Archery Review: Mughal Crab Bow by Elong Outdoor

Archery Review: Mughal Crab Bow by Elong Outdoor

welcome back moto jury today the review of piece of plastic posted yesterday already a photo of this India Persian muga crap Oh take down bow plastic it's nylon fiber glass made in a mold as one can still see it's available in this nice right a bhootish color and then it's available in let's see so we have three colors we have this looks quite neat and take down works quite simple you always get this piece put it there quite tight then you put the other one there then of course you push it a bit more tight and this is already done and you of course get always a string with it and you get this handle wrap thingy so you can wrap your handle because the handle is a little thing from my hands but this is how the bow looks like unstrung and you get the third color let's finish just the color options in five minutes it's even a darker Brown almost a Quraish Brown this one was quite neat and upped it so you can imagine how it looks like then so you have three color options this is how the three colors look like they all have something this is you know the number brown dark brown and the reddish brown looks very good the reddish brown I think is my favorite but doesn't matter right now interesting thing of this bow it draws 33 inches the only thing downsides have to say it's more like a kid's bow or a useful because maximum draw weight at 28 inches is 18 pounds but it has an extra length of 33 inches and then you have 25 pounds what do you need to check because these limbs are a little bendy sometimes the limbs are not straight so this is what we sometimes need to check if the limbs are stretched but then look at this 33 inches it's really nice you have this extreme SIA which is stiff unless a little thing could be a little thicker but you don't feel a lot of the bending action in the handle so that makes it quite comfortable for me I could make this a little bigger yeah overall a bit more chunky a bit more beef to it and it would fit my bigger hands better but it's a kid's bow as I heard they work on it that they built this one now even in a heavier draw weight for US adults to play so that's quite nice and I think I mentioned everything I think we should shoot some arrows with it it was for a plastic ball incredibly nice of course what you all need to consider lightweight arrows I suggest that you either take some lightweight carbon arrows with a high spine no it's only 25 pounds at 33 or you take lightweight good arrows so I wouldn't choose anything too heavy for it crap or whatever you want to call it as take down what is really convenient so now we should first Mediterranean 28 or 29 inches the rolls are really smooth very and should say arrows quite nice I didn't expect that for a plastic ball even in shock or vibration is pretty well balanced cool let's shoot 29th and release it's an impressive book for the price you can't beat that so it's for kids and even for beginners when you start some release and you don't want to spend the fortune and you want to get used to a long longer draw let's say 32 inches you don't want to go too high with your draw weight and here 25 pounds at 33 it's just perfect so everybody who wants to go for some release never did it and you don't want to spend a fortune let's see which different shooting styles you can have let's say you want to do this cuz I start does it work the handle is a little thin but I think yeah you can't get used to it oops don't shoot this works arrows down like this and for this the handle is a little smaller so my version and of course everything is fine and the bow is accurate I didn't expect that when you see the slightly always warping limbs sometimes you wonder how they manage because this plastic is yeah it's not too unstable but it's sometimes a little warp P and then 32 inches completely no problem the arrows are 5/16 which after 32 inches with a hundred grain tip and I have big feathers because we only a 5 inch feathers here works incredibly well Katra all the stuff totally no problem just in this incredible ball and it's accurate you can see anything I heard that I didn't expect this performance out of this bow shock you feel it a little of course but for this power expected way more it's not like a fiberglass boat or something ouch always hear that you know kealoha enough see it's totally I just started shooting with this bow totally no problem to get accurate groups with this I was a scratch from yesterday oh he didn't tighten so I need to tear it what an incredible bow but of course all of you want to know how fast it will be and this is what we check No so speed test don't expect too much of this bow of course it's two pieces of plastic so 320 grain 28 inches I didn't even start and the test me already error really thirty nine eight thirty eight six oops I was a shitty shirt 38 937 quite constantly so it's should 1 38 38 39 meters per second with a 320 grey arrow and 28 inches back on track 29 inches some release 42 6 5 forty-two seven it's really accurate or is it me today era when it doesn't have an arid correctly 42 543 43 meters 29 inch drop now we throw 32 inches these arrows are did I break something most probably I need to wait the error thing quickly I don't know I will write it in this 32 inches o 41 4 743 2 43 8843 7 43 44 45 meters per second with a piece of plastic I would say it's not too bad I expected it being a little slower but it really kicks the era's nicer way to only make sure that the errors are not too heavy what they say and because of the construction of this thingy you can try fire this one the only thing what you need to care then sometimes as I said it works and then the string is not here directly on the limb it goes a little sideways and this is there not a nice thing to happen so sometimes you want to check your limbs or make sure that the string is straight on it and then this is the only thing weak spot so to say but other than that an amazing boat fun to shoot you can do all your Cutlass and every everything no problem for this price under hundred euros you get an incredible-looking capo in your persian mughal whatever of course in plastic but for kids for beginners for youngsters and even for us a bit more grown-ups who want to start you know when you shot all your lifetime twenty-eight raw 2018 straw or Mediterranean you want to start okay how is it when I draw more when I come to 32 inches or even 33 not even hundred euros and it's safe they don't have to worry about the elimination of stuff like this of course I can't tell how long this pose will last because we just got them we will shoot now the heck out of them most probably will have a slightly string follow and maybe they lose power over time like the snake balls from our own they lose the power over the time over a few years their Newton foot-pounds but you know for this price get a bunch of them and have fun even reenactors hey if you want either you take the other colors or with this one there are in in and when you have the scale models their colors where you can put an artificial patina on it you know the new you can put your other colors there you wipe them off and then you can make this bow really look old and used so this is a fun thing with this plastic it has a slight structure here it looks a little like wood so even when you put this part in on it maybe you get the structure a bit more out then you see a little more the grain of the fake wood even here in in the series Eretz it's really grainy and rough and textured so when you do something there or even when you take whatever I did it in PVC pose with shoe polish black shoe polish and any white would offer again then the shoe polish only stays in the deeper part of these things and then is all these grains really popping out and I think that should be no problem so you can really customize these balls as you want and if you damage something get a new one that's really nothing serious the impressive poder is no stacking no cases it's now beyond 33 and it's still bending so you don't have the feeling of stacking or oh I might break the ball completely no issue the only thing always make sure that the string is after a few shots check that the string is the string not or not a lot but the loop end is on the limp and knots coming sometimes it comes a little sideways this is what you have to carry because then your bow can snap so this is the only thing what you have really to take care of the string itself is nice made a nice wrapping around it and nice everything around it center serving is long red color okay but it's even waxed so you can feel the stickiness so it's really it was only not patient enough to make it yesterday so I left it to my assistant to do this today there yesterday that I see one with the wrapping because we don't have the wrap around the sometimes the gap between the two bow halves doesn't close that tight then you have a slightly gap between and it's a little annoying in the hand but wrap around when you don't want to use it as a takedown but win of course you want to shoot it and then afterwards you dismantle it again then get on have your leather on it but it's well really well I seriously wait that they bring this one out in maybe 35 pounds or something or 40 pounds at 33 that would be incredible for us adults then I would be more than happy so please along outdoor comm do something for us thank you for watching

26 Replies to “Archery Review: Mughal Crab Bow by Elong Outdoor”

  1. I like them (bought a dozen of them 10 at 18 and 2 at 30) but I still think they need a string bridge. 😉

  2. I love shooting this bow, it's great to shoot. Only problem is I can't find replacement bow strings for it. Anyone know of a source?

  3. should the two sides go together so they touch or will there be a gap between them when you assemble them ? I cant get them to touch

  4. Its apperance is so beautifull and estetic. It would be great to have very strong version of this which is about 200 libre.

  5. Sir, what arrows (spine) and what is your oppinion or suggest 400sp / 500sp for 30lbs Nika ET-4 Mengyuan Bow

  6. This is a lovely Bow, worth to have it. It has nice built quality and arrows fly with great force when released from this Bow with accuracy. Confident feeling while you hold it. Armin is's amazing. Don't just think that it's only for kinds and ladies, you will not regret to have this one.

  7. I saw they have a 30lbs option now, just so you know. Might just pick one up, since the price is so low. It looks really good to me, and the molded plastic has got me interested. Do you think this is a fun enough bow to shoot for an experienced archer?

  8. I love the bows that you get. Here in the US, from the areas I have been, there isn’t really anyone that sells traditional horse bows. Do you sell to the US/ ship to the US?

  9. Are takedown bows like this weaker? Im looking at a takedown from Cinnabar Bows and am a bit worried about it.

  10. Thanks for the review , such a beautiful shape . Very interesting bow . Despite the possible wobbling of the siyahs they seem to self correct and track quite well . Hopefully the heavier weight version does as well 🙂

  11. It looks nice and it's affordable. I am curious how durable it is. I'll asked again maybe next year if it's still good.

  12. This original bow became a part of my country's history after the invasion by Mughals centuries ago.

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