Awesome Bugs That got Removed!

Awesome Bugs That got Removed!

I think it’s safe to say that Minecraft is famous for a number of different reasons. We’ve got the blocks We’ve got the infinitely generating world the fact that it’s completely open and completely sandbox You can do whatever you really fancy, but [also] there [are] the [bugs] Minecraft is a notoriously buggy game in fact It’s filled to the brim with bugs Nowadays is not quite as bad as it used to be but back in the olden times there used to be some ridiculous things going On in Minecraft and some of them were incredibly useful so today we’re going to take a look at some of the awesome bugs that have been removed from Minecraft and I Think it’s going to require all fun now before we begin. I just want to say a massive disclaimer right here I am fully aware of the fact [that] these things are bugs. They are not meant to be in the game Which is why Mojang removed them so please don’t start tweeting all the people that work at Mojang. Saying how [stupid] they [are] for removing certain bugs because well that really won’t get you anywhere These were awesome bugs But I’m also glad that they got removed. This first one got removed really quite recently in fact it got taken out in the Minecraft 1.7 [update] which rolled out just a couple weeks [ago], and then of course is the translocation piston bug now this sounds extremely complicated But essentially it meant that you got pulled through the piston if the piston arm extended through you Now this doesn’t sound particularly useful but it was actually perfect for massive travel ators that take you thousands of blocks or even Elevators which can take you to the top of the sky limit really very quickly I use the matter not on the hermit graph server And I’m a tiny bit upset I now have to redesign pretty much every elevator in my base Going back a little bit now to a slightly more old-school bug right here. This is a really good way [of] finding cave systems strongholds dungeons and all that good stuff All you had to do was place a piston then a tiny bit of redstone and then a redstone block or some form [of] Transparent object then cause that piston to extend up pushing the transplant object on top of your head And then suddenly you could see through the blocks and see all [of] the cave systems around you now This is extremely handy if you wanted to find that sort of thing But most importantly if you just bought yourself a mob spawner, [and] you really wanted to light up the surrounding caves This was a good way of locating them unfortunately this got removed Relatively recently and now on to one of the most famous bugs in all of Minecraft [I] personally remember when mojang which [find] their absolute hardest to patch this every single week [they] would come up with an update and then on the day [of] the update someone would create a new version of this there was About [ten] times faster and seemed to produce even more sad that of course I am talking about the sand generator here now the way these things work basically Depended on the fact that sand is gravity affected and pistons can push and pull blocks and that meant that it caused some timing issues And things with the way that Minecraft was coded which essentially meant the you Duplicated the sand and by the end of this when we had reached the end of the development cycle of sand generators We got some absolutely ridiculous contraptions I mean these things were enormous, ly fast producing thousands upon thousands of sand a minute You could get pretty much an entire desert with just a flick of a lever it was incredible But obviously a little bit overpowered as you guys know Redstone is sort of my thing I personally love redstone and throughout the entire history of Minecraft [you’ve] always needed to create redstone lines between components as obviously we want to connect up [to] Redstone contraptions You need a redstone line connecting them but at some point in Minecraft. There was a wireless redstone bug now This is an obvious thing [this] was not a component And it wasn’t an obvious bug either in fact it was really very strange and whoever discovered it I have to tip my hat to you because I don’t know what you were doing or what you were trying [to] create But it really was very impressive Since you had a boat on top of an ironbound [of] a sticky piston [there] were bounced up and down and if you looked at a certain type [of] iron bar the boat would drop down onto the pressure Plate giving a redstone output and if you looked at a different type of iron bar then the boat would pop up Deactivating the pressure plate mean you didn’t have a redstone output It was really very strange, but also read quite cool [never] fun story my first ever experience with redstone Was to build one of these I needed a large number of powered rails and the best way to get lots of powered rails was to create a powered rail Duplicator now, this is getting extremely old now I’m talking before Minecraft was originally released But what you had to do was put some powered rails on the faces of sticky pistons and then connect them into some other powered Rails and spam those [pistons], and then suddenly powered rails would start appearing out of nowhere It was amazing and also a lot cheaper than going out and finding all the gold because there was no efficiency tools back then so That will take ages this one’s a bit of a strange case because this bug was recently removed a couple months ago And now has been put back Into the game and made a lot simpler which I’d say is a pretty good thing and that [is] the item elevator Originally had to run items in through a water source Then into the side of a fence post and that will push the items up into the water stream Which was really very strange now You just have to place a drop of facing upwards into a bunch of blocks, and that’s it You just connect it up into a redstone clock that makes quite a life easier I don’t know if I’d [call] this one a bug or an intent feature that eventually got removed because it was just so have apparel And that is the Minecraft 1.7 observer blog now when these things were first introduced in the snapshots They were completely bonkers They would attacked updates in air blocks which meant you could chain observer blocks together? round Corners upWards downwards sideways Whatever you really fancied and all of these change would activate Instantly they could do everything instantly, so it’s like instant redstone, and it completely changed the way that everyone did redstone I pumped out a bunch of redstone contraptions everyone else was making Redstone contraptions But then mojang saw took a minute and thought hmM actually These things are a little bit confusing and also they don’t make too much sense especially for those who are new to redstone so then they changed them up and Basically made them a tiny bit more a lot before we had crazy pissed Elevators slime block Elevators Minecart elevators, and all that sort of thing we had something else they didn’t involve any redstone It didn’t involve any pistons or anything like that. [that] was at the boat elevator All you had to do was place one water source [right] the way up in the sky wherever you wanted to go and that would fall down to the ground Preferably into the water and then you would travel along with your boat and because of the way that the boats were coded they would Always float to the surface of the water which means as soon as you’d hit this water Your boats would begin to travel upwards and you would speed up Through this water source until you reach the top [and] then you would sort of take off into the sky Bobbing up onto the surface it would look hilarious and also work extremely well Now if there’s any bugs that I’m a little bit sad about and any bugs. I sort of [miss] in the game I definitely say this is the one because It’s probably one of my personal Favorites especially [because] of how [old] is when this bug was actually active in the game And I was trying my best to make redstone contraptions around it. I used to absolutely hate it now [I] used to call it the armageddon piston bug and essentially meant that the piston arm would travel through his own piston arm And then the piston would break so you would have both textures displaying at exactly the same time the retracted piston and also the extended piston And it would look really very strange now this would happen if you sent two pulses through the piston [too] quickly in a certain way And when I was starting out on my [Youtube] channel when I was first creating my early redstone contraptions it seemed to happen every couple seconds And it used to drive me around the bend one good way to locate diamonds caves dungeons And that sort of thing was to make use of chunk errors though. This was a rendering error in Minecraft You’d be walking along adventuring through the Minecraft terrain And then suddenly there’d be a massive hole 16 by 16 right the way through to the void now That’s basically where Minecraft decided not to render that chunk. It wasn’t displaying it the trunk was there I mean all of the blocks were in place But you just couldn’t see them and [the] good thing is is that you can actually peep over the edge and take a look down underneath Into the side of the cliff face and see where all of the diamonds [and] where all of the caves were it was really useful But it did use to get quite annoying because well. They’d be all over the place. I’ll be honest There’s a chance that this bug is still in the game, and it hasn’t been removed I’m not a hundred percent certain yet, but [I] have found a few examples of it on the hermit Craft Server however [I] have tried it in a single-Player world with thousands upon thousands of hoppers, and I haven’t been able to recreate it but that is the Hopper Chunk border duplication bug What you do is you place two hoppers runnin into one another on the edge of a junk border then you place an item? Inside one of the hoppers and that item will bounce back and forth between the hoppers Then what we have to do is travel miles off into the distance to unload all [of] the chunks then you come back in reloading all of the chunks and in theory Occasionally the item inside the hoppers will be duplicated, but as I say I don’t know if it really works currently But it definitely used to work back in the day this one is probably the only physical bug in today’s video But that is the redstone [buck] the redstone buck was introduced in the minecraft 2.0 Update and every time you powered some redstone a bug would be produced which meant that if you had gigantic Redstone say hit sir I did you get thousands upon thousands of these pouring out of the circuits really very quickly of course this could be Manipulated to [create] some pretty ridiculous XP films using redstone clocks and large planes of Redstone Which would also very quickly crash computers. [I] actually really like this thing is almost a shame [there] was an april fool They this one is going to be a little bit tricky to explain But I’m going to try my [best] to cover it for you So what you have to do is you had to get yourself a splash potion of harming or some form of splash potion that would kill a large number of mobs then you would throw that splash potion quickly switch over to a looting 3 sword and when all of the mobs died You would get the looting 3 effect even though you haven’t used the salt now This was really useful for things like Xp farms because if you had a bunch of skeletons in front of you You can get much more bones than you were expecting and it was really good for getting large numbers of resources now I’m not 100% certain if this is still in the game But I’m fairly certain it got bad so we have it guys that runs up [to] this video on the awesome bugs that have been removed from [Minecraft] and oh Oh, there’s still there’s one more on the list I think [it] says oh Yeah, hera, brian. Yeah they keep They keep removing hera Brian Hera Brian has apparently been removed in the latest version of [Minecraft] We are playing in Minecraft 1.7. So he should now be gone

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  1. That thing with the sword should still be in the game I believe. I believe it's intended although it seems a bit weird. Maybe it's just really difficult to remove with how the game is coded. I don't know.

  2. Does anyone remember the bug where if you got into a boat, slept in a bed and then have someone break the bed you “body” would be in the boat but you could move around freely? You also couldn’t break blocks except for chests.

  3. I think Alex is herobrine when Alex came hero brine lift it may just timing but what if it wasn't does that then mean HERBRINE AND STEVE ARE FRIENDS

  4. anyone remember the super op mcpe bug where if u dropped ur diamonds on the hotbar space NEXT to it it would drop diamonds without dropping the ones u had

  5. dude the bug where when a person put a diamond in the chest and then 2 people took it out at the same time they would both get the diamond

  6. 2016 mumbo: we used to use boat based water elevators
    2018 mumbo: here's how to make water elevator with the 1.13 water physics

  7. In the earlier days of mcpe is that if you split a stack and stack it its less than now that means mcpe doesnt know much about math yet now it knows it

  8. Herbirne is technically 2 bugs a rendering bugs that shows the default player model and 1 that erases the pupils AND HE'S HARMLESS he just "stands" in the distance watching

  9. Does anyone remember the bug where you place a carpet on some sort of ceiling and it duplicated? I sure did that a lot. In pe. There was also a bug that when you shoot an arrow, it somehow duplicates.

  10. If I if anyone else kows this but there used to be a glowstone glitch where if you piston a glowstone into you you can see xray. I always used it in to find the end portal in strongholds

  11. There’s a pretty bad bug on bedrock edition. I think.
    I’ve been playing in my world for about 2 months now, I’ve found a stronghold and an outpost, woodland mansion, and all those good things,
    But I’ve been bridging over rivers with my horse to the stronghold and I killed a few drowned and I realised that the first on I killed (looting 3)
    I got a trident, and I was thinking ‘Wait, was he holding a trident?!’ So I continued and I killed another drowned with a trident and I got it, then I killed a few more, and ended up with 4 Tridents! 4! 2 of them had full durability, and I’m pretty sure 2 of the drowned I killed, didn’t carry a trident, yet I still got one.
    It’s crazy and I think it’s cool, but I really think it should be fixed and there should no longer be, as I called them, ‘Unfair tridents’. If anyone can tell me if this happened to them, I would be relieved to think that it’s not my version that’s not broken.
    Thanks 😉

  12. You missed one!
    If you were on multiplayer Pocket Edition and you were both looking in the same chest you could take an item out AND the other person could as well.
    I have no clue what version this was

  13. you forgot the wolf dead alive glitch (if u don't know what that is then heres how you do it)

    1.get a bone and instant damage pot

    2. kill the dog and tame it

    if it worked you will have a dog half way in the ground

  14. There used to be a ladder glitch where you could simply place ladders every other block to save on resources. It was great till they fixed it. If I remember right you could also place a water source right next to it and rapidly climb the ladder. Now that’s an old school bug.

  15. I remeber if you where to pepople taking an item out of the same chest at the same time you where geting 2 of them

  16. Years ago I had this world that you could spawn nether towers by setting up gold and diamond a specific way the lighting them and I had like 20 nether towers connected by rail carts and I would use another bug to duplicate diamonds and I had 10 large chests full of diamond

  17. There was a bug until 1.8 (not in 1.8.8 for sure) if you keep puting and taking a diamond (or any item) from a chest while it explodes you get the 0 diamond stack, so you could take it in your inv and it will display that you have 0 diamonds. And if you place it in a dropper it will drop infinite diamonds as fast as your clock is, and will show that you have -1, -2, -3 etc items in it. Now that was super cool, esp because it worked for every item, but I needed like 10-15 tries before I got one of those 0 items, so the first thing I created was a gunpowder superfarm, then all the rest. Btw there was also a chance to loose your item, so you needed to find about 5 diamonds before you get the infinite.

    Now that I think about it I wanna start another survival world exploiting this bug, because the things go exponentially fast and that is fun for a 4-10 hours play… I remember building diamond houses (even tho they look horrible) and all sort of crazy stuff. The hardest thing to do was to get some experience bottles from villagers to make a farm.. and also the fact that sometimes the -72626 stack of items dissapeared when you logged out from the game, it was super easy to loose it

  18. I HAVE A
    put a block down anywhere on 3 sides put on redstone torches and on the top a redstone peice then put blocks on every side except the one without a redstone torch on that one put a dispenser underneath the dispenser put a crafting table and to the side of the dispenser put a lever to turn on and off the redstone go to something that can be turned from peices to blocks and back example diamonds have a freind turn on the machine while you with original crafting off spam what you want to be duplicated iy works by faxing the game to much the lag makes the game unsure what you had before

  19. You can duplicate diamonds in bedrock.
    1. Name 1 diamond something like diamo, it can be anything other than diamond.
    2. Put the diamonds you want to dupe in your first hud slot.
    3. Craft a diamond block.
    4. Uncraft it.
    Works with any item you can craft into a block and uncraft. Only works if you have 8 regular of said item and 1 renamed one.

  20. i remember my friend in 1st grade said that he once went to the nether with his friend and found the wither, first red flag there, the wither doesn't spawn naturally, and when he killed it with, as he called it a "360 Bow Scope", it tuned into herobrine and deleted his world. y e a h s u r e

  21. They should just actually add herobrine into the game then they wouldn't have to keep removing him every update 😂

  22. I hate rdstone i so bad at it help me u have helped me understand tnt canons and nothing else i take 1h to make a tnt canon i so bad help and i know every bug

  23. Another duplication bug was in Bedrock where sticky pistons would duplicate an item if you took it out of the chest while the piston was pulling it.
    Really miss that one.

  24. Remember the big where you could put one diamond in a dispenser break it, save and leave just before it breaks 100% load back in and you would have, I forgot how many. I think 9 cause that makes sense but I’m not surr

  25. Kinda sad you didn't mention ghost blocks, where you'd make certain blocks look like other blocks, or just had the game display blocks while there weren't any. Everyone used them to prank their friends with fake diamond ore always

  26. There is bug that is still working on bedrock, this bug duplicates diamond.
    So you have to have 9 diamonds for this, then you should change only one of the diamonds name to anything, then try to craft a diamond block and it will only use the named diamond to make the block

  27. I found one myself in the 1.14.4 Update.
    Its an Item Doublicator, that works based of how fast you pick up the Item and in which moment.
    For everyone who wants to see it here is the Link:

  28. You want me a couple more people then then get home to go to get the money to go home to get home then get it to me I want a big bowl to bed I can get a couple more of your time and then get it to get it done so it can just be home and then get it to

  29. Who remembers in PE when you and your friend were on a server and you would try to pick up an item in a chest at the same time to duplicate it

  30. In minecraft bedrock edition, the piston textures are messed up on one side, it shows the extended and retracted texture at the same time

  31. Who remembers in Minecraft Pocket Edition when you could put an item in a chest and two players could grab it at the same time and it duplicate

  32. Who remembers the big when two players took the same item out of a chest at the same time, it would duplicate?

    Like if you remember

  33. Do you remember the Minecraft PE bug that door will break and duplicate… But in the olden days, Door can't be used as fuel too…

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