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  1. "remember, you are aiming for the gold" Erm…at that distance I'm hoping to hit the grass in that general direction 😀

  2. I saw a car passing 6:28, not too far away behind targets (later too) :O … what about if you slip in not right moment or you have moving targets there ? :))))

  3. A question I get sometimes is does the 80cm target at 40mtrs look the same as the 122cm at 70mtrs. To me they do, but is that correct? Often the question comes because of distance restrictions, "back yard practicing".

  4. Wow, this video was quite an ego boost after hearing in different videos by him that compound archers typically always hit gold and being kind of disappointed of myself because of that. I shoot a 28 cm target (print them out myself, so this is mostly dictated by my printer ^^) at somewhere between 60 and 70 m (forgot the exact distance).

  5. 7:43 well sh*t, thats like A SINGLE pixel , I dont care is your bow looks like a hedhehog of stabilizers and sights, that looks pretty difficult with any weapon

  6. what is the difference between 40cm targets and 40cm reduced targets or 80cm and 80cm reduced?

  7. Thanks! That was a very helpful, good explanation and demonstration of the various targets and the distances they are commonly used for.

  8. What is good to use as a platform for your target face? I bought a bow package to begin with and was given a straw like compacted straw square to stick my target face to and to shoot at. I find that the arrows go straight through this even at about 20 metres and it is damaging the fletchings of my arrows.

  9. Great video! I've only really shot indoors at 18m, so seeing those longer distances is fascinating. One day I'll shoot that far. 🙂

  10. Interesting video, was pretty surprised 60 cm targets are uncommon in Australia. In Belgium we use these regularly for both National and regional competitions at 25 meters.

  11. the 3D deer target I ordered is 34 inches tall since I'm going to start out hunting by hunting deer so I figured get a target that's as tall as a real deer or as close as possible in the height department so I can have a realistic target to learn on

  12. Is there a standard height for the center of the target off the ground? Also, the target backing/holders in the video appear to be at a slight angle up towards the sky, is this angle a standard amount?

  13. I would just like to say, in the UK the 60cm face is still fairly common. I know you mentioned that it depends on your national organisation, but I just wanted to let those in the UK know that GNAS/ArcheryGB still uses them for their standard Portsmouth (one of the most common indoor competition rounds in the UK), and in contrast the 80cm face is rather uncommon.

  14. Here in the Netherlands we also have what we call Dutch target.
    It looks like the field target where there are 3 targets vertically.
    They are used for indoor (up to 18meters) and only have the 6,7,8,9 and 10 rings on them.
    There are also larger dutch targets. used for 30,40 and 50 meters. These also go from the 6th to the 10th ring. and are usualy 4 target on 1 target. The size of the rings is the same as the regular ones at that distance but they left out the first till 5th ring.
    Making it possible for multiple people to have their own rings on a target.

  15. That was pretty useful to see all the sizes at the various distances.

    Was it a shock to the system the first few times that you shot at each target at it's respective furthest distance?

    I'm still working off of the 80cm target at 30 and 40m. Then again, I've only been shooting for a couple of months since finishing my beginners course.

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