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  1. If I'm going to use a bow in real life, it's going to be against prey or (in an RPG application or self defense situation) people. These gadgets would only get in the way.

  2. Is it possible to attach 3 full stabiliser sets with extenders and everything for a hella heavy and ugly set-up?

  3. Isn't it pointless to mount a expensive scope with a carbon rail and then put on a (stubby) weight on the riser?

  4. 11:24 I am not convinced by your explanation regarding Extender function / Extender role.
    It is not that difficult to source & buy a 36" Long Rod on its own:- Moving weight out FAR FORWARD can be taken care of by Long Rod selection alone. I suspect that the true role that the Extender plays, is in modifying the Virtual Fulcrum's location in relation to the true Physical connection point (after fitting a new Extender). Thus better defeating "fast-movement" around axis

  5. Hi Nu, i recently got a vbar but i noticed it doesn't come with a washer, but the side rod and longs rods do, i think they are nylon, do you need a washer for the riser to vbar or riser to extender? Or just put it on without the washer?

  6. Get the most high-end stabilizers, look after them, they'll last you a lifetime. No point getting anything at entry or intermediate level, you'll need to sell them when upgrade, which will costing more money and time than just a set of top-end stuff.

  7. If your bow lifts upward while drawing then you need to adjust the tiller to compensate for the unequal grip. Thats what it's for!! This has nothing to do with stabilisation.
    The balance point, or centre of mass, moving as you describe when drawing is minimal and is easily overcome by the forces being held on the fingers to the point where you won't feel a thing, Nor will it affect the shot as this point returns to its original position when the string is released.
    Stabilisers help to control pitch and Yaw. side rods help to controll roll or "cant". Putting weight in front of the bow will also help the bow to roll forward on the shot and if the mass of the bow is moved back on the draw what does putting weight on the short rods do if not put weight behind the riser thus counteracting the long-rod weight?
    The amount of weight depends on personal preference and what you like the feel of in your hand and on the shot and this is reached by experimentation. This makes the point of balance almost irrelevant as those who prefer more weight on the long rod will have a point of balance further in front of those who prefer less and each set-up will have a different point of balance.
    Therefore there is no 'perfect' set-up other than what works for you…
    Your theory on what does what is flawed!

  8. Hi is the top damper the Cartel Midas 101 Damper? I bought the Cartel Midas Weight Damper. I am just wondering how useful are dampers and are short or long ones better?

  9. Thank you for all your excellent videos NUSensei. I am starting out in archery and your videos have helped tremendously.
    1 point about stabilizers that may help to clarify the physics. Like the way we stretch out our arms when trying to keep our balance, or a tight rope walker using a long stick, the stabilization effect is not simply adding weight, but spreading the weights out from center, thus increasing angular momentum. In other words, having weights at the ends of the extended rods makes it harder to pivot the bow in any direction quickly.
    So in order not to make the whole setup too heavy, I think it is better to have a lighter bow and use the stabilizers with proper weights.

  10. Ehhh, I find stabilizers useless in the means of any improvement in your accuracy. They are just an excuse for people to avoid fine tuning their muscles and they lower the level of skill it requires to be a decent archer.

  11. Dear Nu,
    I was a keen archer some 26 years ago (I am now 53) and I have decided to start shooting again. I always suffered from being a front anchor (now working on it) BUT the major defect I have is the lifting of the bow arm shoulder. This makes me lean back and shortens my draw. Can it becaused because my bow is too heavy? (Bow is a Hoyt TD4 Gold Medallist)
    George (Malta)

  12. Hi sensei! I noticed the small stab and damper on the upper part of your riser….. What is it for? how does it help?

  13. I am not sure how I missed this the first time around but it helps me as I am getting ready to add side rods

  14. I put a long rod on my Hoyt Ultra Elite target compound. Every time I thought I flubbed my release, the arrows flew straight anyway! That rig was so accurate, it took all the fun out of shooting. Now I shoot a traditional Korean bow with a thumb release and almost never hit the target. Its way more satisfying and fun

  15. What about barebow weights….. I know there are limits to their size in comparison to my riser. It all has to fit within a 120mm Radius circle unstrung… But I'm still waiting for something, anythingsi from you on them….

  16. Do you have an opinion on the Beiter Centralizer?

    I've started archery almost a year ago and have been using it for quite a while without extra weight and find it very comfortable.

    Despite the fact I at first thought a stabilizer was supposed to minimize hand shock until I was told this won't affect the arrow it keeps the bow stable during the drawing process due to the long front rod I use.
    Thanks to this video I now know the true purpose of this piece of equipment.
    I will check the center of balance and add some weight if necessary.

  17. Ya but nothing looks cooler than a bow with no stabilizer. Maybe if no one tried to cheat we'd all look cooler!

  18. hi ,just wanted to ask you if it matters if I have different brands of stabilizers on my bow ie doinker long rod and mybo short rod. keep up the great videos.

  19. I wish you had taught me math in school. You are concise logical and detailed, thank you sir for sharing your hard earned knowledge.

  20. what is your honest opinion on beiter centralizers? I used to have one years ago and now getting back into archery I wondered if people still use them. many thanks

  21. At time 10:43 you arrive at the Extender.
    The concept of adding extra rear weights &/or farther back rear weight being necessary to UNDO / CORRECT the [now] excessive forward balance CREATED DUE TO the presence of Extender, is a popular and a commonly repeated claim. Of itself, this claim seems to make good horse sense. . . . . . . . . And surely this claim is a valid one. . . . . . . . . . but I cannot believe that this is the only change and effect brought about by the presence of Extender. . . . I believe at least two other changes / effects are brought about due to presence of Extender. . . .
    . . .
    The point I wish to add is
    If the bow is torqued, then that rotation will [normally] be about the virtual fulcrum.
    Now if the physical connection point of the V-Bar, with its associated two Rear rods, attaches
    out – the – end
    of a newly installed Extender, where all balance has been 'corrected' / restored to PRE-EXTENDER balance,
    I believe there MUST BE some resistance / deviation to the virtual rotation axis.

    Surely the presence of installed Extender will to some degree "mess up" / "meddle with"
    free rotation exactly at the virtual fulcrum. {Due to offset attachment points going in differing spatial directions.

    I would like much comment on this issue I have raised.
    If I am wrong, why am I wrong / where is my thinking off-track ??????

    Unrelated to my concerns raised, please note some people prefer to leave their V-Bar permanently bolted to an Extender.
    When they therefore unscrew their Extender, to pack up their bow at day's end, the Extender + V-Bar + i Bolt all detatch as a single unit. This is a convenience which won't be there when V-Bar is bolted directly to riser. But this is not a point of concern in my archery.

  22. I disagree that your 1st vid on this topic was left a tad wanting.
    Your earlier video still has it use, even today (in view of this far more comprehensive "EXTRAS" vid)

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