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  1. Very misleading, how is this instinctive when you're string walking and using your arrow tip to aim? Would of been better if youd explained your crawl and tab relation. Making out you're achieving that sort of accuracy at 30 yds shooting instinctively when your not seems a waste of time.

  2. i should try this, i'm shooting couple years and i really fell upset sometimes e.g when i'm shooting at 18 meters and 2 shots are perfectly in the middle of little cap of water (i'm shooting to them) and rest of the shots at training sometimes don't even hit the target

  3. I notice that your list lacks joel.  Joel tightens up everything you have said into a controlled well trained package.  May consider checking him out.  It will reinforce all u r saying.  He is at iron mind hunting on u tube. cheers.  I found him helpful

  4. I too was frustrated.  I too saw the archery control vid by joel.  I hold the sight aim picture now for 3 seconds and I say control control control and the shot is gone.  During the holding portion when I say control control control, I have a steady pressure and hold a rock dead steady aim picture in a relaxed fashion.   So, yeah, i too also have learned to hold and hold and hold.

  5. i am allways on target but my arrowsstart splitting when hitting target i need help to make my arrows stronger

  6. Never trained on 50 yard targets before.
    So today I tried and on third session result is below. Was sooo afraid I would mess up that 5th and 6th arrow shot… shaking in my boots–"calm your stuff Jim".

  7. Pics and videos from the 3D Rhinehart / Mackenzie Target Shoot, 28 targets, Balboa Park, CA, November 2016.

    A moving training shot from 30 yards (low shot) plus two 20'' yard shots, https://goo.gl/photos/RoSy8tfKh19aCem86

    Just switched to Victory VForce Gamer 500's a couple days before the above shoot. These are some sweet arrows!

  8. Using the naming technique, 40 yard target, four shots fired, https://goo.gl/photos/bEm31eTwxmXLJraY7
    at the Balboa Park, San Diego archery range–as much a surprise to me as anyone, because I can't see where the arrow is hitting at 40 yards (without a scope).

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