27 Replies to “Automatically organize your desktop icons into shaded areas called Fences!”

  1. Is this true? The desktop a bad place to store documents, if the user account ever gets deleted by some strange event, you could lose all of them. Lastly, does anyone know if having a lot of files on the desktop slows a PC? I remember hearing that you don't want to store files on the desktop as the desktop was not designed for that purpose and folders should be used instead. Thanks.

  2. Can you make it so you can roll the fence up to just the title, and only when you want to access files, unroll it? I cannot find anything that does this, and I don't think it's something so impossible…

  3. I LOVE this software. I've used it for YEARS. I'm still using Fences2. It's a necessity on any PC I ever use.

  4. I remember Stardock from my OS2 days when I held them in high regard. I've used fences in a simple way but right now I'm having strange things going on on my desktop . So I'm looking into this stuff again. All my desktop stuff disappears and I have to reboot to get it back. New Fences may be the cause … maybe. Any thots? Bill

  5. is there a way for 1 click option to start programs directly from the fences with only 1 click?
    but not for the whole windows, only for fences.

  6. Why can't I move anything around on my Desktop? A black circle with a line comes on when I try to drag stuff.

  7. Can fences be used to stop my desktop icons from being scrambled when my computer updates or mysteriously moves my icons in one compact location? I was thinking about putting one big fence around my whole screen. My thinking is that if my whole screen is a fence, it should stop my icons from being scrambled. I am also thinking that I should create a folder that would be titled "New Icons to Sort" which would temporarily store new desktop files that are added until I had a chance to put in proper locations. Any advice you could give would be appreciated since I have not even downloaded fences yet.

  8. When I put my info in so I can buy it, it tells me my credit card or billing information is wrong, but all my info is correct. HELP!

  9. i accidently clicked the maintain sorting and now i cant undo it… when i uninstall it i can change it back to normal but as soon as i reinstall it even after i deleted all the files of it i could it still remembers all the settings and i cant undo it

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