25 Replies to “Archery: The Revival Of Ottoman Archery Techniques”

  1. Very Very cool.
    I am learningTurkish /Mongol style with 1 style of Khatra at present. Even as an avid Native American traditionalist. I love this.

  2. There's a lot to like about this video and Turkish archery. I like the point about having the sword ready to use quickly, and holding several arrows at once. I guess if you a warrior and constantly practicing that these things become second nature. Still it looks pretty difficult to me.

    I wonder why the women doing archery were covered with one covered head to toe? Every video I see and enjoy about Turkey everyone looks quite modern and does not have such a high percentage of scarves And the black outfit I have never seen in a video about Turkey. I am guessing they are from the Eastern side of the country. Does that sound right?

    An aspect of archery on horseback that I am curious about is just how did the archers stop the up and down in the saddle from spoiling their shot?

  3. This kind of archery stems from the early Muslim days. Then it developed in Turkey as a initiatic order. I didn't know that this art was lost and now has to be rediscovered.

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    I am an aircraft engineer by professiond and want to learn these sword and archery skills bcoz Turkey was our center of Khilafa its just like a second home for Pakistanis

  5. Brother i want to learn from you Thank God Muslim way of fighting is alive yesterday i saw battle of empires
    Its 7 july 2017 and its amaZing to see you trying to revive it

  6. I earlier thought most eastern cultures grab the string with whole hand, not just two or three fingers….

  7. I am from India but I am very impressed by these skills…how do I learn this ? Do I need to come to Turkey ?

  8. Sallam,

    Very nice video MashAllah. I am into Archery and would love this gentleman to come and teach our group here in the UK. Please kindly get back to me and InshAllah we can sort something out.


  9. ottomans… swords ,helmets,armors if they design something they will make it piece of art

    :)long live to turkey from arabstan

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