Assistant Funny Trampoline Tricks with the Gorillas and Gaston

Assistant Funny Trampoline Tricks with the Gorillas and Gaston

okay ready for the pink gorilla okay okay two trips by the assistant here we go whoa good job okay anyone jump up and touch their toes on the trip okay so this is gonna try to jump up and touch your toes why assistant it's me Hut now assistant I'll show you how to do a 360 did someone say backwards hello I call this one catch the dog what okay assistant let's see if you can catch the dog good job Oh almost okay there's another one I like to call this one hello Kate one more roll the fun haha test it this is pretty tiring work even for someone whose hands to the finish I think I need to take a little bit of butt now goodbye assistant then I guess done don't you try to jump over me okay don't you try to jump over me what are you doing [Laughter] oh that oh I better get out you're too dangerous okay everybody so here are the three gorillas and more is the assistant oh there she is hey the clips that think we're one of the gorillas he assists it or was it Gaston who hard to do with me I was about four of them all okay leave a comment tell us who was the first one and girl you know what the assistant doesn't like our secret spelling word with me it's gonna be trampoline hey there everyone thanks for watching our video now make sure that you subscribe to the engineering family 60 laps the cool videos back there's another cool video right there you can select and watch it I think you're really gonna like it is a team umizoomi paw Patrol surprise eggs frozen play Masha there's so many videos to watch bye

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