Athletics vs Track Cycling – Can They Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge

Athletics vs Track Cycling – Can They Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge

47 Replies to “Athletics vs Track Cycling – Can They Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge”

  1. はダサダサ多和田まさアナカータフ曽於ラム竿はたさた働かわか果たさた。

  2. Some of you people out here need to get off your high horse before you continue to bash the abilities and figures of these two athletes. It’s not fair to criticize the other for not performing as well as a seasoned athlete in a discipline THEY AREN’T FAMILIAR WITH. Secondly, just because the cyclist has more body weight doesn’t mean she’s not as “fit” as the runner or athletes in general. The bodily characteristics that are found in different disciplines vary greatly, the societal standard of “thin=better athlete” is absurd. Let’s appreciate that these two women were kind enough to take the time to make this video, because I personally enjoy this series. Hopefully more people start to think before criticizing these two hard-working athletes. Much love❤️

  3. It made my feet hurt when the cyclist sprinted the first time while practicing a heel running technique. It's natural to heel run for most people but it hurts a lot in spikes.

  4. Was just binge watching these video's while bored, how nice to see Elis Ligtlee! She's from the same town as I am. I got to play music when she toured the town after her return to the Netherlands! Definitely Eerbeeks biggest accomplishment!

  5. I've always thought track and field should be able to transfer to cycling with some concerted effort and training, conversely cyclist could also follow the same path. Although the sports might be different they still have the same basic motions, and movement. If nothing else the training should be of help. Speed skater's would probably be even better on a bike 😎

  6. So interesting! I thought the leg muscles in running would help in biking more, and vice versa. I also think bc these are highly trained athletes, their skillset is very very focused and honed in, so trying to learn something new and in different forms can be challenging

  7. Cycling sprints on track are more similar to heavy lifting than 100m sprint running. It's incomparable even to other track cycling disciplines like 4000m or omnium. I like the sport, don't get me wrong, but nothing relevant comes from this comparsion.

  8. They are both so very, very, very dumb and stupid. Need I say anything else? Stupid! It is obvious that they are NOT top athletes because all of the negative that they gave. As for the cyclist. Sorry but she is a little, little, little over weight. Thus, I have grave doubts with your weight if you are Olympic caliber.

  9. With the speed of sound, being 60 metres away… Naomi was starting the stopwatch right when she says "go" so Elis was running under 10 seconds already

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