hey didn't you want to see something scary oh I'm just kidding the main reason to wear the hat is because you know it's Election Day I'm spinning around what everyone has got to go out and vote I can't even vote for the record I don't support Trump at all that was my halloween costume I found it really funny and I think it was pretty funny where's the good lighting fine the lightning that works yeah I got a haircut though I have been slacking with the uploads yesterday I was gonna film something but I got really sick I don't really need to go and like go in-depth how that happened but I was really sick all day I couldn't really move so I didn't film at all yesterday I didn't end with the creek because I got it a little bit too late and it wouldn't have liked been cool in the dark so it's choose it today I'm elated he's gonna film me on the trampoline I'm gonna make a trampoline edit I haven't done that in like two or three weeks I didn't have the camera the last time I did it and normally I just do that at dynamite I haven't done that here in a long time I have no new trick ideas I just want to start filming I'm gonna stop talking and then I'll catch you guys after the edit I'm also really excited to say that the song i'm using is not copyrighted no one really knows about it it's big on Instagram right now I'm talking about nothing and I checked in for copyright this morning so we're all good I also don't have a broom because he broke it so all the leaves are just gonna fall off over time yesterday far away sir Oh Wow Shh and plans to go back home we've got there's so much and you should and you okay that's about it for the edit I don't know how many clips are because he got really really dark and the reason behind that is when we started filming it was like what like 130 then we went and saw a movie so it came back like two knots hours later it's only like what like 530 ish daylight savings there's no letter anymore so the tricks got harder I couldn't see I was basically doing them blindfolded but I wasn't maybe I'll do that for different video probably won't but I want to give a big shout out to Aiden who doesn't have actually deliver youtube channel but so he film like all of that and I do want to make like an announcement for my next video I'm gonna be doing your tricks and the way that's gonna work on all of you to comment down below tricks I should do for the next video which will be up two days from now I'm gonna reading off the comments and I'm gonna do them if they're reasonable like if someone says the Quint front I'll do it but if someone says to do like a fun thought I'm not gonna do it again I'm gonna apologize about not uploading for two days I was really sick that's I promise that's like gonna be the only time that happens I'm trying my best to upload every other day or daily I'm more than a day between each upload I'm gonna try my best from this point forward fizik I've been doing a good job up until now but I'm talking about nothing you guys probably not even care if you guys suck to be in your awesome really appreciate it don't forget to Like share subscribe for new it was always thanks for watching I'll see you guys in my video peace out


  1. some of my new trick ideas1.doub. front to triple ballout2.triple back to dub front3.triple cody4.quad front5.full full(without landing on your head)6.quad full(not 3 and a half full)7.& finally triple back to triple full

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