ASPEN 3-Rail Ornamental Fence Installation – Available at your local Sams Club Stores

ASPEN 3-Rail Ornamental Fence Installation – Available at your local Sams Club Stores

installing a fence has never been so easy our steel ornamental fence brings a new standard to outdoor living start by sketching out the location of your new fence if installing a gate locate your first two posts on each side of the gate opening inside the panel box you will find all components required for assembly and installation of each fence panel whether installing and loose soil or on concrete our Universal posts may be easily customized by cutting the post of five feet and by using the included flange for installation and loose soil dig post tools 18 inches deep and six inches wide or use the flange for mounting on concrete insert rails into the brackets sliding the remaining brackets onto the opposite end then fasten to the post with the rails in place and secured insert the pickets through the rails starting from one end make sure that the bottom picket holes are facing to left and right the pickets will lock in permanently if needed panels may be easily cut to size make sure to apply the touch-up paint to newly exposed edges you are well on your way to enjoying your new fence our patented technology allows each panel to follow any slope up to 24 inches per panel ensuring a seamless look in any landscape design our easy to assemble four foot wide gate could complete your fence project in a matter of minutes insert tickets on both ends and attach to the gate frame insert the remaining pickets one by one attach and secure our hinges and latch and you are ready to go we also offer a variety of accessories to enhance the beauty of your fence as well as solutions for customized gates for a wider gate openings purchase additional panels in the store and gate kits online to create single or double swing gates our durable easy do-it-yourself fence and gate or a great way to upgrade any outdoor space improving security and peace of mind and ornamental rings to enrich your unique design you're finished fence provides quality beauty and safety for many years to come

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  1. Our Fence Panels are US Patented and it is designed so that the pickets will not come apart. Once locked in onto the rails, it is permanently secured.

  2. you may improve your safety fence changing the last tubular profile with just one side holes so nobody could steal the vertical bars.

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