Archery Trick Shots | A Shot Gone Wrong!

Archery Trick Shots | A Shot Gone Wrong!

so I'm out here shooting my traditional only Three Rivers archery Easton arrows spine dat 400 yeah yeah that's working out great for me I just Robin Hood yet another arrow here okay I just got a note here for my friends over at Three Rivers archery yeah thanks for making such great arrows cuz now I have to replace two of them because of Robin Hood's okay immediately it's cool to see right I mean they're awesome to look at but they're terribly expensive I don't want to replace a ten dollar arrow or whatever it cost you know I love to see how straight these things fly they fly incredible I did a review of these arrows you can check that out by clicking like right there you know but I was saw I'm trying to produce this trickshot video shooting these apples stationary targets flying you know whatever it's a lot harder than it looks and I'm struggling I'm really working hard to get it done and then this happens I mean look at that it's ridiculous I want it to be close but that's just justice ridiculous I don't want it that close I gotta work harder at this I I'll never get through this video with a set of arrows I'll have to buy another set just to get through the video oh man well you know what god is good praise God pray for me that I can get this video done some day you want to set it your own tradition only Three Rivers archery arrows click the link below in the description and it'll take you right to them or check out my review of them first but the shoot great these are spine dat 400 they work well off my 55 pound red stag man that really is depressing to lose an arrow I'm praying for you that you shoot straight and I hope you'll pray for me that I shoot straight god is good god bless you we'll see you all around this world i roam but I know it's not my home I'm just passing in this world I slipped away he won't find me in the grave on that day

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  1. I feel your pain. I was at the range a few weeks back and was shooting really tight groups when it happened. I could see it was going to happen and I yelled "NO!!!!". 
    The shooters next to me stopped thinking something happened to me.

  2. Glad I didn't buy myself a pair, when I was looking to drop spine 2 years ago. But from my compound knowledge: I have only robin hooded once, and I kept it. I have broken nocks like 12 times. And this is a compound that shoot at like 300 fps shooting a full length 340 spine arrow tipped with 125 head. That thing is a sledgehammer of arrow.
    In my personal opinion, I'd say they are not built that well, because I've only done it once and the arrow that failed was pretty old, like made back in the mid 2000s. Some of the were delaminating at the middle from so many shots.

    I shoot Easton camo hunters XX75s. Mainly I wanted lighted nocks and the spine of 1916 was the best match on 3 Rivers spine calculator.
    I know you said building arrows is not your thing, so I'm not going to suggest wood, becasue they can be a labor of love, but I know how to make ceders cheep, kinda.
    HOWEVER, if you want some ideas and stuff to make them, let me know. I'll get you arrow building for sub $200, that is everything.
    Or if you just want to hear the ideas thrown, I can do that too, just reply. You said I have all this knowledge, here it is.

    Also, do those nocks have the Easton logo on them?

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