17 Replies to “Archery Thumb release aid – which one is for you?”

  1. Hey,
    What do you think of the Saturday Night Special? (compared to the Friday Night Delight) I haven't seen a single review or video on it, other than generic likes or don't likes. Can you tell me more about it? Thanks!

  2. I have a tru-ball and tru-fire a carter too simple and just love it. You are right the first time one picks up the the carter it feels like it was made for your hand.

  3. I have the tru-ball pro max 4 finger on order. Could you give me your thoughts on this release? Thanks.

  4. how about not filming in the fucking dark? …also why the fuck would you not already have the release out of the package before filming thins… listening to over package noise was extremely annoying

  5. "..and it won't come off.." plop Now to me, a fine trigger is a great aid to accuracy, but I hear a number of people claiming the shot should be a surprise. Well you can't have it both ways – there's absolutely no point in having a fine, sensitive and high quality trigger, if it doesn't matter too much when it goes off and it meant to surprise you. You could achieve that with some $10 unit from China.

  6. Excellent video! Thank you! I am thinking about switching to a thumb release and this video helped out a lot.

  7. Is the Stanslawski SX2 a good release for hunting? I am looking at using one that I can leave on the bow – Thanks

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