50 Replies to “Archery Tag Showdown”

  1. You guys should made these tips smaller. That would make the arrows become more lighter, and they would get better accuracy and range

  2. I'd play if you let me train my dog to go retrieve arrows for me. But they don't seem to shoot very straight or far, well, at least these people can't seem to do it.

  3. Up the poundage on the bows, lighten the arrows and make the tip smaller, and put everyone on horses. Then it would be as fun as paintball.

  4. I'm ten years old I pull back 40 pounds on my bow so there probly using 25 pounds of draw weight cause a 40 pound bow will Broose

  5. This is a sport rite….. nd sports require enthusiasm nd competitive spirit rite…. these squares look like they were being forced to play, like they looked damn near bored lol if that were me id be out there scrambling like a mouse nd firing like a pissed off Green Arrow lol

  6. looks boring after 5 minutes of play. the music is trying to hype it up. too much stand still time and plenty of time to get out of the way from getting hit.

  7. This is the least intense group of people I think I've ever seen.  Even if I couldn't hit anything, I'd still be running around at least…

  8. if your gonna give them something this sick at least teach them how to actually nock those arrows.  I'm seeing some nub nocking.

  9. archery tag should just be paintaball with bows
    not this, this is just boring, one arrow, until you pick up  another?

  10. if they were smart they would just line up in the back and all focus one person at a time, raining arrows from above on them, sorry im a big fan of medieval military tactics 

  11. Up the draw weight and make the arrows lighter then I might play this. Right now it doesn't even compare to paintball

  12. People play this because they are scared of paintball but with the production of .50 cal paintball guns it doesn't even hurt

  13. I'm thinking of putting together equipment for a variation of this wherein teams comprise 3 person squads of a bowman, shield-bearer and retriever – all roles being interchangeable should a person be hit out.  Maybe put some yashimotos on the players' backs to indicate teams.  I think the limited resources and diversified equipment could increase the strategic possibilities.

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