Archery | SF Forged Plus Bow Review

Archery | SF Forged Plus Bow Review

Oh hey guys this is new sensei when it comes to recommending bows for beginners or intermediate shooters it's often hard to find ratings and reviews for a lot of models there are so many different brands and models and most people don't review them you'll find tens of thousands reviews for the Samick sage but you won't find much else for sn4 Hoidal with a win so you tend to soon because they cost a lot of money and people use them there must be good to an extent that is true but you still want to have some of that subjectivity to understand how the both skills and handles now from what I've seen on the Internet a partner Samick sage as far as target bows go the most frequently recommended bow I see a list on reddit is the SF forge plus and in general sebastien flute or SS bows are frequently recommended most because they tend to be in the budget range and the forge plus is on the high end of that budget ranks I mean this is like the most top l'herbe of my club I've got like four or five people with this particular model it's so easy to get a lot of dealers will stock it so what does a bow like a forge Plus offer the forge Plus is the top end of the intermediate SF Rises including the axiom and the premium the forge is made from forged aluminium and so for around three hundred US dollars apart from the glossy black color I have here the forge plus also comes in glossy red blue silver sky-blue and matte gray the forge plus normally comes with a black grip though the one I have here has a wooden grip Plus has a distinct look with its contours and the frame feels very sturdy though perhaps less stylish then the winner wind rises of note is the weight of the riser as it is made from aluminium or aluminum for Americans it does feel heavier in the hand compared to carbon risers this isn't a bad thing as a heavier riser to make it easier for beginners and intermediates to keep the bow steady the grip on the forge Plus feels comparatively small the entire riser is actually quite narrow which is surprising because of the heavier feel the group itself is comfortable enough especially if you have a smaller hand the energy xp for comparison has a slightly thicker throat and a wider base which gives more surface area for the hair to wrap around and more support for the part and some the forge plus being more narrow offers less support but this isn't a huge problem though experienced shooters can be very picky about the way it sits in the hand as an iOS target bug it comes with the standard mount and bushings for stabilizers including top and bottom mount as well as sight plunger and clicker the SS bows come with their own arrow rest and plunger button the rest on this particular boat is not the SF wrist which is a standard middle magnetic wrist the plunger however is the SF standard it's actually a pretty decent plunger button which can put your mind at ease if you are buying a kit from nothing this particular bow is set up for standard their bow so I won't be using anything other than this weight the limbs I'm using are 30 pound SF elite carbon foam limps these limbs are reasonably priced but offer some of the performance and speed of high in carbon limbs compared to cheaper wooden glimpse the fact that they are all black can be appealing to some arches for this set I'm using Ethernet victor 1400 errors they don't cheap carbon arrows they come up well enough but I know that this boat hasn't been tuned the boat is noticeably loud but this isn't a fault of the riser and I'd say that the SS forged plus is the prime example of a mid-range bow it is more on the high end a luxury end of the middle range it's not expensive as the top in winning win or high two models but it still has all the functionality and the look and feel of a good high performance both in terms of handling the right couple of small nuances I that I noticed the first thing is weight distribution as appear to do winner win in Oh 60 which the typical high-end bow the rate of the inner CST tend to be centered on the group itself so this center part of a riser is to have this part so you can generally feel a lot more comfort holding it here and for that reason you tend to feel a bit more feedback so you know when they shot isn't quite right I prepared to that the forge Plus has a somewhat more equal weight distribution on the top and bottom of the riser so the center of the riser with the grip is isn't really the heaviest part so it's actually a little easy to keep steady because there's more weight up here and down here so if you shouldn't bear both this is actually a pretty good riser compared to some high-end bows because one it feels a little heavier to it the weight of the balance makes it our ease of the keep on level playing and this is more apparent when you use a weight so if you're shooting with bear bowls and that means you're kind of stabilizers then having a riser like the forge Plus it's actually quite advantageous and imagine quite effectively finding their bow would gravitate towards Rises like the forge plus if you looking for something a bit more elegance or finesse or that light touch then the forged Plus probably isn't as delicate and like I said the high-end bows tend to be a bit more sensitive in the hands that you feel more connection with the bone I get very subjective but the Forge plus feels a bit more like a workhorse rather than the elegant speed to put it that way so it's very sturdy it feels very reliable and again it was not as well-balanced as some of the high-end bows it's certainly not a bad thing this is a very good bow for intermediate shooter one of the things we tend to see with beginner or intermediate bows is things like forgiveness because this bow is doused in a way where you you can keep it steady with the less accessories or less weight there it tends to be easier to progress with because you can isolate problems through your formal technique rather then not have control of the boat again it's very subjective I said it many times but from my feeling of this bow it's a bit more intermediate friendly and exploit this is often recommend it for intermediate shooters aesthetically it has a certain look to it the forge Plus stands out a bit because the other SS fires that really have this pattern or the shape and cutouts so obviously Ted of this madness gives you a unique look to it I'm not a big fan of it I prefer the smooth contours of the Willing windows but the Forge plus yeah looks all right the colours are great by the way I really do like this particular choice of colour scheme the glossy black with the SS elite limbs looks amazing and a lot of people really dig the all-black look at this is really nice I mean in front and back the whole black or all black limbs and all black erisa actually makes it look quite nice so if you're trying to make the riser and the bow look just right to do I think the SS board Plus has quite a few options so yeah I think because it looks again subjective depends of what appeals to you this isn't that nice to me but something made Big D curve the industrial look so that is a factor to consider but overall it does have to look off a performance bow but not at the high-end level of the budget so in general I do agree with the recommendation that this is a good bow for beginner to intermediate shooters this is a sort of boat you would buy if you intend to stay in the sport for many years without needing to buy another bow or another riser in comparison by both likely action which are very cheap feel a lot more crude and heavy and chunkier so again they're very cheap to also beginner-friendly because the bow just sit still in your hand but it doesn't feel it's good to shoot and people often move on fairly quickly and it's just premiums also similar to the fourth plus a few hundred bucks cheaper also a decent alternative the forged positing is like the luxury model of that kind of line so if you want to extend your pocket just a bit spend a bit more on a nice bow but not bust your budget on the very top and basically you don't know why you wanted or you don't feel good enough then the forge Plus is probably the best compromise between budget performance and the general feeling of buying your way to win it doesn't feel like you're buying a luxurious bow just because you can this feels like a bow which you deserve and you have to work so yeah I know a lot of people have this mentality of you don't want to buy the best you just want to buy a good bow and in my opinion the SF forged plus is a good boat now there is a caveat with the SS bows now as many of you may know SF is owned by women win SS products are manufactured by winning win this is no longer the case there's been a parting of ways and SF no longer is owned or produced by winning win-win and we are making their own line of budget boats they call it W NS or winners as it's pronounced so you may see the SS bows disappearing so I'm not sure what the future of SS will be I'm not sort of they're set up their own manufacturing whether they close it completely but you will find that SS folks will be hard to come by now as of this video I imagine just still be plenty of SS both in stock but you may find that they will start to clear out and disappear so if you're trying to find a bow and you can get a bow like the SDF Forge Plus this is going to be a good boat it's definitely something which is worth getting for the entry level to intermediate shooter if you can still get it then it's a good purchase there's nothing wrong with it it's the go-to bow and while I've only used to fall short while I will agree that this is a solid recommendation for anyone who is getting their first Olympic style bow or choosing the upgrade from a very cheap of the forge Plus has the functionality of the Olympic style bow so if you choose to shoot freestyle or Olympic style with the sides and stabilizers and this is great for that it's what I should bear birth is also very good for it and just overall it's a good all-round though in a way this is new sensation having fun is helpful thanks for watching and I'll see you next time

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  1. "See u next time" … in the end of any clip totaly is crazy to the max !!! U do not see anyone !!! Sundayjoke ! Have a nice sunday ! 😉

  2. I got the WNS version of this bow a few weeks ago (end of 2018) and they've updated the design a bit. The holes in the riser are more streamlined now, has less of a bridge girder look to it. In the matte gray (sort of a matte metallic warm gray) it's a really good looking bow IMO 🙂 Would prefer a wood grip, doesn't seem like that's an option anymore.

  3. Question: What is heavier. 1200 grams of carbon or 1200 grams of aluminium? Of course it is carbon, especially with all kinds of weights mounted on it …

  4. You mention that the bow was a little loud, and it was not because of the riser. But what was the reason why it was noisy? The string?

  5. This riser is popular even in our club. But there is a little "but". For people with OTF up to 34-36# it is ok, but for people 40#+ I must warn you. All risers we have in our club they have tendency to bend/twist under pressure of a bow with 40#+ OTF. This riser seems to be ok for weaker poundages, but for serious competition heavier bow setups I strongly recommend something more solid.

  6. Hey NuSensei, thanks a lot for the good rewies about many bows. Helped me a lot! Im a "beginner" but im sure i will keep shooting for some years and also will start shooting competitiv. im excited to see how it works 🙂

  7. Hello, I own the WNS Forged Elite Alpha and now that I want to shoot it bare bow now and then I am trying to figure out what weight to put on it. The one you are using here seems to balance it quite well, so my question is: Do you remember/know how much gramm the weight you were using here has?

  8. That bow needs some real tuning attention to get rid of the enormous vibrations before you can really give it a fair review. Its vibrating like a bag of spanners.

  9. Thx for reviewing, bought mine about 4 years ago. As you said look is subjectiv and i still have a smile on my face everytime i pick up my bow.

  10. Cheers for all your awesome vids. I've just bought myself a WNS Forged riser and 18# limbs to help me train my form – a very nice compliment to my Trad Bows. 🙂 Thanks for the great review!

  11. Nusensei: Another note, the WNS Alpha is noticeably more expensive than the forged+ (quite more so in fact) AND does not include any accesories anymore(it's bare riser) like plunger(so it's doubly more expensive), also iirc it has different color schemes under the new name

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