Archr and Bambi – Total Archery Challenge 2019 – Boyne Mountain, MI

Archr and Bambi – Total Archery Challenge 2019 – Boyne Mountain, MI

there it is all right so white goat thing 71 yards if you didn't change it I think you did boy that couldn't have been more money if you talk to mr. monopoly himself would you like the rains you can do it yourself that's a worse idea we're gonna put these videos online mom and dad are gonna watch it like you see these things that's all it's like she knows that's all matters all right you said 66 I got 65 I almost turned 85 very job well done this is the another 57-yard white ram well they're like hiding them white Rams was that similar sheepish about sheepish about showing you where they are it's bad joke what a shot that's a good one all right so we're on target 22 22 20 second target and I'm up by 12 points 11 11 points and now we're at a caribou which is my favorite tried to tell them you're in this crowd of dense woods look see all the way through your grandmother's house we go you can kind of see in the background there I'll Circle it again where everything else my holy bones that's a far shot is there a lot of trees so this I think this is five give you one of my favorite shots in this entire course just because of 78 perfect so through the 78 yards through a ton of trees you can barely see it because the leaves that are at eye level and of course here we go Foam that's what you need this points by 11 it's really nothing but brain literally nothing so you can see there's like a gray splash back there that's our sheep that were shooting it 56 yards Oh Ellen the whole tickled to death but I can't mess this up it's hard to even see this huh I don't know which side is the Ascend versus which side I have no idea so I just yeah but both got five she said okay I see my L see my L this is good huh oh that's that's quality precision target shooting right there yeah I'm about to give you an extra five just for hitting it's uh I mean that's that is accuracy beyond Jesus hmm hey field mr. Gope so clearly a total archery challenge wanted us to have a good competition because it's last target I know 50 that's probably 60 65 yards pilatus shit yes you figure it out that's thus far it's far you got me you can't see anything you can barely see the tire you can barely make out the target like this is gonna be fun I like this how do you feel about this woad cam hence a good challenge is challenging yes boom I got something that I didn't hit anything Oh Oh you know for we don't have my nose so we can't really see what's going on we don't have I mean I rangefinder obviously we have but it's just so much like we can't see the targets almost at all and for not being able to see the targets almost at all let's say we fucking crush today I'd say we did pretty okay unless I take an arrow in my back or neck right now from the idiots behind us those people are fucking clowns

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  1. Great video! This was my first year at TAC and man was it awesome I’d have to say Sitka was my favorite course. The over the pond shot I could shoot all day.

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