Archery Tag Highlight Video

Archery Tag Highlight Video

34 Replies to “Archery Tag Highlight Video”

  1. What would happen if you fire these arrows from a high powered 70lb hunting compound bow? Would the speed and power possibly cause the shaft to push through the foam on impact making it deadly? Or would it just hurt more like paintball?

  2. They should have a more extreme level with smaller ends on the arrows and stronger bows. I think it would be more exciting and enjoyable for older people who are used to paintballing.

  3. It's so gorgeous!!! Can I share your movie in our Korean Facebook page which is 'Dingo ' If you say ok, I will leave your Youtube Channel in Facebook page(you can search 'Dingo' then you can find easily) I will wait your reply message. Thank you^^

  4. What if someone wanted to open one of these up? Would they have to go through you guys or would it be okay to just make it their own?

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