49 Replies to “Awesome Wakeboarding”

  1. This guy is great, just met him at the boat show in Denver and got a selfie and an autograph! Truly an amazing wakeboarder and father!

  2. Kid, you OBVIOUSLY have not been wakeboarding since you were five. Also i doubt you even wake board. Your fat and your channel suggests that you don't.I can tell by your ignorant dumbass comments on your channel. I'm sure you were just on a random wakeboarding video spree

  3. Today was my first day… the first sideflip went ok… then i realised that i was good and failed for the rest of the day πŸ™‚

  4. i am 13
    i have been wakeboarding since i was 5
    i could whoop ur ass at wakeboarding
    p.s. i don't have zits

  5. I just love ignorant people like you ! I am sure you can do all that and more, right ? your probably a zit faced 13 year old sitting behind daddys computer so please just shut up

  6. this is one of those dudes that you can say "he was born to do this" he looks so natural on a board its crazy

  7. I love how shaun can go out and not have to do hardly any mobes or 900s and still has better steez than most riders out there

  8. My fellow starkiller, it takes lots of practice brother, give it some time and you'll get it πŸ˜€

  9. I have been following wakeboarding for years, and i have never seen anyone perform better than Shawn Murray!

  10. its an osmosis 360, the 720 versions are incredible. No one does them anymore, a lost art of the sport, osmosis and orbital spins should come back

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