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  1. Quick reference:

    Modern bows, fibreglass laminated limbs, compound bows = OK to leave strung.
    Traditional bows, wooden bows, self-bows, longbows, etc. = UNSTRING WHEN NOT IN USE

  2. If it's fiberglass laminated limbs a whole lot of nothing is gonna happen. My hunting bow stayed strung for two YEARS until I had to change the string.

  3. Great video. Was wondering whether this would be the case with modern bows not really being affected by keeping them strung. Personally I would always unstring anyways. Takes like 20 seconds, even with a bow stringer.

  4. Thanks for your advice, respect for all types of bows, is necessary.
    Lessons learned! Ha ha. Thanks.

  5. This is Thrand, very good video and great information I ruined a bow as boy because I did not realize this problem if you leave a bow strung for long periods.

  6. Can you weight them backwards and steam treat them back to original set, then dry. Wood is shaped in this way.
    Just a thought.

  7. It litterally takes me less than 10 seconds to unstring any of my recurves.

    Its not hard, do it or regret it

  8. Wow im glad this showed up in my reccomended, i thought i only needed to unstring my hickory longbow if i wasnt going to be using it near daily like i have been, havent unstrung it since i bought it back in march. Thank you so much for this video.

  9. I have that fear of ruining or damaging my bows, I just went and checked them 2 are still stung, but only for a week. Thanks for the info.

  10. Get to 4:09, oh yeah, forgot to unstring the horse bow that I last used two months ago. Pause vid. Unstring, resume vid.

  11. I've been trying to look into historical steel military bows (like the ones used in India and that general area), so I'll just put this thought here.

    Steel bows could probably be stored strung, much like more modern bows. I could see it being great for not having to worry about the trade-off between being ready for unexpected conflict and ruining your bow, such as in defending a fortification. Especially because they could be stored in an armory like this, ready for proper military use after months of being strung.

  12. Ya know, I wasn't trig'ed because there just tools and we can make more, but damn…that's bad.(PS EDIT: you can fix it with some heat, steam and clamps but…ya, nvmd that has been addressed)

  13. this guy doesn't know how to string a longbow at all… you plant the bottom end on the ground, and bend it around your thigh to string it. he's just using his arms. you could never string a 80+lb bow like he's doing.

  14. It will weaken it and the limbs will twist if its wood .An old 1970`s solid fiberglass one will be just fine.

  15. I think you should unstring all bows habitually after handling them so you don't make a mistake when switching to different types.

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