Archery | W&W Black Wolf Review

Archery | W&W Black Wolf Review

Oh hi guys this is NewsCenter my current set of bows covers the extremities of the Olympic style win a win you know 60 and the incredibly popular entry level Samick sage so what do you get new cross the compact traditional bear bow with the performance engineering from win and win the black wolf formerly sold as the women win RCX 17 the black wolf is the luxury in a traditional bear bow selling at around 800 u.s. dollars the black wolf is a league above the wooden bows that flood the market made from carbon and was matching carbon and fiberglass limbs the black wolf is the epitome of smooth shooting and quality when you buy the win and win the black wolf you get this neat little carrying bag inside the limbs are stored in these warm and fuzzy sleeves these are really fuzzy so fuzzy it's like having a rug inside the bag the riser is thought in this separate sleeve if you're not already familiar with the black wolf or RCX the size of the riser might surprise you it's really small 17 inches to be exact for comparison here's my 25 inch inner 60 the black color is really soothing the matte finish is soft and smooth the wooden grip fits right into the hand with a warm feel the group itself is relatively slim as is the riser and the shape and feeling in the hand is light and delicate with the contours that women win unknown for interestingly the limp pockets to go still bears the original RCX 17 name as well as the made in china label the limbs are really nice they have the same matte black finish with luxurious gold lettering that makes it look like you're being served in a Michelin star restaurant the limbs boast winning wins carbon nano design as well as the original royal cross carbon extreme badge proudly made in Korea the black wolf can be bought with short or medium limbs to create a bow length of 60 or 62 inches the black wolf uses international limb fittings or ILS this means that the black wolf limbs can be used on an iOS riser such as my inner txt likewise the black wolf riser can accept any iof limb it might be interesting to note that the limb pocket is slightly different from other winning wind rises' the black wolf has a more pronounced hole machined into it so the limit is popped in compared to the inner city where it slides in shooting the black wolf is nothing short of amazing I'll let the footage speak for itself do note that I am shooting around 10 pounds higher than my normal draw weight and I don't have matching arrows for this demonstration so I'm using Easton Genesis arrows I know it kind of cheapens the black wolf but bear with me for those who are wondering I'm using this Vivek shaker to finger tab in this sequence you you my first impression of the winner winner black walk was that it's quite a small bowl more specifically the rise is quite small the birth Celtics experience both with these limbs so it's a pretty standard hunting traditional style length but this is not a typical Tramp bow it's not a wooden model so for those of you who are drawn in by wood grains and pageant moonshine it's not that I'm above it very much a modern material modern twists on bareboat tried shooting so if looking for something that is high-performance that has that winning win bought here look or appeal yet it's appropriate for barbecuing in the woods this is something which does have some good assets for one it's not a hugely brightly branded bow there's no silver or white or glaze it's a very nice black but the matte black looks very nice in this model the branding is minimalistic they're like one small batch over here and a brand name on this side the back of bow same it's mostly black and some gold color lettering over here so considering that this is the winning wind black then this is quite appropriate the feeling in the hand is really nice it's a life fully assembled it's quite a light though I mean if you compare to some exciting Samick sage is chunky it feels nice with a large hair but this feels a lot more elegant it has that sleek sports design like I mentioned before but it's designed to be a track bear bow so it does feel nice it doesn't weigh much into in the hand it does feel comfortable and shooting it the absorption of the shock is surprisingly good the materials and really nicely the hand shot isn't significant again you should something like the Samick sage which is the entry-level trade bowl I guess then maybe you can shoot well with it but you will notice that it does it does vibrate it does have more shot compared to something which much more modern material so I've achieved for that also and I just want people to you it just feels really smooth and I definitely feel that but you would that they are a low quality both speaking of low quality the high quality of the limits makes a big difference the draught horse curve is much smoother at least my short draw length so I don't feel significant stacking and I work full stack because I'm a small guy but from start to finish and my short draw it is full control I don't feel like I'm good so that it is start to finished pretty consistent and imagine that if you have slightly a lot of drawler even at 28 inches standard then you will find that this bow is easy to control the draw and look this particular model these limbs are about 10 pounds more than a normally shoot approximately again short draw length so not quite but I should shoot this quite easily given that I should be able to nonetheless I don't feel taxed by shooting this bow in the draw in the release in the fall through Andy to art the shock of the vibration everything feels nice smooth gentle control that that I think is the the the overall feeling of this bow it it is meant to be a high performed bow it does feel on a high performance but and giving that editor women win iOS design that is really pretty much based on a target bow then this really has the quality and feel of a target bar but in a hunting trade size package now of course the quality does come price and that is quite literally the cost the winnaman black wolf is definitely on the higher end of the trade Bo spectrum this is not your entry-level Samick sage or whatever but although you might be looking at so if you are looking at a good bear boat on a budget this isn't really that kind of boat this is a luxury buyer but if I could person here let me dispose bosses for that exact reason as I'm luxury buyer it's a fun boat so they can take out anything shoe but also have a quality score that is used to so if you're splurging and you want quality the winner wins blackbook does not disappoint but if you just want a boat and shoot then you can probably get away with a bow that it's much much cheaper but this is great I mean if this was my bow I've probably shoot this a lot more than my slamming sage this just feels so much more satisfying if I was wearing a nice sports car this one's the driver to sit in the car and just listen to the engine this is the same sort of feeling man and like I said I'm not really a trad bow or Bebo shooter but this has been just so much fun to use I just want to keep and shooting it and might be a win-win guys generally speaking but I really did enjoy using this bow it's not satisfying and it makes it feel really happy to use and they were just holding and looking it just it's a pretty bow it's not like again glamorous it's not super shiny it just looks and feels like a bow that you want to use and again if you're not into the kind of modern look then this might be unappealing to you but this in itself the shape the contour color the weight it has that appeal of sudden that is again high-end something that's a bit more luxurious and again if you want to open your mouth a bit more and be generous and spending this is something which I think you would definitely enjoy and you won't be grip honestly I can't forgive anything to say about this both I just honestly and really enjoyed using it in a time I've had it in a way I hope you found this review helpful this is Lou sense thanks thanks for watching and I'll see you next time

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  1. yep you are pretty over bowed there, can be a great hunting/3D rig. (I know u commented on arrows in ur vid.) Also the limbs/bow is so loud cuz those aluminum arrows are too darn light for that recurve, should have at least 8 gpp for #50, but a 500 grain arrow would be nice for great KE and a legit FoC on arrow. You are almost pretty much dry firing it there, don't void warranty folks..

  2. first and foremost I love your videos. I think they're amazing. thanks for all the info. any chance I can request a review for the Win & Win Black elk?

  3. I purchased a second hand RCX-17 Black and finally got Arrows to match it. Most of the staff at the Archery Store were eager to pick it up and try it out. It's a beautiful bow, the power from it is phenomenal. I'm not that talented with barebow but I wanted a barebow other than my chunky Olympic style recurve, the "Black" came up for the right money and it was money well spent.

    If you ever have the opportunity to purchase one that's in good condition. Do not hesitate it is a fantastic bow.

  4. I love this bow but I bought it used and could not bring myself to pay full price for it. The deal breaker for me is that it doesn't have "sight" bushings which for a hunting bow is used 99% of the time for a hunting bow quiver. I know there are other types of bow quivers I can use but they have gotten to be expensive and some are heavy and the ones I can attach on the sight/quiver bushings are attached together so you can remove the quiver and arrows in one piece when you get to your blind if you don't like to shoot with it on. W&W really dropping the ball on that and not knowing their market, very frustrating.

  5. Great looking bow but let’s not forget you can’t purchase performance great shooting can be accomplished on a $ 100.00 Samik sage it all just marketing and the archery industry has became very good at it and I believe we trick ourselves into believing that a higher priced bow will make us a better archer. Now with all that said I want a Hoyt satori very bad . Lol

  6. Sorry for my stupidity but this bow is the most powerful?and this bow is made as well for hunting?…Thanks


  8. The only thing I don't like about my Black Wolf is how loud it is. I glued down some felt where the limbs connected to the riser. As well the underside of the bolts the keep the limbs in place (tiller adjusters? I forget what they are called). I ordered Bow Wrap camo patterns for the limbs so when I'm hunting the actual carbon fiber of the limbs won't get scratched up. And I also glued felt to the bow wrap area where the strings sits on the limb (no glue on the actual carbon limbs itself). The bow is much quieter without any Ft.per.Sec. reduction.

    All in all, It is a great bow. Super light. Very little recoil when shooting. But if you are a hunter, be prepared to silence the $H!t out of it.

  9. That is a great review of that bow and someone like myself would love to have one like that, but it is too expensive for my money. I am new to bows and will have to get one which is cheaper, yet have quality built into it also. I wonder if Ben Pearson is still in business producing bows since I would like to buy one of their brand if it is made in the U.S.A.

  10. I got this bow this December and it is phenomenal. Super accurate, fast, looks fantastic. This is definitely a luxury bow, so if you are willing to swing the luxury price tag it doesn't disappoint.

  11. Good product but : a) riser comes only in one size (17") so it's not possible to make a popular 64" bow with long ILF limbs. b) it's possible to shoot from the shelf but there are no options offered to adjust the cut of the shelf (centered or passed) so you have to DIY. That's a negative for a 500usd riser.
    For both these reasons I finally bought a 19" Hoyt Satori riser and took out my old SF elite limbs that wanted to take some fresh air 😀

  12. That's one sexy bow, but, how about something which costs a bit less second hand, like a hoyt buffalo?
    or something similar with short 17" aluminum risers and composite limbs made from wood and glass fibers with ilf fittings?

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