BA Sports Coaching & Business Management [Soccer] at IT Carlow

BA Sports Coaching & Business Management [Soccer] at IT Carlow

this is a unique course it's been a fantastic success for the last number of years and it's been a very popular course a number of our graduates are now working a range of fields within sport and in football in particular so I think it's been a great benefit both to the college and for students looking to work in the bubble main benefits enables the students to come in and find their niche within football and the sport in general so whether that be to continue looking down the performance analysis video analysis routes we've had many students come through to develop themselves as a coach what the way of the content matter with the coaching courses we provide here or whether it's a continuous as a player there were a number of players in the continues to play League of Ireland involves him find them at the platform here to develop them and use this is another opportunity to improve but we also have a number of students that come in and take advantage of the business degree and they leave here with a level higher level 7th degree in business which is absolute very big very beneficial for them then going out into the workplace this is a unique program so you can't get this anywhere else in Ireland so you're getting sports management but you're getting the coaching involvement by the time you reach towards you you can have any way for B qualification where else can you get that knows you can't get it it's a really good opportunity for students if they wanted you're kind of cool for all aspects to definitely further yourself no matter what if the plan so it doesn't work out you go into the culture that doesn't work out and if you go into different parts of the game and no it's just about finding ROI fear for you and luckily for me for now I obviously have the play and so I'm doing full-time but then again like I said I had to fall back on you know the culture inside so I have it you have B license on it video analysis but I also have to degree there in Kerala pretty much the same structure as it is in professional club and that we trained every day we could gym in the evenings you live quite close to the training ground it's the exact same really is what we do with a minute with with the under-18 under 20 23 s first team do similar as well so that really set me up for it I always would have said like oh yeah I got my costume badges there with time to do me early since afterwards and obviously that helped me get the job and work from the League of Ireland but then as soon as day one I was like right I need to deal with projects need to be dealing with media and all courses that are magis that you deal with in the course and I suppose I never would have put two together until you can sit down and have a think about it but they definitely stood me when I started the course I think a name for a lot of the guys on the course was to be a development officer I thankfully you've got there but there is so many streams you can go into so I know Gary Sweeney's it at Man United's at performance analysts paddy Kerry Jeremy care our coaches in reading Shane Tracy me lasting run our professional players you've shown in Maguire that's over and Preston so there is a lot of streams you also have the business stream so they can go into the business side of things calculus working in the business in Dublin doing quite well for himself so there's so many areas you go into you can you know kind of I suppose branch off into their interests you like quite full shell immediately we have a number of girls in plane and they play a very high level in the movies National League and also number them with the international team as well so that's great for us I'd like to see a number of female participants on the course growing in the neck number of years and with the grow for football and Ireland and also the focus on women's football and the FBI it's important that the any vemma heart becomes out there who do have an interest in football whether it be playing coaching or working in the business side of football know that there's opportunities for them here to attend and pursue those dreams that they may have I've never expected to come out to Kerala but a masters intend to do eleven seven then came out doing almost six years and you make some with a different group of people every day and you're on the pitch you're betting yourself as a player and like I said I won't have got here today I don't think without doing that course I'm meeting the people I did me encourage anybody who has real aspirations to work in football that this course would be an ideal platform to provide them with opportunities to do that and I suppose in the soccer point of view it was a lot easier to get a degree when you know what you were doing

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  1. Hello!I'm interested in this course but I need to know do I need any requirements for this course?like junior cert or something?

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