Archery – See Gurl Try

Archery – See Gurl Try

hey everybody and welcome back to another episode of see girl try so I don't know if you're like me but I am pretty obsessed with the Hunger Games I've read all of the books and I'm definitely going to be seeing all the movies captors Everdeen is such a badass with her boner arrow and well I kind of want to be a badass too so get ready because this week I'm going to learn archery okay so here we are with Courtney Kerr Evy hello and Courtney knows how to use a bow and an arrow which I guess is called archery so can you tell me about how you learned archery well I grew up in the mountains so we were a big hunting family I have been shooting this bow for more of my life and I haven't do you really honestly think I could be able to shoot an arrow oh you learn it in the day it is heavier than I thought this little thing right here is what the arrow rests these are called fletchings fletching this is called the knock the fletchings you want two of them to be late until they flat against the the string so then we take this nock and we see this little bead here yes we're gonna put we're gonna rest it right above the bead so what you're gonna do is you're gonna pull it you're gonna have your index finger right above it and your other three below it you're gonna take a deep breath let it out and then pull back and it's gonna snap back oh my gosh I can't even breathe I'm so weak yeah come on I'm scared once you're here just with confidence let it go Wow so remember the fees to need to be facing this way you're right pack back Lock and Load you're not nervous me no it's not gonna come this way she's gonna think about my shot and I'm thinking that this is maybe a little bit too too heavy for you I'm gonna lighten it up a little bit with this allen wrench and this will help this will help loosen the tension it'll be easier for you to pull back good how much I'm glad you're here to help me with the arrow being really really oh yeah kind of rescue in peril control let it go there you go you guys I hit the wall no I did it once I get you again you can do it it's all mental hit the ground you're actually fairly close I got my target locked into place I love to the place you're looked and I'm locked and ready you're locked into place yes nice all right nice that's pretty much the bull fire I can't do any better I'm just gonna put this there we stop look if you have a line right below the bull's eye ignore this one let me just take this out okay that's pretty impressive wow that was really harder than I thought it was gonna be my arm is broke Diane I'm really impressed that we got that far especially since in the beginning it was like let's just have the goal of pulling it back all right well I would give this eight out of ten bulls that is because this was such an amazing exhilarating feeling every single time that you hit that bullseye I mean it's so worth the amount of time just to get that one you know success all right what else do you want to see me try it tweet me at Jamie Patito or just tell me all about it in the comments below all right I will see you next week bye I am obsessed with the Hunger Games seriously I've watched every single movie I've watched every single one of the movies you

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  1. Perhaps a USA Archery certified instructor might have been a better choice. You nock the arrow under the "bead" a.k.a. nock point.

  2. I have my own bow and arrows and by the way I have never heard you say badass before im also a badass in archery 10 bulleyes in a day

  3. I haven't done a lot of archery, but I love it 🙂 I've done it only about 3 times and two of the times were at camp while the other time was when I was in Vietnam and we were at this park-like place. 

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