AWESOME Motivation For Soccer Players | How To Set Goals

AWESOME Motivation For Soccer Players | How To Set Goals

hey it's coach Ben from online soccer skills and in today's video I want to talk to you about goal-setting and the importance of that and how you're going to be able to do it so one of the biggest questions that I've been getting on our youtube channel is coach pin you know we have training at night we have school during the day I don't know when I have time to do extra training or I don't know how to set a schedule of training that way I can improve my game or you know there's all of these things that can come up during the day that are going to distract you away from training and that's why I wanted to make this video I wanted to make something very simple that you can follow in the future and it's not going just to help you in soccer but in the bigger picture it's going to help you later on in real life now the first thing I want to talk about is if you have goals if you know what you want then you need to write them down you know it's one thing to think about goals all day and not be that clear about what you want but when you write them down when you see them everyday if they're on your phone or if they're hanging up in your bathroom whatever it is when you write them down that's always going to give you a visual reminder about what you need to do about what you're aspiring for so for me you know every night before I go to bed I use the same whiteboard here I write down what my goals are for the next day that way when I wake up I know exactly what I'm supposed to do now when I don't do that you know when I wake up that next morning I'm kind of lost in the day and I don't know you know what I'm supposed to do and I kind of let the day take me by storm rather than you know dictating what happens that day so writing your goals is extremely important and that's something I highly recommend you know all the players that I personally train that go on and play at a high level their writing their goals every single day and that could be a short-term goal or it could be you know a year or two or three year goal whatever it is that they're hoping to do we have them write it down so that's step number one the next thing we'll talk about is setting your schedule so if you don't feel like you have time you know before school or after school to do extra training then you're really just making excuses and you have to be resourceful and that could be either waking up earlier or going to bed later it's something that you're gonna have to be able to figure out and no one can tell you how to do that except yourself and the biggest thing that I've learned especially the last couple years is I know if I wake up earlier that's going to give me more time to be able to do what I need to do in the morning where there's less distractions and that's the last last thing we're gonna talk about here so what you need to do is you need to build a set time that's going to be easy for you and that could be early in the morning or that could be you know later in the afternoon after school you know that could be staying after your own practice that could be whatever you want but spending you know 5-10 minutes a day working on little things to improve your game can make a huge difference and that might not sound like a lot of time but every player has five ten you know five ten minutes an hour maybe even two hours during the day to be able to work on what they want to accomplish and so when we limit our distractions though that helps it that helps us be very clear on what we want to achieve and the more distracted you are the further away you're going to get from your goal and so it's really important you try to limit your distractions you try to eliminate any distraction any person who's standing in your way of you accomplishing your goal all right so what I want to do is give you a quick example of what I would do if I'm a competitive youth soccer player right now so if I was 12 or 13 years old and I know that I want to try to play in college then I'm going to set small goals and what I would first do is try to find the most competitive team so whatever city you're living in you want to be on the most competitive team so you can play against the best players now after that I would try to position myself to where when I'm on that team I'm going to the biggest showcases so I'm going to college showcases where college was coming to watch and that's going to be happening when you're a freshman or sophomore in high school and you know you can set these little goals though to position yourself to reach your big goal and playing college soccer is tough for any player to do but if you can set small goals you can reach that goal a lot easier rather than just thinking oh I'm gonna go play college soccer and not do the little things that you need to do before that and along with that you know I would wake up early I would do extra training in the morning I would spend more time on my fitness you know these are things that players comment on our videos about they don't know how to do fitness they feel a lot of shape you know you have to be able to sacrifice time and a lot of your energy in order to get to the next level it's it's not going to be something that anyone's going to give to you so you have to really go out and earn it so I hope this video helps but what you want to try to do whatever goal you're trying to to eventually hit we want to write them down so be very clear you know after you watch this video go write down your goals and you can comment below with what your goals are we would love to help you you know set your schedule so you know if you write your goals down you know exactly what we're trying to do set your schedule figure out the time that you're going to go accomplish that and lastly limit your distractions so you need to be laser-focused on what you want to accomplish and don't let anything get in your way alright I hope this helps comment below share this video with a teammate or a friend if it really helped and I'll see you next time

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  1. hello i am from brazil i made 17 years a 3 months ago ( october 2015 ) i start playing soccer later when i have 12 13 years but i work hard and because of this i have developed faster, but the most guys of my age ( 16 17 18 ) play a little bit better than me because they play since 6 7 years old, i still working hard 5 days per week 6 Hours per day and my question is, i have a chance to be a professional soccer player one day and make my dream come true? i wait for the aswers thanks

  2. Hi, I really liked this video because the things you talk about can be applied to your daily life.Please do more videos to break it down to the average soccer players. Some things are priority like school, family life, church etc. Are you saying that I can accomplish on my own to being a better individual player who contributes more to a team?

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