what's up everybody welcome back to videos thanks for joining us today it is a very warm day to warm Saturday and we are here at the Colorado Springs Airport because if you've been watching daily vlogs you know a special guest is coming today why don't you tell them who that is boys are you ready I'm ready name is mr. Tanner Foxx yeah he should be here semi soon by the way I shaved off all my facial hair yeah I'm back to looking younger again anyway it's just a random update so we're just we're sitting out here on the sidewalk because we're not sure when he gets in and it's hot in the car so we're in the shade right now but today's gonna be a fun-filled day we're gonna do some fun activities with Tanner and how long is he gonna be here for he leaves Tuesday morning so a couple days this poor man is trying to find a bathroom he has to go pee I'm sorry yeah that's a good spot yeah you can maybe go behind that tree as well okay we're back home now and guess who has finally just arrived Tanner yay tell everybody who you are what you are I'm Tanner I make videos on YouTube as well and I'm in Colorado waiting back up and he's a boy backflip well just watched it what we're gonna have a good Mickey couple days yeah you guys have been leaving way too many comments and he just did a 12-bit for two recently and we're like we have to clout on this Tanner said he did he what does he do say you said your audience already thinks you sound like you're on him he said nothing's gonna change when he inhales us I don't really know why people like think my voice sounds like on helium I don't think it's that bad awesome so right now we're gonna go get play and jump away before we do something cool for the day it's gonna be it's gonna be fun I like it I'm confident it's gonna be a great game hi can I get a 12 piece nugget combo with a high C can I get um I don't even do it kind of budget stick price off hi how's your day going you don't know how are you it's great guys like working at chick-fil-a oh yeah I love working at chick-fil-a it's my favorite place to work just gonna get a quick lunch Andrew and I are getting some spoiler did you drop something bill this a new good size I think we're gonna go to a trampoline place today too so got to get some energy food he's just eaten chick-fil-a all by himself and Chipotle very young musically guys maybe don't think musically yet Oh trampoline world guys we've only been to this place once before but you guys love when we do trampoline vlogs so we're gonna do some more flips some action shots apical what are you gonna do in here at lips okay water apparently he's the flip master so really yeah you are Andrew what are you going to do some rare rare tricks or air somersaults you never sign book works – every single time we go to a trampoline place I get extremely excited but never get called here so you go socks or no socks oh no socks I guess okay guys snapchat Andrew I was i snatch out of that I want to see is it funny or just like a real force look at his reaction oh I got the initial reaction nice Wow I'm really not very good at trampolines but it's really fun companies places I don't know how you do that flips are so easy on a trampoline but then when you go on this bounce ground it's a little harder I just tried and landed on my pack out whoa holy sideman yo who you a gymnast in your former childhood okay all right we have Andrew up next let's see it Andrew holy dude beast be Pat Tanner we're ready whoo how's average pretty average dangers getting in the trampoline diaper which is the best dude you can practice your flips now she's she's gonna help yeah George of the jungle style Andrew we're building a fort out of whatever these are trampoline blobs green blob fort so this this is already look oh we got some music up in here now Wow smile to camera so we can see how cool you are so here's the course you want me to try it yeah this this is a tackle dummy you have to tackle it first and then do the course got it jump no you tackle it it's a dummy okay there you go get this out of your cheese oh sorry I really want to try this thing as well but I don't think they'll let me is this the most viral viral option suppose you ever known I hope my impressed everybody leave a like if you were impressed this is a another Tarzan move right he's gonna throw it it's gonna come back he's gonna jump and grab it like Tarzan you okay Oh what was that oh my god ready for the full guy's Rick I'm gonna die welcome to oh yeah I'll get it Arnold this is the first person quiz ziffel all right zip away that's crazy it's just more than three that's all I know guys I did it Tanner's underneath the Tramp we're gonna get a cool shot boy was that sir filming some of him doing very cool tricks it's the sorts I hope I did that this is called viral flips you're way up there kind of scary yeah yeah whoa huh it is seriously such a workout coming to the trampoline place like I'm super sweaty mainly good leg workout but they also have a pull-up bar over there which I made you some pulse just for no reason glad that this opening because it's like super hot in here but now it's time for some super Mads and Rio go he's in the backflip with that big camera 10 are you maniac danger don't get too close dude no I know how much you love donuts yeah Oh let's see that full 360 backflip here he goes you got to throw your arm like stay straight you're like turning you're like like this thanks for watching this video he just came up and said he watched all of us so saying we appreciate it man all right so you go to backflip and when you set the backflip spin side and he got clothesline I'm good bro basically had it what'd I do wrong there's a solid attempt you see it's me a spin more spin more all right oh you're getting close hey that was not bad that was good I just taught them how to be full I'm not doing that on the trip boy oh I'm gonna crack my life yeah I got you're stuck this quite high get it son wait back even higher now the camera guy Oh nice we got to keep increasing every time oh geez it's from there okay we made it even higher now go ahead she's first person Superman that's it for the trampoline park we had tons of fun right yeah yeah tons of fun now after some water stay hydrated kids yet ah Tanner only got like one hour sleep last night so it's okay he's tired but I sure I was gonna do it like two hours yeah let's gonna do a funny zoom but he's – he knows Mary's home now hello and we're gonna make some dinner I don't know what we're making no idea our options right now we have noodles and sweet potato fries test we need something else we'll figure it out well that's end the vlog thanks for watching guys and be sure to check out Tanner Fox his channel we made a vlog yesterday we sure did and it's the first line of the description first thing you see click it let's do come on the day real quick I'm gonna today yeah here you read that one I'm so excited to see you guys with Tanner they're so excited I'm doing that right now there's no excited you're seeing us with me you with you with us wait I don't know Phil bubble ball with jello I don't know if that's possible but if it was that would be awesome be really happy it would be but yeah that's it what see you guys tomorrow alright stay awesome barely seen you ah what


  1. Tanner fox followed me on instgram!!!!!! And so I followed him back because I watch his videos and he is my fav youtuber same thing with you guys

  2. Sorry I’m so late I got my phone this year I don’t have time to watch the shows yet what is your musically account

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