30 Replies to “Bad Goat Fence Idea! Don't do this! NOT Goat Proof!”

  1. It was nice of you to post your problem so others learn from it – thanks. 😉 We know how it goes when you're trying to solve livestock infrastructure on a tight budget. Quick solution cattle panels or I've seen successful pallet fencing bolted together. We chose the best no-climb horse fencing with wooden posts for our goat pastures – but it's expensive. when you expand your pens you can make some very nice housing from simple pallets – check out Blue Cactus Dairy Goat channel (if you get bad weather you'll need a bit of wind/rain protection to it but it's strong construction & gives them a place to play) Good luck & hope you got them separated in time. o.-

  2. the fence he has will separate at the link when the goat push and scratch themselves. I used chicken wire as backup. double layer. its working so far

  3. I wish someone told you goats don't eat grass!
    They eat browse as in trees, scrub, branches n stuff.
    Plus you got nothing for them to do in their tiny pens.
    They are very intelligent and need things to occupy them or they find stuff to do.
    Climbing is not a challenge to a goat so the fencing needs to reflect that disposition.
    Moving them to new pasture every few days will prevent them trying to escape, gives them plenty to occupy themselves and saves the humans a lot of heart ache.

  4. the fence is welded wire, and (as mentioned in other comments) on the wrong side of the t-posts. welded wire is fine for decoration, but not going to keep any animals in – braided wire is what you want.

  5. Nothing wrong with the fence material. It's the fence builder that's the problem. YOU HAVE NO CORNER POST OR BRACING

  6. The corners need to be wood post and the T post needs to face what you are trying to keep in and for your buck use heavy cattle panels with what you have already and you should be good I hope this will help you

  7. Welded wire is terrible for any fencing! It stretches, warps and breaks in no time. It can never be re-stretched to look decent. Not a good product.

  8. Get some 4×8 or 4×16 cattle panels. Set your tposts every 7.5'. Put them on the inside of your fence. That way when the animal pushes on it the fence transfers the pressure. Then go on the inside and run another wire 2×4 . That way you get the sturdiness of cattle panel and the small of the 2×4. Double the work. But well worth it

  9. your post are on the wrong side of your fence. the clips are holding the fence instead of the posts when they push on it

  10. The young goats are very young . So they might not be bred . As far as male being possible parent, its not as dangerous for mutations as siblings . Deer are pretty much the same thing, you know there has to be, what I call linebreeding . Breeding siblings or cousins will cause smaller weaker and low immune system . If you want to sell the babies do so and if no one ask don't tell the situation . I raise Boer goats and so many folks do that you'd be shocked . The benefit is the if you have a really great buck the offspring gets all his good traits . But they get all his weaknesses too . So its not as bad as it could be ,if they did breed . Or look at it this way ,you bought a messed up male that had a prob, you don't know about to replace yours with. . You would be better off with babies from your old buck because those look really good !!

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