. For less then 400 euros you'll have a really fantastic traditional bow

  13. I have this bow in 53# and have achieved 217fps with a 440 grain arrow. Very fast but a bit of handshock. I have a Grozier Short Turkish Biocomposite bow and much prefer it to the Assyrian model

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