Archery | Southwest Scorpion Bow Review

Archery | Southwest Scorpion Bow Review

Oh however one this is new sensei today we're taking a look at the Southwest archery scorpion longbow the scorpion is a 68 inch one-piece longbow it is available from Southwest archery and it is retailing around 280 US dollars the weights go from 25 pound to 60 pound and it comes in left and right-handed now as with the other South we're suppose it does both a design made by the original manufacturers and engineers after you Samick sage and it uses four different kinds of wood to create a very beautiful pattern this is a very similar pattern to the tiger shark recurve bows the Scorpion being the longer version this is really or how to say about the Scorpion the design of the wood is just amazing when it comes to doing revie's for traditional bows tests usually not a lot to say I just normally do fly overs before the limbs and the riser and really this is it this is as simple as it gets its its stick and string and if you're looking at a traditional bow something that is not too expensive but feels really nice and especially looks really nice the Scorpion is definitely worth checking out as you can see the main attraction is the combination of the woods grains and patterns it really does have nice camouflage effect I imagine this should be called the tiger shark in line with other products but the Scorpion is a long-ago variant and how to stand out the limbs are plain black which is really nice it does match the color scheme quite nicely the limits themselves are laminate wood and there is practically no branding at all it's only the southwest outfit logo on the bottom back limb and it's pretty subliminal it's not going to stand out save looking for a very nice looking long bow without the extra sportive right accessories this is it then of course with any longbow there is no options for site or stabilizers it's pure basic stick and string it does come with a rest pre-installed as well as the strike plate and that's basically it the bow does come with a 16 strand Dacron string it is compatible with fast flight and Flemish twists because it does have the reinforced limb tips so if you do want to swap the stringing up for a faster string that is possible Southwest archery does claim that the Scorpion is suitable for bow hunting for target archery and traditional archery and I have no reason to disagree as usual we'll spend a bit of time talking about the grip the grip on the Scorpion longbow is actually quite straight most American longbow designs have a more pronounced pistol shaped grip or as the Scorpion is pretty simple there is some bulge to the grip so if you do shoot the left or right handed variant the grip is somewhat more to fit the hand a bit more comfortably though that's it you are maintaining a fairly straight rip on the bow and that's pretty normal if you expect something a bit bulkier then you won't get it with the Scorpion it's more or less a straight stick with a bit of economic molding the front of the bow is fairly well rounded the edges aren't that sharp or pronounced so if you do place your fingers over the bow you Ventre find it uncomfortable despite the straight appearance of the grip may actually it's fairly comfortable to use the bulges are just in the right places so if you do choose to grip with your whole hand it's quite comfortable overall the bow was quite nice feeling in the hand I've actually shot this bow few times already during the testing and I've given a few others a shot as well and the first impression that everybody gets when holding the scorpion is it's really lights this is the closest I can feel to simple stick and string this is not bulky at all I've used some really high priced very well crafted American long bows and they tend to be not heavy but they do you feel a little bulky there is some weight to it this feels almost weightless this is extremely light and if you're looking for a bow which has a good feel and a good punch but has very little weight in the hand the Scorpion is definitely up there in terms of light weight no really the bow is light I wouldn't really do this as a normal bow it's it's so light it feels like a fun bow to use because you're not really working for it I mean it's nobody's play can't use it seriously but the first impression of y'all got was this just is amazingly alight you might think well you know somebody should have a little heft to it and make it stable but it's in the fact that it's a six to eight inch long bow does keep it relatively stable on target the rest is up to you so let's see that thing where we shoot things this is the 40 pound version of the scorpion which I didn't mention earlier and I'm using traditional wooden arrows these are roughly the right spine I don't really spine these too carefully but these come out quite nicely and I'm quite pleased the way it shoots let's have a shot that was really quiet the Bose very light and it is so quiet Wow this is what you expect from a longbow right this is this no string step no contact with the the limbs that's a very quiet bow utterly impressive again it's no string silencers there's nothing on this just sticking string that's really quiet come on really nicely as a bull's-eye white the gold I'm so quiet that's fun this is a fun bow this is the kind of thing you think of and just want to fling arrows I just thought the fact that I'm using both the traditional longbow as well as wooden arrows it kind of gives it a nice traditional aesthetic and I love other people love doing this depending on how hard you grip the riser you may feel a bit of hand shot it's not uncontrollable it's actually pretty gentle but you are holding a fairly straight stick so if you tend to grip the boat and do keep in mind you might feel a little twinge but mr. time it's not really noticeable I'll literally just split an arrow yeah that one was pretty much carved in half it's a shame I didn't capture that shot from this angle because it looked really cool from my end I just saw like half the arrow fly off to the side like a typical Robin Hood but now in some ways I want to show that shot again but in another sense I don't want to because I'm down to the last six arrows let's do some more shooting yeah I'm pretty happy with that so my overall evaluation on the Scorpion is that this is a very fun though to use that's my my feeling I get from it it's a boat you shoot for fun and I know you use it seriously for hunting and for heavy poundage traditional archery but for me the 40 pound scorpion is fun it's a nice break from cearรก shooting it's a sort of bow you can bring out and train seriously or shoot casually and you just want to keep on thinking as from it like I said before it's a very light bow in the hand like the weight isn't there and because there's nearly no way it doesn't feel like you're really working hard just just sitting back and just pulling the string back and letting go and there's nearly no sound it's a very pleasant boat issue that's really the main appeal of this bow it's just fun light enjoyable now perhaps one thing to consider is the grip and the vibration it's considerably reasonable considering that it's stick extreme I think the design the use of the laminate wood does make this fairly well made and controllable but like I said you might find their group to be a little uncomfortable some people will do will find it that way I personally think it's okay but we're shooting for a long period of time you might find that the straight grip might not suit you again not a flaw of the design but if you prefer more of the angled pistol grip then this may be quite a bit of adjustment but I find overratted grip is quite comfortable yeah the bow really ticks all the boxes of a good traditional bow it's a one-piece longbow it's wood very nice design and what really drew my attention was the the targa strap design on the the bow that's kind of why I got this look honestly this is what I thought I'd be shooting when I started doing archery I mean nowadays I do on the big artery but like if I wanted to buy a traditional bow or a traditional longbow just for fun without spending hundreds on top quality material and craftsmanship this is a very good option and only about 270 US dollars it's not the cheapest longbow but it isn't exactly even mid-range I mean two hundred and eighty dollars for a bow is pretty reasonable and you do get quality for your price this is a very good bow its quality its well manufactured nothing really bad to say about this so well worth the price and as I said if I wanted to buy a typical traditional bow but the sort of power you see in something like lord of rings or ranges of Prentice you know be inspired by fancy stories I'd probably pick this bow it's just really forgiving easy to use not too expensive but it's a good enough bio being actually shoot this seriously and train with it to be able to become a proficient traditional Archer so overall the Southwest scorpion is there's a fantastic bow anyway I hope you found this interesting and helpful this is new sensei thank you for watching I'll see you next time

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  1. Good, Quality, and Well manufactured. Hopefully. If you've been shooting it for the last four months, may I ask if it has sustained any tip fractures, Laminate separations or limb twisting please? Considering buying one, but I have a 31" draw. Thank you again for your expertise and enthusiasm and amazing explanatory abilities and efforts!

  2. Another nice review. Would you consider a review of the Southwest Archery Tigershark one-piece recurve?ย I have found no reviews on it and would be curious to see a review since it is a 60-inch one-piece.

  3. I appreciate your thorough review and demonstration. I'm currently taking an archery class and considering purchasing my own bow. It is a very beautiful bow, with a simple elegance. You've convinced me that at 60+ years of age, I really don't need to spend much more money to acquire something worth owning and perhaps passing on to a grandchild. (I'm not a noob at shooting arrows, by the way, I was first introduced to archery in college many moons ago.) Thank you again.

  4. you need 400 spine for 55lbs to 60lbs but yous is 40lbs so 500 spine looks nice and cheaper then Turkish bows see if u can find good Turkish bows to show off but not from classic bow there good but cost too much

  5. ๐Ÿ˜Š The Silence of the Limbs ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘.
    Nice vid Nu Sensei, I can see that you get a real kick out of shooting trad style with no sights, that grin says it all ๐Ÿ˜Š.
    A serious question though, youve got me suffering from target boss envy syndrome really badly ๐Ÿ˜ฎ!!!
    what are your target bosses made from ??? It looks like some sort of compressed wood/straw type building construction type material board ๐Ÿค”, what is it called and what is its longevity like ? I am intrigued as I destroy my own home made targets pretty rapidly. I tend to use plastic woven mail bag or fertilizer type bags stuffed with pallet wrap but as said I do destroy them rapidly and dont like the fact that little bits of plastic are forever being pulled out and im having to continually pick them up before they blow away into the environment ๐Ÿ’€.

  6. The thing about long bows is they have a slow string speed so I shoot heavy arrows with them, it preserves the energy better. I have a bow just like this but the one marketed by Cabelas as the Frontier long bow. But when I take that thing to the club to shoot I tell people that i'm using the force ๐Ÿ˜Š' But yeah I shoot the Gold Tip traditional classic 500 spine 10.2 GPI cut at 31" with 125 grain field point and they fly very well.

  7. Always enjoy your reviews. The strike plate pad seems a little high? Perhaps why it seems so quiet, arrow passing under it?

  8. Hi Sensei, are you using fast flight strings? My longbows have much less hand shock with fast flight. I think you should give it a try. Thanks for the video!

  9. I just have this Scorpion Longbow from Southwest Archery five days ago. This is a great bow. Beautiful bow, and quiet. I like to hear the sound when I shoot: quiet. And I don't have any silencer on the string. I will do it and want to know how quiet it is. Thank you NUSensei for doing this video.

  10. I just started bare bow…of course i had no intention of getting a sammick sage….but then on vacation i found a used with 2 sets of limbs for a good deal. I'm enjoying it so far but looking forward to advancing to some more stylish bows

  11. Honestly with all the bow reviews you do I would love to see you get into hunting if you don't already do that …

  12. Great review and nice looking bow. So are you going to show up at your club's next shoot with it :-). Thank you. Alan

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