Are Man United still looking to sign Bruno Fernandes? | Good Morning Transfers

Are Man United still looking to sign Bruno Fernandes? | Good Morning Transfers

27 Replies to “Are Man United still looking to sign Bruno Fernandes? | Good Morning Transfers”

  1. Is it a bird is it a plane? No its the gaming grandma name of grandma shirley. Thank you so much for this video skysports

  2. Hearing them say United have some good midfielders shows they do not look at United play as we do and are only looking at it on paper which in my opinion is still underwhelming.

  3. The transfer window has been pretty embarrassing for United yes we have 2 good players but we should have signed way more I just feel we are gonna be in a similar position as last year

  4. Midfield of utd do they need anyone look at that line up ROFL yeah there the same lineup that lost to cardiff and huddersfield

  5. Nah at least 120 mill € minimum for the best player in the portuguese league… the second best player was João Felix , and he just got sold for 126 mill

  6. Bruno Fernandes is top midfielder, in my opinion he´stop 10,number 8 in europe. i think sporting will sell him for 75M euros. But i´m really stuned by the fact that no other teams seem´s to be going for him. he would be firts team material in every team in the world. I´m a benfica fan…

  7. expect man city and Liverpool to be EPL champs for some time unless these other teams follow suit in investing the way they did….

  8. Man u arent serious in signing good players..they have become used to losing…wait until they start finishing 10th in EPL,,maybe they may learn a lesson

  9. Do we need a mid-fielder??? Looks at the list and shows the players…

    Pretty good list??? What are you on..

    Mata is good but getting old… so far fred has been a flop…. matic is absolutely passed it… mctominay has great potential if he is used properly and not confined…. andreas pereira has great potential…. and pogba is class

    Of course we need a player like bruno Fernandez, he is better than most of our midfielders at this point and time, if we aren't in for him well that is absolutely bad business for United…

  10. So there you have it , Banter/Deadwood FC have signed a championship player and a one season in prem right back and that's your lot ,, The 2019/20 season over for Banter club RIP

  11. If Bruno prefers Liverpool leave him. We don't need players whose first choice isn't United and came just for money and time in a league with quality. Quality is one thing, but spirit and will are just as important. Sign Everton over Pepe, he wants us.

  12. Everyday I watch this rubbish hoping I might hear something we don't know or any sort of sense come out any of these plastic presenters.. not one of these seemingly 20 strong conveyor belt graduate pretty placeholders have any insight into anything other than what they've read in the morning papers.

  13. Pogbas quality. Matic and Mata are too slow. Herreras gone. Fred Pereira McTominay have a really big season ahead as it stands, they HAVE to preform! We need Fernandes there isn't enough going forward in midfield. If Pogba isn't on form United will struggle and if he gets injured United won't be able to compete. We're probably not going to get him though, once more everything is on Pogba to make or break our season.

  14. rumors rumors rumors.finaly ed woodward are you planing to spend some money to make MU big again or not?

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