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  1. Bought it 2 yrs ago and we jump on it every day (that it's not raining) and still love it!› › › t.co/cRxPV7neSj  We've moved once, easy to take down and put back together. First time putting it together was a little tricky, but not bad, definitely watch the video and don't be fooled the video makes it look super easy, it's not that easy. Great buy!

  2. Just looking back on how to front flip and back flip it's easy just go for it guys make sure u have someone with u and something nice and soft to land on trust me I think in my opinion it's easy

  3. I do the back drop its easy but im scared to do the real flip hel i saw the show more section not helping

  4. my friend is helping me do a back flip but i can't do one i wish i could. like this comment for good luck

  5. I could only do back flip on trampoline but then I tried it on the floor (via LOADS of preparation) and I found it was pretty easy and much more satisfying than on the trampoline.Do it on the floor.Peace.

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