Backhand Serve | eBaTT table tennis Tutorial |

Backhand Serve | eBaTT table tennis Tutorial |

hey guys it's Ellie Bharati and today I'm gonna be talking about the backhand serve the backhand serve is very very important especially at the domestic level I think it's lost its value at the top-end plus such as Demetria Shore still uses it a little bit even though he has resorted to the pendulum serve nevertheless the backhand serve can have lots of benefits if you get it right so I'm going to try and give you a few little tips to upscale your backhand serve especially if your backhand dominant player and especially if you're a back-end server hopefully you can gain some extra tips to help you with your game okay so tip number one a lot of players when they do the backhand serve they either spend two square on or they don't have enough backswing the four point of contact so because they stand square on they start here they kind of just dink the ball into play it doesn't have a lot of effect so what you want to try and do is have plenty of back swinging before point of contact therefore you have to swing the arm back here to allow you to generate lots of energy so there's a couple of ways of doing it number one I kind of tell my players to cross the arms like this some players like to star on top underneath however you feel comfortable secondly you can stand slightly off square and you'll see a lot of female players they stand really off square here and that allows them to have plenty of backswing and then generate lots of energy even using their legs putting the weight onto the right leg for me as a left-hander and transferring the weight forward onto the other leg so that's a nice little tip for you to really try and focus on just have plenty of backswing so here's a demonstration for you to look at the difference between both the less backswing and lots of backswing which allows me to generate more spin so not a lot of backswing and then plenty your backswing which then allows me to generate a lots more spin you'll notice before point of contact my best swings right back and then I'm able to generate a lot more spin lots more huh I'm able to generate a lots more spin because my arm has back swing and then I can really make the movement very fast but if I don't have lots of back swing then I can't generate lots of energy so a little bit like a punch not that you would ever punch anyone but if you're punching something from there let's say like a jab you don't get a lot of energy but if you bring the arm back then you get lots more energy it's the same with the movement here little back swing little energy big back swing lots of energy and like I said you can change your position to generate more spin if you wish tip number two is variation and the best way for me to explain to you how to vary your spins with the backhand serve is to vary the contact point on the ball so if I contact the ball there with the swing so I'm here I'm cutting contacting the ball underneath i generate backspin side spin if I contact the ball a little bit more in this zone which let's say that's six o'clock if I contact it in between six and three which makes it about four thirty then I get a little bit of backspin side spin but not as much backspin as the one when I'm where I'm contacting the ball at six o'clock and the last one is trying to contact the ball at three o'clock and if I'm contacting the ball at three o'clock I'm getting pure side spin so I'm getting three different variations from three different contact points on the ball and I also need to be aware of the angle of my bat so for the pure backspin my bat angle is more around 85 degree angle and then it lifts upwards towards around 60 and then lifts up again towards around 45 degrees to get that pure side spin so for you you want to try and learn the three different contact points and that will enable you to upscale the backhand serve from just one pure site and surf I'm gonna upscale it a little bit for you to show to you on the diagram so you can hopefully help you understand in more detail exactly as to what I'm talking about with the contact okay so I've got this little diagram for you to try and help you out with the contact point so you're going to pretend that this is you and you're doing your backhand serve like that and this is the ball so where you're hitting the ball so you're there and you're serving so if you're contacting the ball in this zone over here that's for the pure side spin so you're going across the ball that way pure side spin if you're right-handed it's the other way around you're going there pure side spin the next one oh that's it the next one is cited in backspin again similar movements but the contact point has changed it's gone lower on the ball lower lower down on the ball and the last one is in this zone over here underneath the ball so trying to hit it anywhere there whether you're left-handed or right-handed you're contacting under the ball and that creates the pure backspin side spin where this one creates maximum sides been more with less backspin and that one creates just pure side spin whether it's left or right depending on whether you're left-handed or right-handed so I hope that helps you and if you learn to adjust those new contact points it's a very small adjustment which is difficult for the opponent to pick up on and hopefully you'll gain little extra benefits by them receiving the serve at a more of a weak return rather than good smash past you or a good heavy dig or good short touch so I think that will really upscale your serve and we'll move on to the number 3 tip from now tip number 3 actually I want you to try and figure this one out did you see a difference hopefully it didn't because if you did it means my disguise wasn't very good and that is exactly what it's all about the disguise tip number three is disguise did you see the difference between the movements and did you see what I tried to implement to do the variations of spins if not hopefully you'll understand it now so what I did was I tried to make this serve look exactly the same whether I put heavy backspin side spin pure side spin or side spin tops min so how do I do it the first thing I do is like we spoke about before I have three different contact points although the contact points change a little bit the pure backspin I touch here the pure side spin I touch a number six like we spoke about before but the site's been topspin I actually started from under the ball and I touched the ball there so instead of six o'clock instead of four thirty this time we're moving towards the other side of the clock and I'm touching the ball around at 7:30 so six o'clock 7:30 for me is that 7:30 for you I hope so so I'm hitting the ball there and that allows me to generate side spin topspin so how exactly do I disguise it at the end with the exact same follow-through for every single serve so I do the all the elements that I described before with the movement with the technique and once I contact the ball I finish with my elbow up for every single serve hopefully when you look at the at the video a little bit before you'll see that almost every single serve ended with me finishing in and around this position which then makes it very difficult for the opponent to see where and water exactly I have done with the surf so that's a really really good tip for hopefully for you guys to to implement instead of doing things like this I see a lot of players go like this they do that obviously that is pure backspin or they do this pure side spin they finish in a side spin position and they finish in a back spin position or they do that and they finish in a topspin position where I do all three but I finished with the same movement for all three have a look back spin side spin looks like and side spin tops me again so hopefully you can see all three look almost identical but all three are very much different which makes it very difficult for my opponent to receive myself okay so I hope those three tips really help you out as always I like to be that one little extra bonus tip and this is where we refer to the rest almost every single serve that you do if you want high quality you need to implement the rest a lot of players with the backhand serve they don't implement the rest they lock the wrist and just use the shoulder but in fact you should be looking to use your wrist as well and that allows you to generate that lot at that extra amount of spin so you're just doing this and you're squeezing the handle with these three fingers so you're loose at the beginning and then you're squeezing like that at the point of contact so relaxed and loose something like this and as I hit I squeeze those fingers which then gives me that extra kick so it's having a quick look if I just unlocked that's me being locked and this is me being a bit more relaxed I can feel my grip on the on the blade is a little bit softer then I lock just that contact which then generates a lot more spin so hopefully that's a nice little bonus tip for you guys and as always thanks for watching thanks for subscribing and please hit the like hit that was that thing the Bell thing and you know please Kevin supporting me I really appreciate it people are really coming up to me now and saying I really enjoy your videos leaving some very nice comments as well so really appreciate all the support or like I keep on saying I want to carry on growing and with your help hopefully I can succeed so thanks again and I'll see you on the next video

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  1. The contact point explanation doesn´t make sense. The contact point itself does not determine the amount of sidespin or underspin in a serve.

  2. Nice tips, thanks coach. I know a 1600 player with a long bh serve that is bullet fast and tough to read. He must be applying the high elbow disguise you mentioned, on top of everything else.😣

  3. Good video, thanks! I have one query/doubt – why top players dont do many fast long serves? I always see them doing short pendulum/back spin serves. What's the reason? Thanks…

  4. Ones I did a great backhand serve.. It was really fast I had an ace 😍 but I don't know how I did it.. Can you help me please

  5. Awsome video, the punch analogy is helpful putting it into perspective. The same goes for the last minute squeeze.

  6. Love back hand serve I try to copy Dimitri hiding my bat under the table so it very late in my opponent seeing my bat angle with two variations of top and side or backspin. But not easy as ur so low and close to the table if opponent reads the serve.

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