34 Replies to “Archery Stereotypes Part Two. Inspired by Dude Perfect”

  1. You know years ago I used to do a lot of IBO in 3D and tournament shootings and target shooting but I don't remember us being that nerdy I thought I was watching revenge of the nerd LOL

  2. How about the moms who talk to there kids through an official shoot. I kid you not after her daughter finished there shot I heard there mom yell NICE EXPANSION HONEY it scared me half to death.

  3. The overprotective ma one was hilarious. You forgot the 100 arrows guy and I was the Hundred Arrows guy at the range once and I will never make that mistake again. I was shooting around 12 arrows, which wasnt a problem, it was the fact that I was shooting them so slow… but I shoot my compound most of the time now so I dont have that problem.

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