23 Replies to “Australia's 3,488 Mile Long Fence”

  1. Just fyi you're no longer supposed to refer to "Ayer's Rock" by that name, the preferred nomenclature is "Uluru"

  2. How terrible. Those damn animals just following their natural instincts. Obviously they need to be killed.
    Jesus Christ I thought you guys in Australia were actually intelligent. Turns out your just stupid scum, just like so much of the rest of the world smfh

  3. -Makes video about australia
    -Says they're terrible people
    -uses Miles
    -doesn't know that 3,488 miles is more then 2 football fields
    would watch again

  4. 3488 miles
    Thats longer than the new south wales-queensland and new south wales-victoria borders combined!

  5. Australlia:lets build a wall and make dingos pay for it
    Australlia:you ate a kid
    Dingos: …
    Australlia: thats what i thought

  6. these beast eat sheep and make them deceased so increased police and this fence kept them from the south east and help decrease the feast capisce?

  7. So, i'll talk President Trump, the Wall will work, it will help the true immigrants & protect the citizens. God bless our President!
    New lie detector in US! Appear before committees run by Pelosi, if she declares you lie, it is a cinch you are telling the truth, because she already is in on the lie!

    My greatest wish for a trip was to Australia & new Zealand, didn't make but will see you all on the other side. FOR MY UNKNOWN FRIENDS OVER THERE: The world is os being attack by socialist, I know you have many of the same problems. Go take a look at a video called "Seattle is dying". Seattle Washington & surrounding area was once a beautiful, thriving place as was California. I know you have some areas being affected too, but through out history every country who adopted Socialism has failed, check this out if you don't believe me. I'm not against all programs that could help people temporarily. I, myself am at the bottom of the list as far as income goes so I not trying to feather my nest in any way, but please rise up & fight socialism or we will all be living in a Seattle.

    God bless!

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