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  1. This is nonsense compare, of course compounds shot faster because their arrow weight like 400-500 grains but the Longbows arrow 1000+ grains those heavy arrows made for penetration they are warbows not for sport

  2. Problem is to make a comment you need to know draw length , draw weight ,arrow weight to make any
    Comment on arrow speed from either bow

  3. I have 2017 Aluminum arrows from my Compound bow which I do not use any more since shooting a Recurve  Bow now.? Just wondering if I can still use these arrows on my Recurve bow now.? Any help will be appreciated.

  4. Hi MsDjessa,
    I can't recall exactly anymore, as it has been a while. But the recurve was definitely very low in weight, as her distances shoots had a very severe arc to it, even compared to other recurves I'm guessing. She was a beginner, so I'm thinking the draw weight might have been from 20-30 lbs.

  5. You're welcome. But, I hope you don't have knee-jerk reactions and assumptions in the future, as some people aren't so patient.

  6. I just thought it was cool when I saw it recorded (serendipitous), so I decided to share it. I wasn't trying to make a point, as we know the obvious answer.

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