what's good guys I'm at my house right now we got on dress we got chunky over here and as you can see where I'm building a nother trampoline so we're gonna have two trampolines here I got to take my sister slide off so I'm sorry Kylie but we're taking a slide off right now but we're gonna build this trampoline build that trampoline is already built and then we're gonna do some flips and then chuck is gonna jump off my roof up there onto the trampoline let's get it now you got it yeah we get if we get up there we jump right now if we get up there will you jump yeah bet that you guys you guys are too here if he jumps 10,000 likes but if you guys want to check out all my social medias I'll be right here we're going to finish putting together this trampoline stuff and let's get it hi guys we're making some progress here we got the whole circle I'm going to go in here and take this nut off real quick so let's do that we kind of moved it over already – so it's kind of hard to get it and it's mad money because it just rained chunky chunky you picked a real good day to do this you know so one day a train is chunky wants to do this already oh shit now we got another problem oh this she's following me oh shit let me go back what ready oh I land it right in the water all right I'm gonna taking that off your back you guys once that's done we are making progress out here guys look at this look at this we had this thing fell apart a good 5 times before we got it together guys but finally it's together and the put on the springs now let's get it as the trampoline is done um let me know if you see any problems you ready go suck hold up hold up guys hold up let's take a key will still fuck what's going on here we did this shit all wrong said you know you said it wrong bitch we're chillin for only missing two so it's good enough guys like messes I've gotten he wears on me it was him that did it not look cool and check you said I wasn't going to put on all the springs without that arm without the tool but we did it without potatoes I'm a fucking Savage what don't ask me feel good you think it's good until it fucking all the springs come shooting off and kill somebody right now we're airborne the chuckling is only on like two legs I'm starving I'm so fun already you can stop my video or something yeah gotta go down right now we're back oh my god get over there yeah spring down I'm the highlight of this I don't know how to not get oh yeah oh right yeah oh I'm doing Cody hi guys according to chunky he's about to do a double front flip so let's see it okay oh let's see guys these trampolines are both airborne right now so what you know this whole fucking pole is not even on the ground right here gosh double front flip yeah dude that way assess because then you have the net when you're landing a facial have the net will be easier for you less pain okay oh shit in the water I'm vegan so to do it you'll back me up you think I am does that count blackout why do you better know legend will see that still ready good oh shit you scared you scared you scared no you okay no name for co-ceo sleep in this video right now you guys got a drop like if he does this and you say to doing right now let's see it yeah let's see look you be good oh my boy got the double front night let's go hey you crazy bitch I'm back in the math economy fucked up not gonna be up here in two seconds watch oh you almost landed it my boy almost landed it guys you do not know how high this is right now yo this is Matt hi you won't jump from here trust me no you wouldn't it's too high nah little it up here after this roof I jump down the window yeah ready yeah hi guys thumbnail time where are you Oh Josh are you ready for this I'll go are you sure I'm about to make the leap of fate right now we're going to jump out this motherfucker onto the pink trampoline all right yes they all right guys the jump is about to go down right now get it girl we jumped off the roof boy fucking just stayed up there we're going to make this look realistic my gosh the cameraman jumps with me remember that okay so much in the back I Oh get it run rah rah oh he got it let's go special guest appearance come on guys how're you doing today on dress forgot to mention that part in the beginning the video we'll see it on just see what you got okay okay yondu from from traveling the trampoline yeah oh okay worth hey my boy I'm just a banger not no full strapping chuckling oh fuck y'all so off guard without clothes I am yeah hi V – V – shuffling the trampoline front flip while holding the camera oh man I touch that with my hand guys i dead ass touch this bowl with mine but it circulated I landed it I got a think we're about done here we've been chilling mister on the trampoline for like an hour and a half now almost I don't know how much footage we got but took us a long ass time to put the shit together that's why I guess oh I was just sitting in my room changing because my all my clothes got dirty from that video and I get a doorbell ring and this kid tells me he put my house up for sale what's up Johnny shoutouts or anything oh yeah phone me on insta go KQ vvv my house is for right guys he spelled my name wrong yes eh yeah not that guys you want to run my house first it's for right now go check it out shatter that kid I talked to him for a second he found my house from Evo's video Evo and them were camping in front of my house in one video with the folks of my camera I don't know what that is but yeah so I'm just showing right now I signed that poster stinking farm he asked me to sign it but I guess this video that trampoline video that's done I'm about to go from another video with my boy rig a from the smoothie baby this movie babies with Evo so let's get in the video off I hope you guys enjoyed make sure to LIKE comment subscribe you can check out chunkies channel B in the description on dresses Instagram will be in the description because he does have a YouTube channel and let's go end this video check out my social medias in description love you guys peace out what Revis it got a roughly say no but sighs the kids


  1. you should go to Walmart and take two of the electric cars and make them into bumper cars and make the bump into each other!!!

  2. empty out a Windex bottle fill it with blue powerade and drink out of it in public , do the same with mayo jar and vanilla pudding

  3. Would love to see taz roof jump to to trampoline. Because that fat fuck would probably break his leg or sprain his ankle when he goes right through it 🙂

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