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  1. Got one exactly like this from my local archery shop here in germany, but is called nova by black sheep.

  2. anyone have an opinion about this vs the m.d. black hunter? i know that the hunter is more simplistic but he seems to enjoy both. however i am 5' 11'' and have pretty long arms and worried that the hunter might be too short for my draw length… I am just getting into archery and do not really know much but I am going between these too. Forgive my ignorance and my typing bc I am in a little bit of a hurry. Thanks for all your time and NUSensei. I love your vids

  3. I feel there is no advantage of have a long 62" length. Its better to get a 58" recurve bow for convenience and less bulk to move around. People shot long bows like english long bow because they had no choice to make the bow that long to support the draw length with a pure wooden bow. Throughout history chinese, koreans and turkish and other asiatic style shot short bows with no problem.

  4. What bow is sitting on the bow case in the background at 9:51–11:21? Is that the Southwest bow? The color looks different or is it the camera angle?

  5. Just picked this bow up to go hunting with, now I feel better about that purchase. Good review.

  6. Great review! I'm thinking of picking this up.

    I intend to sand away any shine and stain the red stripe to a darker color. Would this cause any problems? My main concern is the shine protects against water/moisture.

  7. Thanks for the review! I'm getting a spyder takedown for Christmas this year and am excited to get started. It'll be my first bow as I get into shooting. Thanks for your videos.

  8. Hello guys. I am from Seriba. Is there any online archery store i can buy this bow from to ship to Serbia? Thanks

  9. i just re-watched this vid. after seeing it the 1st time, i became really interested in it and did some research. i ended up emailing southwest archery (BTW, they gave me an excellent response time to my noob questions) and they told me that the bow is not ILF compatible. that may or may not make a difference to someone who might be considering this bow.

    since this bow is not ILF compatible, i'd be curious to know how dependable is the spyder's assembly over the long haul and how easy it is to align the limbs along the riser. i think there is some kind of stabilizing piece that runs parallel to the bolts, but i thought i heard that there might be enough play to allow fine tuning of the alignment (possibly with shims??).

    although i thought you gave a real good description of the differences between the sage and spyder's riser thickness and how each should feel in one's hand, myself being more of a visual learner, it would be helpful to have some side-by-side picts of the risers to give a visual comparison of just how much difference there is between the 2.

    and lastly, i also recently found out that samick was recently bought out by another company (don't recall by who), so the quality of future samick products may or may not differ from the older samick bows/supplies.

  10. "as you know red makes everything go faster…" never thought of that! how true! <LOL> i LOVE the hidden humor in your videos!

    hey, great point that you made about the spyder being able to accept the samick's take-down bolts. that way, if someone prefers the spyder but wants to take it backpacking in the take-down stage, they can be confident in knowing that they can opt for the samick's bolts & not have to worry about losing the wrench.

  11. Originally I was looking to get a Samick Sage, but thanks in part to your review I will be getting this Spyder bow in the standard length as my draw is 27.5 inch. One thing that drew me to it was its appearance. It has a more finished look than the Sage, but in no way am I knocking the Sage. One option I will get is the replacement Sage finger bolts. I really like the tool-less option of the Sage, because with my luck I would lose the Allen wrench just when I needed it. Thank you for your videos as I am learning a lot from them.

    **My only concern is what weight to get on the limbs as my only experience with a bow has been my compound bow with a 70 lbs. draw weight, but I know it has a let-off; so I am not actually holding 70 lbs. I'm thinking of 30-35 lbs. Do you have any advice on this point?

  12. I got one of these (Spyder XL, 35#) about a month before your review. I've since been watching many of your videos, learning a lot, and have been lately wondering what you'd think of the Spyder. Today, I find this review! Glad your reaction was so favorable. Thanks for everything you do — incredibly helpful!

    Any beginners and intermediates out there considering this bow, go for it. You'll be very pleased.

  13. I'm fairly positive the only differences between the normal spyder and the spyder xl is limb length, And that the xl limbs aren't available in 60 pounds like the normal length limbs are. No difference for the riser so the grip would be the same size

  14. Instead of doing another review of Polaris/Sage clone, maybe you could look up Stingray(from SouthWest of course)?
    I researched the brand and it's an interesting riser. It is not a wooden bow but made of some polymers(???), and also ILF. Interesting.

  15. Mr. Nu
    I am a novice archer. A week ago I was shooting a bow that i made from a maple tree and after a couple of hours of shooting , I started feeling a bit scared of missing the target . A few minutes ago I went on the internet and I searched it up . Apearently it's called " target panic " . I was interested have you ever experienced it and could you make a video on it .
    P.S. I find your videos informing and thank you for the lessons on how to corectly shoot a bow . Great work .

  16. What would you recommend , duck, sage or spider ? Looking for a trad bow just to play around with, while I take a break from my kaya k7

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