AtMM One-Shot – Mega Man Soccer – fields of gold

AtMM One-Shot – Mega Man Soccer – fields of gold

hey there everyone the salchow and this game that exists for real mega man soccer Oh possessive Mega Man's soccer it's probably one of the most requests gave ever since I started a TNM even beyond mega of the legends of all things and I can barely hear that music I'm gonna have to boost it maybe a little bit on the recording but anyways hey hi how's it going whoa we got a lot of options so I knew this game shoot pass clear shoot is this pass okay that makes sense I don't know what clear means time five got five times that's your keeper sounds good oh that's probably the goalie so I I've seen this game on rental and stuff and I've never actually like played it because I was like what so we got like cat we got like actual modes and stuff but for today can't be doing an exhibition I could just do converses come which would be pretty funny oh boy it's Japanese buttons no not here okay well I press Start it work I don't know what any of this means I guess I want it even is this is this one no see I want it I want it even Oh sweeper I don't know what sweeper means let's sweep it out is this parallel it it's kind of close me press a alright I'm gonna press Start I press but I don't know what any of this means I suck my team oh oh wow you got a ton of dudes and even got a secret dr.wily there we can't see a snake man is like the best Oh one guy is the whole whoa so we're using clones here I don't know how I feel I like how anchor of all people is here I like what well I mean obviously you want your goalkeeper to be anchor he has Damir shield thing right you know so there you go can I select for the other team now no I'm good so I'm just gonna fight against a whole bunch of mega men by accident got status stats snake man oh I City God different but I can only go to certain people this is confusing you know what you know what you're doing you don't know at all what you do oh wow we get all these places – well I'm fighting against the nikuman like I want to give myself as much as possible the home advantage and I don't got Snape I do have anchor so let's go with anchor field let's go all right kick off just have is almost 5 minutes match okay well my snake man is blue so I passed with Y and I shoot with a like clear with a that made o is that does that what clear means in in football okay we got like buttons we like I can hop sometimes check out all Neal man and I'm here to say though just got trip look at that large guy alright check it out out I'm Chris president what does the shoe budding I'm precedent okay no no yeah I don't know Claire that's right I'm clear man look at that look at that blue frog oh it's adorable it's great okay so it looks like the game just kind of decides who you're controlling what's a home run why I didn't get any bases I don't get it what I know all about sports what's a kick button look it up make a man just doing a kick is there's another button I need press I know there he was just kind of kicking on his own Oh see there he kind of tripped on his own like an idiot all right you did it clear that's what it's for there we go they did a hit but on its own there we go this is like arena soccer like is that really popular great shot there I did it it's like shoot right there's walls things can bounce on it's probably way more popular than regular saw soccer called football in some cases they're gonna see that I did the pass and got a look at your radar to see where all the people at so you don't just like pass to a crummy ville you know like if you passed a crummy though like that why would you do that oh boy games just kind of photo selecting my dude here feel like love the game like is its kind of okay so I want to pass to you then catch the pass you moron you Magoo alright so see there's a guy over there something's gonna pass too it's gonna pass to me again there you go exactly my plan are I I'm getting at the position oh shoot I'm trying to read the dots what color dot in my mind a blue dots or two red dots I don't know actually okay I think I'm rev dots I'm looking at the dots and none of the game here just not clear no all right clear there we go that's how I like my windows well we did a head but that's illegal you're not allowed to use your head it's just if you do that you know just gonna be a consortium and they're gonna scream like what color yeah home run again I look at the sniper Joe just hanging on the side like some kind of idiot hey thanks wanna ball there but oh I'm gonna yeah that's right that's what I'm gonna do I think I'm the red dots I'm gonna pass to the dot was behind the blue the hot I was smart in there no select I'm like yeah control that guy I got a spike on my hand Gandhi deflate the ball that's the plan yeah that's right I that make a man is a mega jerk also there's several of them light why did you make so many of these Aaron isn't supposed to be kind of rare I just press the Clear button I like without half of there like I'm you runs there like a run button about sure I didn't do anything with that shot oh dude you you buffoon toad man you are so huge and yeah Wow you hurt my needle man foul I declare foul isn't this the foul game as everyone's posters like hurting all over the place what was up with that how do you then do that oh man I uh I don't know how this game works very well this is the era of games where you were just kind of expected to have access to you know a piece of paper with like a lot of exciting information so shoo that's right I shot look at that Megaman he's got yellow powerup let's douse citrus acid the super more for this my favorite attack you just pass it to my own guy that's really nice of you all right look at that I should trip me you you you me you monster you don't do that it's supposed to be a gentlemanly sport you know yeah third homra I am winning this oh man I don't know Sark was so easy also known as hockey in certain countries like it's kind of funny how there's this whole like hexagon of countries calling sports different names everywhere there's the clear button to just send it away that I guy was like I got a head but it what a rude individual no one should be that rude monster there I'm still not sure what color I am on I think I'm blue because my goalie is blue I mean that's a good logic right so if I pass up there but there was another Mega Man was there too yeah that's right I did that on purpose I know what I'm doing I'm gonna pass it but instead I flopped on the ground no Mega Man's like putting it like off-screen i'm declare icing can I have an icing call mr. F it's what I would like to do so like what makes this feel anchor field what's so her about it I am Legend Utley curious homerun that's right I got four runs awesome meter turn onto key and put on the glass hurdle because we're going to the Kentucky Derby don't make my toad man hurt like that's so rude why would you do that oh man just homeruns just keep on coming man I think I should be a soccer coach that's all you really need to do all right okay so you got this there's the pass button cuz the pass button to no one there we go then the ball just gets kind of kick yeah get in first no cuz if you got first you jump instead when's Mega Man did a super shot I want to know how we did it do you got to hold a button maybe it's a hold a button kind of thing all right I'm gonna pass it to Neal man here but see if I try to hold that like he just kicks it to meet and I'm holding the button doesn't really do anything I mean so I got how do you steal like I didn't see a steel button so I assume it just kind of happens yeah yeah why watch past a bad guy idiot you robot like I mean it's I think it's fine if a lot of gameplays selva the AI because like that's like what would happen real life right like it's all AI is running the field says they say now you can't do these cool maneuvers meanwhile I can do that that's Mike will move clear to steak halftime all right we got to sing a song check out all don't enjoy the sight of the world inside my Beanstalk I like to pretend that I don't exist all for you alright that's jammed a half time you got to on the logger and three in the bends this time we're going for a whole rascal Superman approach never been tried sends in 1655 weasels managed drive a cucumber truck into the high feel high zone and caused a full pinstripe but no that's the once-in-a-lifetime type of deal and we don't expect that kind of tulip crunching in the West meanwhile John passes to a hacker back and sickman does a little weight why he kicks away with his own guy why did he's trying to psych me out oh wait there's a way to tackle you can tackle changes everything all right now it's now now playing with ports pliers yeah tackle there we go full contact soccer that's why the sport has always been about just get the yeah everyone's hanging out here that's right double flip old triple pass triple bypass into the sauerkraut zone into the cadet after effect attack illegal in most states but this isn't played a United State it's played in anchor land all right it's a hop it's a pass it's a pass to a double pass to a triple pass to a clear it up red anchor style well they say you're never prepared for when that happens in real life and boy howdy weather how do you do that giant okay that's what I want to know yeah it's a clear toss this is gonna be a home run it is a home run victory is looking great for a team anchor probably I don't know how you're not doing logical things video games all right well okay so this time it's a pass it's a pass to nothing it's a pass to snake man it's a pass to nothing uh into the intermission zone into the credit report into the fine angling of Sauer Mary and it's a home run once again I believe the Wrigley Field czar open up the night for laundry day all right is the high kick should have been the little pass to mr. guy that wasn't the case someone trip there's a pass it's a pass no one I can't read the radar I think it is a complicated radar and two too complicated radar move it's a cat walk going downfield get some murder zone days put the cactus in the bestiary we won't need any of those brand muffins check out that powerful hop gonna pop that balloon anchor getting excited anchor is never not excited past you pass the past to run to run to pass everyone exists this will change soon check that out passing to his own opponent just to give a reason to check there you go this is what we call the old money back in soccer school alright so shoeless and breathless toad man messes it up you've moves around like a Roomba on an elevator check that out eventually steals the ball snake Mans on the run snake man passes the snake man shoots no one is happy we did it ah the balls just behaving on its own that's a needle man passed a snake guy know if the pass was bad bad pass good pass wanted to shoot got a face full of dirt instead ah let's go what was that bicycle kick Mega Man using illegal pirouettes we won't be having none of that whoa past no in the corner that's right me no man's got the ball told man's got the ball mega man's got the ball poor ball just being thrown around like some kind of ball discusting alright that's a shot by accident into the middle of nowhere that's why they call the bat recite a field move never works but it's in the core rulebook every C knows who's the bulbs it's kind of guest carrier aller look at a beautiful lines they've made yarn here no one ever talks about the beautiful garden lines beautiful garden lines alright so anchor takes for the field passes to toad the Casa knew there was a guy there but he didn't know what flavor all right passes up the toad just gets trip by a little boy yo needle man with the interruption doesn't forget the age of his mother there's a clear shot all the way to here we're snake man jumps like an idiot alright is kinda open but I don't know what to do a super shot like that's the problem yo toad man with the large mass but no sass and you gotta have both if you want to make it in sports like that's the first thing to tell you in coaching school clear shot to the mahogany floor clear shot to this guy but it gets stolen by the paycheck monster alright check that out frog move and the balls blue not really acknowledged at any time by the hotdog vendors in the crowd but still a properly move in the baseball field so here's a pop saddle to crackle jack to snake man in the reserve tank there we go past a snake man it's gonna shoot that yellow boy was in a way who put that yellow boy in the field like why would a child want to risk life and Linden to such a deadly blood sport so dangerous we let our robots play you know yes no he tried to do the haunted maneuver so-called haunted because only ghosts fall for it sadly and unfortunately it seems that no one in the Mega Man team is a ghost yet but never know what the game may hold holy lay a little more than thirty seconds left and the goalie step out a goal but then mega man he's a mega dunce and can't play bowling the save his life missed that still talking about it oh look at this clowning around this ain't no clown game this is serious home run here we go do a backflip where's the ceremonial backflip this is the gorgeous kind of sits there really admiring that ball and you know what I get it alright so here we go and do corner trap uh-oh he fell for a snake and ladder attack but it all went to crumble anyways no one is happy with their paycheck tonight all right there's a guy over there I can pass to but it was wrong color I'm red I keep thinking I'm blue I'm red alright okay so you do a little bit of that note and it's yeah no don't you do a little bit of that there we go it's a shoe unfortunately Flashman showed himself on the field Oh what what does this mean that you love her that happy snake guy don't look at that idiot just just throw ball right at incres face yeah that's right yo fist-bumps and he's just shown a KERS face what a rude boy look at wha I shoot him in the face so that he would feel the pain what he's doing to my poor boy anchor man check that out yo so is that a thing in soccer where everyone's just kind of like gets a free shot and then they just shoot the goalie all the time it's like the reverse fake out I'm trying to aim actually and I don't really know what I'm doing this may come as a shock but here we go the best team won we did it no I know it was quite an honor to show myself on anchor field today but I said sir believe that a best team won and the lesser team well can go home and not have a piece of party at the coach's place take it huh

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  1. Before Mario & Sonic at the Olympics, before Sonic Racing, before Mario Tennis… there was Megaman Soccer. A baffling enigma of a game with broken, deleted, or mysteriously disabled content. It canonically takes place after Megaman 4, and yet one of the dummied out endings seems to indicate our blue boy doesn't escape Wily's fortress?

    Personally, I rented the game once as a teenager, cause come on, it's Megaman.. playing Soccer, which is enough to give any fan at the time pause for thought. It was, unfortunately, not fun to play (for me) and I don't recall ever winning a single game. I know I tried it again years later on emulator, when those became a thing, but can't remember actually beating it then, either. It's a shame, because Nintendo proved that Mascot Sports Titles could work really well, and Capcom was not known for putting out duds when this was released.

    Anyways, raocow's wonderful commentary made an otherwise dull game a joy to listen to!

  2. 8:47 Maximum Security was robbed!

    Shame you couldn't figure out the super kick, because I recall Needle Man's is BRUTAL!

  3. Finally we get Mega Man Soccer. The series could never have been called complete without this masterpiece. I remember renting this game as a child and recruiting all the robot masters to my team. It was a lot of fun for young me.

  4. The true final boss of AtMM: a literal soccer team comprised of all the megamen! And, yeah, this game is every bit as underwhelming as I remembered; seriously, after two minutes the novelty wears off and you're just left with a staggeringly lackluster soccer game.

  5. i remember as a kid wondering how you could get Wily because you could see him off the edge of the screen, then growing up and learning that you get him from the credits that YOU CANNOT GET TO what the heck man

  6. You know I thought I was gonna be that one funny guy who was gonna post the lyrics of one of my favourite songs, but after reading that description I don't think I will 😛

  7. "I declare icing! Can I have an icing call!"

    Raocow that is the most Canadian thing I have ever heard, I'm so happy!

  8. Ooh, I remember playing Mega Man Soccer in the past. Also, you can't really die in this game, so it'll be another automatic deathless episode.
    Death count: 0 [3219] (0 today!)
    Deathless episodes: 1 [134] (1 today)
    Home run count: 8 [8] (8 today)
    (0:08) It's Soccer that Mega Man owns! (Maybe you should add that 's to the video title.)
    (0:42) Or, perhaps Auto is the actual goalkeeper. 😛
    (1:39) Yes, that's Dr. Wily on the far right. I forget how you can actually play using him, but I know there's a way.
    (1:52) I think I remember Enker being a good goalkeeper.
    (2:00) Heh, maybe that's exactly why Enker is a good goalkeeper! I never thought of that!
    (2:11) Alright, it's raocow vs. All the Mega Men!
    (3:33) LOL! Okay, I should count those.
    (3:54) Whoa, super shot! Good thing Enker can block most of those!
    (5:03) You're the blue dots. Very easy to tell just by looking at the goalkeeper dots.
    (5:29, 7:22, 8:35, 8:54, 12:13, 12:46, 17:25) Yay, more home runs!
    (6:29) Smack! That smarts. However, this means the CPU team can no longer do any more super shots for the rest of this half, since that was their second one.
    (7:57) There you go. You figured out your color. Hooray!
    (8:18) This must be one of those games where you can disable Icing/Offsides penalties. I do know that's an option in some hockey games.
    (9:16) To do a super shot, I believe you hold R as you shoot, if I recall correctly (but correct me if I'm wrong). However, you can only do a super shot a limited number of times per half (2 by default).
    (10:25, 18:02) You switch sides for the second half, so now you're the red dots. Also, the CPUs get a fresh set of 2 super shots for the new half.
    (17:07) Wow, the CPU missed a wide open shot there! Yeah, he was indeed a Mega Dunce!
    (18:11) Welp, since no one managed to score during regulation time, it's shoot out time!
    (18:20) Nice! Got the first goal! The shoot out is pretty much luck and/or mind games.
    (18:24) Of course, if the CPU just shoots straight ahead, and you don't move because you don't know what to do, then you block the ball by doing nothing! Hooray!
    (18:48) Yeah, shoot outs are a thing.
    (19:03) Victory! Congratulations!

  9. HOME RUN!!

    This game has a plot, kinda sad you missed it, it would be funny to see you reacting to the dumb story.
    But well, the fact you're actually playing this game in the first place is already amazing.
    The best part is that despite no team really doing anything for most of the playtime, you actually won in the end. That's just beautiful.

    2:43 – I love how they forgot to change Rock Field to Mega Field or something. lol
    Also, I remember legitimately enjoying this game as a kid, even though I don't care about soccer.
    I do like these weird games that put special stuff in sports or whatever, gives games a lot more personality, sets them apart and makes it a bit more fun. Not that it makes this game great, but it's still good for a laugh or something.
    Mario probably has the best soccer game, why did they never made more of those games even though they keep making a lot of the other

    This type of stuff is really interesting to watch because it's so un-raocow. Sure, he did one shot videos before many times, but it's still pretty rare, and generally it's just because a game is really short or something. But in a case like this, it feels nice to see stuff like this, since it wouldn't be good for a full-on LP.

    Kinda funny how the visuals and music makes this feel way more like a Mega Drive game or something.

  10. Okay, now I want to see a fan video of raocow's commentary over some actual sports. Or for raocow to actually LP a cpu vs cpu match of a realistic sports game.

  11. You could easily do a short series about cheesing championship mode if you wanted. All you need to successfully try is a bit more info.
    The game is essentially a matter of finding lines of sight with the goalie. Once you start using super shots it's a cakewalk until the skull man team.
    Super shots are just holding L+R while pressing the button to shoot.
    There's a separate cooldown for using super shots with each robot on the field, and using them on the opposing team players stuns them for a second.
    The cooldowns reset after every goal and halftime.

    If I remember correctly, skull man is actually the best goalkeeper and… woodman makes the best defense-men?
    Every other robot's super shot works for the task of making goals, so it's up to you at that point on who you feel like using.

  12. Yeah, soccer has a five-round shootout if it's tied in some cases, although they play two shorter overtimes first to try and break it that way. Anyway, I would've been disappointed had you have lost with all those home runs you made before the shootout.

  13. Ohh man, I can't believe you beat team Megaman, that team is the top tier pick in megaman's soccer, and really defined the meta of competitive megaman's soccer.

  14. Kinda makes me wish for you to play fifa street, since homeruns are kind of a thing there. Think of it as soccer with anime powers

  15. The penalty shootout at the end where people kick the ball straight at the goalie's face is a real thing but is kind of rare. It is used to break ties in tournament games where the game isn't allowed to end in a draw. The main difference from real life is in real life the goalie is expected to jump out of the way when someone kicks it directly at him/her.

  16. This was absolutely amazing.

    Around the halfway mark raocow got the announcer patter down absolutely perfect.

    Requesting the next C-side to be raocow fails at all the sports games.

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